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McSteen Flyreels

A flyreel for the rest of your life!

New Swedish fly reel.

I have learned that in serious fly-fishing you need a reel that you can trust unconditionally. I also like my reel to have a classic look that reflect the long traditions of salmon and sea trout fishing. There are not too many reels like that on the market.
After two years of hard tests I know it is perfect and ready to meet the demands of the most discriminating anglers.

Claes Göran Steen

  Each separate reel is completely unique, numbered and machined by an expert.

  Only the very best quality aluminium, 7075 extra hard, is used in the manufacture of these reels.

  The reel house itself is machined from a single bar stock, while all the separate internal components are handmade from rust-free materials.

  Classic colours - end plates are black anodised, the reel house is gold anodised, and the other visible reel components area highly polished aluminium. The reel is shipped with storage bag.

  A unique reel for classic salmon fly-fishing, steelhead and sea run trout.

  A reel that will withstand the test of time.

  The reels are right-hand-wind as standard, although they can be ordered in left-hand-wind and other colour combinations upon request.

Reel Diameter: 86 mm
Weight: 329 g
Width: 86 mm
Retrieve Ratio: 2-1
Line: 8-9, 10-11

Visit website www.mcsteenflyreels.com for more info


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