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by Kjell Sahlqvist

In a fishing magazine around 1990 I read about a fly called the Angel, it had white wing and a body of green and yellow poly yarn. Since the fly was easy to tie and I was a beginner on fly tying I tied up a few. These flies worked as good as the rest of my dry flies in my fly box, with the exception that they didn't float well, they were laying on it's side on the water surface, and after a while they sunk.

Engeln with purple body, dark grey wing and black hackle

I was thinking a while for ways to improve this fly and that resulted in me tying in a hackle on the fly. This made the fly to float like a cork even in hard current and it also made the fly to stand straight on the water. After a while I switched the white wing to light gray.

Engeln with green-yellow body, white wing, brown hackle

After these changes I felt like renaming the fly and I came up with the name "Engeln". Today it might be named the "Devil" instead, a fly fisher from Tärnaby suggested that after his very succesful fishingtrip in river Abmoälven, northern Sweden using only this fly.

Engeln with dark green-black body, white wing and black hackle.

Today I use many different color combinations on the fly, I adapt it depending on what is hatching on the actuall fishing water where I am fishing. I also put a small drop of oil on the fly before using it. This makes the fly even more imitate the real insects that has fallen on the water surface. I have noticed that there is often a oil film surrounding the real insects that is floating on the surface. I think this helps the fish to sea the insect from far away.

Hook: 12-16 (dry)
Body: dubbed FlyRite, spool-shaped
Wing: light grey poly yarn
Hackle: black or brownb, or grizzly
Finish with a head made out of black thread + drop of varnish.


Addendum 2010-01-06:

Since I wrote this article I have experimented with different colors of the wing. Now I think I have developed the ultimate wing color for this fly. Nowadays I only use a light-light blue color, it has the best visibility in all types of day light and also works very well at dusk.
Greetings Kjell Sahlqvist


Text by Kjell Sahlqvist 2008 ©
Photos by Mats Sjöstrand 2008 ©
Flies are tied by Kjell Sahlqvist

Ps. Test the fly even if the trout and grayling are really selective of what they are biting on, you will be surprised! Ds.



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