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A fly-fishers guide
By Patsy Deery

Patsy Deery has over fifty years experience of fishing Ireland's loughs and rivers. This is the result of his search for fly patterns which have accounted for substantial numbers of fish.

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The Mayfly is the stuff of myth and legend far beyond the shores of Ireland, where it has acquired a virtual cult status.

Anglers who don't bother too much for the rest of the year, are galvanised into action for the few weeks when the “fly is up”.

Fly fishers travel from across the world to experience the natural phenomenon occurring within the Emerald Isle, which is difficult to explain to those mere mortals who have never held a rod and line, let alone fished the Mayfly.

All share the wonderment and awe of the profuse hatches, and the lows of days when a cold wind blows from the East, and defies any fly to venture from its nymphal shuck.

But as anglers everywhere know, tomorrow could be the day……the day of the spectacular hatch the massive spinner fall in the evening, when leviathans rise from the deep…….. and fall to a well assembled fly.

This collection of Mayfly patterns, all illustrated with the photography of Terry Griffiths, has been compiled and gathered together over a number of years by Patsy Deery. He has gone to the grass roots of Irish tyers in his search for working patterns.
There is more than enough in this comprehensive guide to provide inspiration to anyone planning to fish the waters of Ireland.
It will also excite and gladden those who wish away the months until it is time to pack a bag and take some sun on their back, and fish the Mayfly……

ISBN 1906159009
ISBN13 9781906159009

Published by Ken Smith Publishing Ltd. 1 april 2007


Patsy Deery

Since his early childhood in Co. Cavan in 1950, Patsy Deery's fishing career has spanned over 50 years. He has represented Ulster and the Ireland National team on a number of occasions and was selected to captain Ireland in 2002. A member of the Ireland team in 2oo6, Patsy continues his involvement on a national basis by tying flies for the Irish Youth team and assisting with coaching. For some years he has been PRO for the Irish Trout Fly Fishing Association, a member of the National Executive, and also serves on the committee of Ulster Fly Fishing Association.

After initially tying flies on a self taught basis, he was given further instruction by Cecil Reid of Sligo, a brilliant small dry fly specialist. He was also befriended by Mr J R (Dick) Harris of An Angler's Entomology fame, who was always ready to give Patsy advice on tying difficult patterns, and help in locating materials which were not as readily available as they are today.
With contributions to Flydresser, the Journal of The Fly Dressers' Guild and Fly Fishing and Fly Tying magazine, Patsy has also shared his enthusiasm and knowledge of the sport with fly tying tuition at clubs and schools for over 20 years. This book, which has taken a number of years to compile, is a continuation of that enthusiasm.

Terry Griffiths

TERRY GRIFFITHs has tied flies both as an amateur and professional for 55 of his many years. Some of his innovative tyings have stood the test of time and have become classics of their kind over 35 years. He is the current editor of Flydresser, the Journal of the Flydressers' Guild, a position he has held for the last ten years. Known for his uncompromising honesty in terms of review and consultancy tasks, he has collaborated with many periodicals and publishers on an editorial, design and photographic basis for over 35 years. It was inevitable that his art background would lead him into the creative photography that he has become renowned for. The photographs of the Mayfly naturals, and the patterns, contained in this book are testament to his skills.

Over time Terry's fishing has come full circle, from roots steeped in river fishing in North Wales, to the inevitable stillwater scene in its many guises, and now back to river fishing in the south of England. He bemoans the apparent loss of some of the core skills in both fishing and fly-tying, but continues to strive to promote good practice in both.

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