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Konezone Hook Sharpener

  The Konezone / USA Hook Sharpener is constructed with High Impact Plastic and is built to last. The Brass Mandrel is Electroplated with a Nickel plating process followed by a Industrial Diamond finish. With this sharpener we can teach a Novice Fisherman to sharpen a hook in 6 seconds or less. Simply insert the hook point into the cap. The tunnel is situated to bring the point of the hook to the hone at the optimal angle. This allows us to only sharpen the point. Treble Hooks, Si-Wash, Jig hooks and many more become sticky sharp with the twist of a thumb and forefinger. "STAY SHARP"

The need for a sharp hook is at the top of the list and we are here to help. This new sharpener will get the job done on most common hooks although there are some basic guidelines that should be followed. Failure to follow these guidelines may shorten the life of your sharpener.

First, determine the condition of the hook. If the hook requires straitening or drastic repair it may need to be discarded If the hook has a good point but is a little bent, simply straiten it with a multi tool or pliers. If the hook has a severe gouge or burr, you may need to file it with a flatfile. This is uncommon but you may encounter it with larger hooks (3/0 through 12/0) in the heavy wire. These steps are in preparation of the fine-tuning you will receive from your new Konezone USA Hook Sharpener.

After your hook has passed the preceding requirements, simply insert the point of the hook into the hole in the cap. The hole leads to the tunnel at a precise angle offering only the point of the hook to contact the hone. While you secure the handle of the sharpener in the palm of your hand, twist the cap with your thumb and forefinger. As you twist the cap you will feel a slight resistance. A slight downward pressure should be maintained on the hook. However, DO NOT force the hook into the hone with excessive pressure, as you will damage the sharpener. The moment you feel a slight resistance the hooks point is in contact with the diamond hone at the optimum angle. It will require another twist or two and the hook is ready to fish. Sometimes it will require more attention.

Everyone will find a little different way to accomplish this task I have found that Flies, Trebles, Jigs and other hooks with a strait point, are the easiest for me to sharpen. Obviously, the heavier the gauge of the hook the more difficult it will be to sharpen. It is in these instances that a preparation step is highly recommended I hope you enjoy the Hook Sharpener as much as I do.

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Test review:

I have used a lot of different sharping tools for hooks, but this is probably the most easy to use I ever have come across. It is available in different models for different hook sizes. Since I almost never use hooks larger than size 8 I have only tested it with sizes under this size. And it works fine all the way down to hook size 16. The design is small and do not take much room in your fishing west or bag and that is important for us fly fishermen. Though to fit may fishing west better I shortened the handle to half its original lenght. It is still very easy to use. I have only used it for a couple of weeks so I can't say anything of how long the sharperner will last, but it does not show any signs of weakening yet and I have tested it on more than hundreds of hooks just to see if it will wear down.

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For more info go to KoneZone website: www.konezone.com


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