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Hanger pupae
by Niklas Andersson

This fly I tied for attracting fish when eating pupae and other insects just below the surface and you want to know that the fly floats at the right depth. The length of nylon cord can be advantageously varied so that the flies may float at different depths.

This fly is based on the pattern of a super pupa where I excluded the hackle. Of course you can tye a variety of other different patterns of pupae with this "hanger".

Step 1.

Float ball that I use is from Fly Dressings product line. Nylon line is melted at one end to prevent the float ball from slipping off. A needle can be used to get the line through the float ball.


Step 2.

Nylon line tied in order to get the desired length into the floating ball. This fly on the photos I tied with a little extra distance to visualize clearly. The distance can be varied so that the fly floating just below the surface or deeper.

Step 3. The body in this case is very basic tied, but you can vary the base pattern endlessly. Float ball can be dipped in colored paint if you feel that the white color stand out to much. Best of luck, and I hope that this may be a suitable fly whenyou can see fish is feeding from surface but without taking your dry flies.

Text och photo by Niklas Andersson
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