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Rubber Legs (NZ)
(Original pattern by Sean Andrews)
Presented by Dallas Cassel

Hook: 3XL, # 12 & 14
Thread: Brown, Black or match color, 6/0 or 8/0
Underbody: Optional - Lead free wire over thorax area
Tail: Rubber hackle
Rib: Copper or gold wire for browns and olives, silver for black & grey
Abdomen: Rabbit fur or similar. brown, black or color of choice
Legs: Rubber hackle (1) in front of wingcase tie-in point (2) mid- thorax (3) in front of thorax - just behind wingcase
Wingcase: Flexibody (Oliver Edward's or Davy Wotton's) color to suit or clear poly (baggie) color with permanent marker to suit
Thorax: Same as abdomen, but more dense
Antennae: Rubber hackle

NOTE: (1) The body is carrot shaped. (See underbody technique noted below. (2) Rubber hackle lengths for a 3XL # 12 hook:
Tail: 6mm; rear legs: 11mm; mid-legs: 13mm; front legs: 15mm; antennae: 15mm

1. Place hook in vise and cover shank with thread.
2. Tie in tail.
3. Tie in wire for rib.
4. Dub body (should be carrot shaped). Take five turns of wire for the rib.
5. Tie in the wingcase. Take a wrap or two of dubbed thread where you tied in the wingcase.
6. Select a piece of rubber hackle and tie it in on the far side of the hook close to the dubbed section. This will position the legs rearward. Now do the same thing on the near side. Repeat this procedure for the other two pairs of legs.
7. Tie in the antennae.
8. Pull the wingcase over the thorax and tie in place. Clip excess. Form a neat head and whipfinish.

Underbody technique. For shape only use some type of tape cut in the shape noted. I use a/c aluminum tape.

Cigar Shape    |  Carrot shaped

Start with a square equal in width to the hook shank, less two eye lengths. Note: If you cut an equilateral shape and fold it on to the hook you will end up with a cigar shape. The further you position the apex to the right the larger the thorax. After the tape is cut to shape remove the backing and position the tape on the near side of the hook and bend the tape on the underside first, then fold the remaining tape over the shank until it is all in place. I do not lay down a thread base with tape of this type. However, I do lay down a thread base when using dental x-ray lead film for a weighted body. Now cover the underbody with thread and proceed tying the pattern.

Presented by Dallas Cassel 2006 ©


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