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The guys from AEG, who brought you Trout Bum Diaries: Patagonia and Trout Bum Diaries II: Kiwi Camo, are back.

The team heads to Mongolia in search of the elusive and endangered taimen. They are opening new doors to the world of adventure angling, doors that now demand a trip half-way around the world.

For two months the guys travel to five rivers that potentially no other fisherman has floated down in search of a mysterious fish. Their travels in this fly fishing adventure movie take them into inner Mongolia by horse, camel, Russian military vans, and hiking boot in search of the taimen, also known to Mongolians as River Wolf.

The taimen is the world's largest salmonid—the family of fish that includes salmon and trout. The species can live for more than 50 years, but they grow slowly, not reaching maturity until seven to nine years of age.  They are not known to be exceptionally migratory, but tend to stay in a small section of river for their entire lives. This has put the future of the species at risk due to years of over-harvest and lack of management.

First they guys have a hard time locating taimen. What does taimen water look like? Where do they hold up in the river? These are the questions the guys have to answer during their 14 to 20 km river floats. In the beginning, the crew is catching lenok, which is the Mongolian equivalent to trout. The crew tried a multitude of flies: tungsten head streamers, top water streamers, giant grasshoppers, and so on, but all they could catch was lenok. It wasn’t until one guy had on a lenok and after releasing the fish back to the river, a giant taimen come out of nowhere and ate the fish. That is when the guys realize that they were not fishing flies that were big enough.

They had to find local farmers and chasing their jaks to get hair long enough to create this big flies.

The movie is superbly filmed and presented in a wide screen format. It popped, impressed and sometimes overwhelmed with its fast cuts, well-saturated color and driving soundtrack.

The movie has some spectacular views of the mountains and rivers of Mongolia as well as plenty fly fishing footage. The guys spend their nights sleeping in tents or on the ground, drinking beer, tying flies, and fly fishing for the mysterious River Wolf and once again the deliver a great fly fishing adventure movie. I can’t wait until the next movie.

The production quality is beyond reproach, the content is entertaining and the images are startling.  No one who claims to have a passion for fly fishing will escape this film without having their heart beat a little faster and their imagination wander a little farther.

More info can be found at AEG website


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