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A new fisherman is born!
by Matthew G. Hauge

Adrian with his pike

  My first son was born November 27. 2000, and is today, at the age of five already an experienced sportsfisherman. Not because I've pushed him to begin fishing, but because of his own love of nature, and experience.

  I've always had the belief of not pushing children to take the intrest of their parents, but to develop their own intrests and hobbies. Of this reson, I didn't pull him with me everythine I went fishing, but Believe me, I wanted to do so from he was six months old. However, I restrained myself until he was 1,5 years old. Then I asked him if he wanted to go fishing with me. He didn't understand what I was talking about, because he had never been in a boat before, or even seen one of my fishing rods, but it sounded like fun to be with daddy, so he said yes. After getting my things ready, I had the boy sit in his buggy, put my tackle box, and pump for my canoe in the buggy, and with my rod in my hand we walked the two hundred meters down to the lake.

  My canoe is an inflatable rafting canoe, and therefor very sturdy, even more so than most small boats, but Adrian being so young I expected the firshing trip to be very short. Most likely he'd stand up in the canoe within five minutes, and I would have to take him back ashore because he wouldn't sit still.

  However, big was my suprize when the boy sat still long enough for us to catch the first fish. I had taken us along shore close to a neighbouring farm, where there were sheep grazing. The boy was very exited, pointing at the sheep and saying bae bae. His language skills where still very limited, and he had sounds for the different animals instead of names.

  Short after, we got the first strike. A small pike, only about 100g had taken the 5 cm wobbler. Quickly we reeled the fish in, and Adrian got very exited. Ai, ai he shouted. I guess that was his word for fish. Later, I guessed that he got it from the Norwegian word for shark (Hai). As he loved nature programs on television.

We continued the fishingtrip, and three hours later, we came back home. The boy sitting quite still in the boat, enjoying himself the whole time.

  A week passed, and the following Sunday I asked Adrian again, if he wanted to go fishing. The boy dissapeared down stairs, and a half an hour later when I came down I found my fly rod out on the floor. Adrians life jacket, and the boys, sitting in the buggy, waiting for me.

  Today, at the age of Five, Adrian is still very keen on fishing. He's amazed most of my fishing buddies with his knowledge. H knows at least 20 different species, He can cast with his spinning rod, just as well as anyone else, and most of all, he knows the ways of different fish. He knows how to trick the brown trout to take lures, and wobblers. He's even learned a lot of tricks on his own, such as this summer when fishing brown trout with small floating wobblers. I had a small trout on my line, that managed to twist itself of the hook. Immediately Adrian started to tell me how I should should stop reeling in. "The lure floating up to the surface, often triggers a second strike daddy". Amazed my the boys power of observasion I smiled, and said, you are really a good fisherman now Adrian.

Nesheim in Eksingadalen, Norway

  He knows how to get the big pike to strike too His recent catch of a 5 kg pike proved that. Now the boy is totally obsessed with catching the big ones. I'm sure we'll catch a lot of big fish in his lifetime, and I have surely got the best fishing buddy ever. I am extremely prowd to take Adrian with me fishing. Knowing I can bring him with me to any fishing waters, where other guy's would try and leave their family at home.

  Adrian has tryed fly tying, and while he doesn't master it yet, he really loves to try. I've asked him if he wants to learn fly fishing, and he's replied that he does, but he wants to wait until he's six before he tries the fly rod.

By Matthew G. Hauge 2006 ©



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