Swedish version

Jock Olsen
Steelhead "Variant"
By Scott Howell

Fly name: Name Jock Olsen (Steelhead "Variant")

Hook: Daiichi #2151 Sizes #3 through #1 or Alec Jackson.
: Fine Oval Silver Tinsel and Pumpkin or Bright Yellow UniStretch.
: G.P. Tippets.
: Black Ostrich Herl.
: 1/2 HareLine Root Beer Flat Diamond Braid, 1/2 HareLine Black Krystal Dub.
: Small Oval Silver Tinsel over Dubbing.
: Sparse Teal or Mallard Flank under Natural Guinea Fowl.
: Jungle Cock (optional).
: Natural Fox Squirrel Tail accented with a few strands of Baitfish Angel Hair (AH-139).
: Black.

 This Jock Scott-inspired Steelhead / Salmon fly was designed by renowned angler/author Erling Olsen of Frogner Norway and has proven itself to be one of the most effective flies ever fashioned for Salmon and Sea Trout.

The "semi-toned colors" and "transparent image" of the Jock Olsen will suit just about any stream color or condition and is ideal for big Salmon - especially when fished in deep pools.

While it was concieved for Scandinavian waters, it's a marvelous addition to your flybox for any salmon/steelhead rivers all over the world

By Scott "Scotty" Howell 2004


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