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An epic adventure into the remote Tuamotu Archipelago of French Polynesia in search of monster bonefish. Hitch a ride on freighter ships and local fishing boats to uninhabited islands with Nick Reygaert, Kent Fraser, Craig Worthington and Mat Mchugh on this compelling voyage of discovery and conservation.

You have to see this video of monster bonefish in the backblocks of Tahiti. Nick Reygaert, one of the principles in and behind this film was involved in the first two Trout Bums movies, and has led a pretty impressive effort. It was also neat to see one of the Journal’s fellow writers Craig Worthington in the film, particularly his work on some huge Napoleon Wrasse is mindblowing, but then again Craig has been a leading force in some of the truly ground breaking saltwater fly fishing discoveries in his home water.

About the video: intrepidangler wrote: This is the trailer for THE SEARCH - TAHITI our latest release. This is a full length documentary following the three year adventure by fly fishing explorers and scientists to locate and study the monster bonefish of French Polynesia. This is an absolute epic angling adventure captured and edited to the highest standards. Available from www.intrepidangler.com www.gin-clear.com or leading tackle stores and DVD suppliers around the world.

The Search Tahiti from Gin Clear Media tells the story of a couple of guys in the search for new Bonefish waters.

Many of us fishermen has during of season spent hours hoovering over several maps trying to find new virging waters. These guys did the same and find there Bonefish paradise in French Polynesia's. They arrived there by plane and last stretch through freight boat.

The fun thing with this adventure is that they have no idea if there are any Bonefish in this area. The whole trip could be a wild goose chase!

The scenery is beautiful and the film does a great job of showing not just scenes of perfect fishing but also the hazzle of finding these Bonefish spots in Polynesia's virgin wilderness. The reality is maintained with multiple breakages and losses, mainly as a result of the coral "bommies" studding the lagoon.

Casting in razor sharp coral reafs, sometimes food and water are almost non-existent, and also attacked by sharks that simply think of them as food.

This movie leaves you with a big desire to try this fantastic fishing for Bonefish. Until that comes true this movie will do as a subsitute.

A nice touch inside the DVD case for "The Search - Tahiti" is a small booklet of text and pictures introducing the team of Kent Fraser, Nick Raygeart, Craig Worthington, Simon Cox and also Matt McHugh of UK based travel firm Fly Odyssey. It also includes some nice photos and short snippets from journal entries and general information on the ultimate destination of Tetiaroa, 30 miles off the coast of Tahiti that help to set the scene and add a little more interest all around.

"The Search Tahiti" from Gin Clear Media runs 63 minutes and is available via their web store.

More info about this DVD can be found at:

www.intrepidangler.com www.gin-clear.com


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