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Fly fishing news 2012:

Salmon fishing on Almås beat
in river Gaula Norway.
A forgotten pearl!

  At the upper parts of river Gaula in the middle of Norway, more precisely midway between the community of Haltdalen upstream and the village Singsås downstream is the Almås beat. This is a classic salmon beat who since a few years after the millennium has been a private beat in a number of years operated by NFC. It never became a success in those years due to that the beat challenges and require certain skills of their fishermen with all requirements for mastering the Spey- or underhand casting technique. Most of the visiting guests did not have the right casting technique to achieve any success on the beat and then it became more natural to fish some of them more available beats NFC holds around the community of Stören. For the sake the fishing is not bad, actually the opposite. For those who have masters both the casting technique and can live with a little more challenging steeper banks than the long gravel banks as it is further downstream, can be rewarded richly.

  The section witch is in total 3.2 km long offers a magnificent scenery in the Gauldal Green Canyon. Almås beat offers several exciting pools with different challenges and character that gives the fisherman many exciting drifts over potential striking points. A great uphand for the beat is also that there are several pools that fish good in different water levels.

  BFD Flyfishing arranges fishing weeks at Almås beat in 2012 As of season 2012 BFD Flyfishing offers salmon fishing on Almås beat.

  Mr Michael Nyberg, who is one of the men behind BFD Flyfishing gives his views on the beat and salmon fishing in general in river Gaula. - We at BFD Flyfishing has fished this stretch many years earlier when it was a day permit beat and knows what it delivers. We are extremely pleased to now be able to offer an exclusive, good fishing to one of the best rates Gaula currently offers. In recent years there has been an extreme increase in prices of all fishing in Gaula and it has unfortunately come to such levels that the "ordinary man" soon not afford to go fishing in Gaula at all.

  We at BFD Flyfishing has a saying, "by fishermen for fishermen". As we like to fish for our self this is a way for us to guarantee our own fishing on a beat that we know deliver but of course at the same time we must raise money to bring in gross margin for the lease. For this reason we have chosen to put us at a price that is very attractive mainly for the Norwegian and Swedish fishermen who over the years seen their old beats become untenable expensive. We also have some inquiries from Germany, England and Denmark.

  Our vision is to create a fishing beat that with our service, accommodation and nature experiences are an important piece that we as fishermen ourselves value during a fishing week in with our friends.

  The beat also includes an excellent accommodation in a fully-equipped Norwegian cabin with plenty of room, large sun deck, shower room, etc. We will also offer the sale of some materials such as flies, tippet material, hooks, etc. for our guests.

  We have got approved to handle the decinfection of equipment on site, all to give 100% service to our guests.

For more information go to www.bfd-flyfishing.nu


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