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SNAPZ™ Strike indicators

Any way you look at it, SNAPZ™ Strike indicators are superior in every way to indicators of the past. Superior design and materials combine to create a product that lasts longer, floats better and is more visible. Anyone that has been fly fishing for any amount of time knows how frustrating it is to lose sight of their indicator while fishing rough water, or lose their indicator all-together due to poor design or construction. SNAPZ™ Strike Indicators are the solution. Available Spring 2007 at your local fly shop, mail order catalog or online at www.snapzindicators.com.

  1. Easy to use. Fold together and “SNAP” onto leader. To adjust position simply “Un-SNAP” the latch and slide along leader and snap together again.

  2. Positive/Negative pressure point for consistent pressure without line damage.

  3. Unique snap latch mechanism to keep the indicator closed with enough pressure on the line to keep the indicator from moving on the leader.

  4. Lightweight durable material for long life, superior performance and buoyancy.

  5. Fluorescent coating for increased visibility.

  6. "V" Groove for easy line positioning.

  1. Forms a perfect sphere when closed over the leader. Only 17mm or 5/8" in diameter.

  2. The leader is held with constant pressure to eliminate slippage.

  3. Floats high in the water for increased visibility.

Visit website http://www.snapzindicators.com for more info and for buying the product.


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