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Twisted Palmer
By Agostino Roncallo

  I want to show one of my favorite palmer fly, which is built with a strip of foam and a rooster hackle. I designed for fishing in summer in the Nera River (Umbria) and other fast flowing waters.


1) On the curve of a hook grub, fixed a strip of foam and a rooster hackle.


2) I wrap the hackle around the strip of foam, in coils wide.



3) Having joined the strip of foam and hackle, twisted and position it on the bend of the hook.


4) Fixed hackle and strip on the bend of the hook.


5) I wrap the strip along the shank of the hook and fixed near the eye.


6) Cut the excess of the strip.


7) I wrap the hackle around the foam and fixed next to the eyes of the hook.


8) Cut the excess hackle.


9) I run the final node.


10) Palmer finished.


Examples of other Palmer flies:


Article and photos by Agostino Roncallo 2012



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