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Rusty Rat (Variant)
Tied by Scott Howell

Rusty Rat (Variant), by Scotty Howell

Scott Howell had a talent for taking old patterns and reworking them with new materials so that they become a better fly, and he have shown his usual mastery with this fly.

The venerable Rusty Rat was originated by J.C. "Clovis" Arsenault in 1949, an internationally known fly tyer in his day. He sold this and many other flies around the world, but the Rusty Rat has become know through the years as a one of the most successful of the Atlantic Salmon hairwings. It has been equally successful with Steelhead.


Hook: Partridge CS10/1 or Daiichi 2051 Sizes #6 through #2
Tag: Fine Gold Tinsel
Tail: Natural Peacock Sword
Body: 1/2 GloBrite (#9) Yellow Floss (w/ Floss Veil) - 1/2 Peacock Herl.
Rib: Fine Oval Gold Tinsel over floss - Medium Gold Oval Tinsel over Peacock.
Collar: Sparse Iron Dun Hen Hackle under Natural Guinea
Wing: Natural Grey Squirrel Tail accented with Black Hills Gold Lite-Brite.
Head: Danville Red no-wax Flymaster thread

By Scotty Howell, Bothell, WA 2004 ©




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