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Real World Fly Fishing - Third Edition

I must confess that I was very reluctant to test this game. In my mind it sounded stupid to fish through a computer. I could not see that anyone could capture the essence of fly fishing and put it in a computer game. I had also seen other fishing games before and have always been dissapointed.

But after testing this game I was surprised how fun it was. I still prefer to go fishing in real life. The two things are separated by miles, but this game could be a nice way to spend some rainy days or in long winter evenings. I was also surprised of how good the  graphices was, far better than any other fishing game I ever came across.
I also think a novice fisherman actually can learn something by using this simulator.

One of the negative things in the simulator was the feeling of casting. I can’t see it is possible to duplicate this with mouse, keyboard or joystick. But Pishtech's simulator has solved this pretty good.

In different fishing situations you can get help from a fishing guide. The guide can give you both advices and criticism. Maybe the guide is a bit too nice when you lose the big one by careless drilling.

The fish in the game behaved a bit stereotyped. If you made a poor presentation or chosen the wrong fly you would not get any bite. But all of us who fished a lot know that real fish have much more complex behavior than that. But again for a computer game it is fairly good.

One more negative thing about the simulator is that there is no feeling at all when fighting fish and of course that is not possible to simulate without a special gadget(it would be fun to see something like an electronic rod, as an option in future releases). But still to bag the fish in the game you must have the right drag set on the reel.

This game/simulation offer 475 unique fishing locations on 24 areas of waters. All can be fished using a large number of combinations of reels, rods, lines, leaders, and flies. Each location and every section of waters have unique demands that require you to choose the best equipment, read the water, for making perfect cast.

The fly box you have available would be great to have in real life. There are more than 150 flies in different sizes (from size 8-28). And on top of that you can create your own flies in the game fly tying simulator.

In conclusion: I must confess that I several times was captured by the game . More than one time I got real mad when I lost a virtual trophy trout. And my reaction of this lost fish was just like in real fishing life. ;-)

By Honken 2007


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Photo-realistic fly fishing simulator software for Windows

Pishtech's Real World Fly Fishing is the most life-like simulation of fly fishing. It features amazing photo-quality graphics and a huge collection of fishing locations. From the physics of casting to the artificial intelligence of the fish and the art of selecting the perfect fly, Real World Fly Fishing brings the details of the sport to life. When you can't be fishing your favorite waters, this is the closest you can get to the real world on your computer.

Beginning fly anglers will find Real World Fly Fishing a great tool for teaching the basics of the sport while the more experienced will appreciate the realism as they learn additional techniques and hone their skills. This game captures the excitement of exploring new waters, choosing the right equipment, making a careful presentation of an artificial fly and the rush of hooking a big fish when everything comes together.

Real World Fly Fishing - Third Edition on CD ROM

The Third Edition features all the fish and locations from the original edition and Deluxe Edition, plus all the available add-ons released through March 2007, plus several more rivers exclusively available in the Third Edition. This edition features 24 rivers, lakes and streams with over 475 fishing sites. You have a truly vast world of fly fishing to explore.

New in the Third Edition: Fly Tying! Create and fish with your own flies. You have over 200 fly tying materials and components to work with. Add your favorite flies to the game or invent new ones and test them at your favorite fishing locations.




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