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The X foam
By Agostino Roncallo

Thorax X foam

  The article about my parachute was published in the magazine "Fly Line" in 1998.

  In the 1999 in the same magazine I published two other articles concerned the evolution of the initial assemblage.

  Since I have difficulty to write in English, I reassume two articles in one.

  When I fix down a strip of foam on the stem of the hook, this changes in a V.

  Fixing under to the V another strip of foam, a X is made.

  Winding a hackle of rooster tilted to 45 in the intersection of the X, the beards of the hackle get ready revolts toward the hook with the same angling.

  The fly results lifted on the water and the sides beards prevent that the fly could fall on a side.

  If I desires that the fly float still more lifted on the water, I cross the hackle to eight, like it teach the great Vincent Marinaro, around the intersection of the X of foam: in this way a very strong assemblage Thorax is gotten.

Phases assemblage Inclined hackle.

1. On a hook with right stem, I fixed the tails and make the abdomen of the fly. Between the end of the abdomen and the eye of the hook, fixed a hackle of rooster and a strip of foam tht it become like a V.

2. In the V of foam I fix a poly spun that Jammed in the V.

3. Fixed another strip of foam under the first and gets a X.

4. I wind the hackle, tilted to 45, in the intersection of the X.

5. Fixed the hackle close to the eye of the hook, I cut his excess and I do the final knot. Cut the excess of X foam.

Phases assemblage thorax

Up to the point 3, I proceed like above

4. I wind the hackle with coils to eight in the intersection of the X foam.

5. Fixed the hackle close the eye of the hook, I cut his excess and I do the final knot. Cut the excess of X foam.

Inclined hackle X foam

  I am always to the search of the simplicity in the assemblages, therefore, any time after conceived the assemblages with the X of foam, I thought that the X could be replaced with a strip of foam, crossed to half From the hook and fixed in vertical position as regards the stem.

  I tried to build the flies using the strip and I verified that the results were identical to those obtainable with the X, but employing small time.

  I believe have furnished you interesting notions for induce you to build flies that are different from the others, I think that you will stay satisfied.

Thorax X foam

Thorax X foam

Inclined hackle X foam

Inclined hackle X foam


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