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How to use our Klinkhåmer Special correctly

The klinkhamer Special floating as it should be

  Some people will discover problems in keeping their Klinkhåmers floating. The main reason for this problem will be because we use original poly-yarn. Poly-yarn is a great product but unfortunately it absorbs water very well. Poly-yarn is also lighter then water but after it has absorbed water the hook will pull the fly down very easily. The use of a good floatant is extremely important to prevent this problem. Therefore the hackle and wing should be prepared very well with a very good floatant.

  Hans highly recommending to use dilly wax which is specially designed for making poly-yarn water resistant through which his Klinkhåmer gets almost unsinkable. Once well treated the fly keeps floating for a very long time. Don't use floatant on the body because it can prevent the body from getting through the surface which is extremely important for the success of this unique fly pattern.

  How to cast big Klinkhåmers

  To prevent wind knots in your tippet its highly recommended to use a braided leader when you using larger Klinkhåmer flies.

  Hans also suggest to use a parachute or snake casts or a combination of both of them within the same cast.

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