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The Trout Bum Diaries
Volume I: Patagonia

Experience the journey, adventure, and lifestyle of four trout bums on an epic five month fly fishing expedition across Patagonia. Do 5 pound brook trout in a creepy forest appeal to you? Broken windows and snapped axles? Uniquely-colored brown trout from a windswept spring creek? Stripping mice for big rainbows with the ghosts of Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid? Horse-packing into remote rivers? Tierra Del Fuego and the sea-run browns of the south? Enter a new breed of fly fishing entertainment. High Density DVD, 139 minute feature length with an hour of bonus tracks!

This video is the result of five months of sleeping in the dirt, driving from 11,998 kilometers from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, river after river and lake after lake along the Andes, the spine of South America.

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Review by Honken

  In this DVD movie you will follow Brian, Mikey, Ryan and Chris on a long trip through Argentina and Chile. Fishing for trout, steeelhead and brook trout.
The way the movie is filmed leaves a lingering sense of how special fishing in Patagonian can be: clear mountain creeks, 60 cm long brown trout in small waters not wider than 4 meters, There is so many scenes of high class fishing here that you start to think it is almost faked by smart editing.

  The guys are using the camera and editing tricks to help us appreciate the beauty of the environments they are visiting. At the same time a good use of appropriate music to accompany the film assures increase the excitement to the film. They have filmed in strange and seldom used angles and that helps the movie. Underwater photage is great.

  The guys showing photages from the trip from south from Buenos Aires to Tierra del Fuego. Fishing for big brook trout in the forests of northern Patagonia to gigantic rainbows in high-located lakes in Chile. Big steelhead and sea running trout in southern Argentina. They are experiencing what must be some of the best fly fishing you can have in South America. You will be surprised over the number of fat rainbow, super big steelhead and overgrown brown trout are catched during this fishing trip.

  I feel that I must point out that the movie is not an educational video at all, it is more like a constant live show action. Almost fly fishing pornography. After a while it almost feel too much. And you wish they could cut to some more educational parts. The guys are skilful anglers but they do not share much of their knowledge here. And this is what this movie is really missing. I would like to know much more about the equipment, what flies, rods and reels to use. It would also been interesting to get hints and tips on what to look out for when it comes to travel info, custom relations, food and if their are anything you should be real careful about when travelling around in this part of the world. It would be nice to learn from all mistakes and experience the crew encountered during this trip. Must be tons on important and interesting info and that should have be included the bonus pack.

  But overall the movie is well worth to watch. Great photage and it really shows what great fishing South America can offer.

Review by Honken 2006 ©


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