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Gripper Pad Part 2

Gripper Pad
By Agostino Roncallo

  Sometimes it happens that I find materials that can be used for building artificial flies. I have found one of a real interest, one of which it is a gripper pad multipurpose to use in home. The weft of the gripper pad is fully grown of the little synthetic balls joined between them from thin connections from which I thought that, with two synthetic little balls joined together, I could have gotten an essential imitation of ant.

  The first thing I tested when I got the gripper pad was if the synthetic material floated.

  When I have verified the buoyancy, I build a series of ant so essential that I don’t believe be necessary show the dressings.

  Observing the gripper pad, note that the little balls are joined from an intersection of connections for which I thought that, if I have cut the connections longitudinally to thread of the little balls, I would have gotten, on the opposite side, little balls equip with a kind little legs.

  I have with this material realized a fly pattern of caterpillar and any nymphs.


  Phases Caterpillar assemblage

1) Proceeds from the gripper pad a series of little balls equips with appendix similar to a small legs.

2) With the thread assemblage, I arrive on a curve of a right hook.

3) With cross turns of thread of assemblage, fixed the strip of little balls on the curve, to half of his length, so that, carrying the two half on the sides of the hook ahead, they result to couple like the legs of a caterpillar.


4) Harbor ahead the two half of the strip of little balls, fixed the first of each side couple, and hole to half with the point of the hook, a strip of foam to half of his length.

5) I make slip the strip of foam along the curve of the hook, I carry it in ahead, above and under to the hook, between the legs of the caterpillar.

6) I stop the two half of the foam strip in the point in which I had fixed the little balls to couple.


7) I proceed with this criterion, first fixed the little balls couple, then the foam strip, above and under the imitation.

8) Joint in proximity of the eye hook, I chop the excesses of the foam strip and of balls strip and perform the head of the caterpillar.


9) The imitation has finished.

  In the supermarkets you could find gripper pads of varied types, however, they have all the characteristic of being fully oval little balls.

  I leave to yours inventive decide like good use this material, for example, I have realized any palmer and, with two balls, the eyes of a dragon fly.

Examples of Ant imitations:


Examples of nymph imitations:


Examples of other insect imitations:





Text, drawings and photos by Agostino Roncallo © 2010

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