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Tomorrow's Fly Fishers
An Introduction to Flyfishing for Young People

Fanny Krieger introduces Fly Fishing to her 4 grandchildren with the help of her friends, Rachel Andras, Lori-Ann Murphy and Tim Rajeff.

Together they unravel the mystery of Fly Fishing into a simple, easy to understand and fun adventrue.

“Tomorrow’s Fly Fishers “provides the instructor with fun games that can be used to teach fly casting and fly fishing. For a very modest price this DVD provides a great wealth of information for successfully introducing young folks of a wide range of ages to the joys of fly fishing.

Just as importantly it provides young people with a fun introduction to what fly fishing is all about in a relaxed manner. An excellent teaching aid.”

Bruce Harang, Federation of Fly Fishers

...this a very good video for any parent to share with the aspiring young fly fishers in their household.

One last word, I sure wish I had a flyfishing grandmother like Fanny to take me flyfishing in Montana when I was growing up. So it goes……...Anne

Anne Vitale GWWF Newsletter Editor

If you love to fly fish and have any young people in your life, or know anyone in the sport that does – this video needs to be part of your collection – it’s fun, it’s informative and you can order it today at: http://fannykrieger.com

Tight Lines

Fanny Krieger



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