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Don't match the hatch
By Julian C Bixler

Flyfishing is just like any other endeavour which involves practice, patience and persistence.

Often we "go by the rules" in attempting to achieve success; many times overlooking stumbling blocks and leaving them just that... blocks. But if we take the time to recognize these blocks can build success rather than hinder

  I have learned, in recent years, that matching the hatch, although often successful, can be a frustrating practice and can result in more frustration than satisfaction. Often times the representaions of the hatches we have available are either being ignored or producing fewer fish than we expect in such situations I have begun the practice of not matching the hatch, rather when seeing a riseform. I will cast an unweighted #12 or #14 black, or brown stonefly. Placing the fly several feet above the feeding fish.

  I estimate its position and lift my rod to "swim" the nymph in the fish's feeding area, it may take a few casts to get your offering to the right depth and within the trout's vision but I have taken many trout in this manner; and at the same time others are fumbling around trying varied versions of what is actually coming off the water as is always the case, this method is not, by any means, always effective/however, it can be a viable way to keep fishing in the stream rather than fishing through your fly book for the perfect match

By Julian C Bixler 2006 ©


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