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Flyfishing Knots & Leader Systems
by Dave Chermanski

  The book serves as a detailed and comprehensive reference guide to one of the most important and critical skill in fly fishing. Dave Chermanski shares his 50-plus years of fly fishing experience and his innovative approach to knots, interlocking loops and leader systems. The book features complete and detailed step-by-step tying instructions for the six most essential knots and one alternate knot that meet every fly fishing situation. His unique system of interchanging loops minimizes the need to tie knots in the field unless they are absolutely necessary. The book also contains definitive information on fly lines, backing materials as well as nylon and fluorocarbon monofilament lines. Dave also shares his secrets behind many of his legendary and high-profile catches. Two of his catches, which were made on ultralight class tippets, are highlighted in detail. Much of the information contained in the book will enrich and expand your fly fishing experience and success. It is richly illustrated with 35 tables and charts, 30 graphic drawings and more than 200 photos in an easy-to-read 8.5" by 11" format.

  The following review was written by Frank Amato Books: "This book will have you spending more time on the water fishing and much less time tying knots and rigging leaders. Chermanski shares the secrets of his angling success in a unique, quick-change interlocking loop system that features only six essential knots. This system of loops, knots and riggings permits fly lines, leaders, tippets, shock traces, and pre-rigged flies to be interchanged in the field without the need to tie a knot; and the system can be applied for all fish species from trout and panfish to bonefish and sailfish. Over the past 40 years, Chermanski has used this system to successfully catch more than 450 species of fish in North American waters and more than 50 fly fishing world records. Regardless of what species you fish for, and whether you fish in fresh water or salt, your fishing will greatly benefit from Dave's vast knowledge and experience."

  More information on Flyfishing Knots & Leader Systems can be found on Dave’s website http://www.chermanski.com. The book is published by Frank Amato Publications (www.amatobooks.com) and is available at local tackle shops, book stores and Dave’s website. Richly illustrated with 35 tables and charts, 30 graphic drawings and more than 200 photos in an easy-to-read 8.5” by 11” format. If purchased on Dave’s website, he will sign and date all books.


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