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Squirell & Claret Sea Trout Hairwing variant
By Erling Olsen

This fly is equally effective on river and still water. It is a subtly coloured fly at its best in overcast conditions where the rich claret of the body is set off beautifully by the golden rib. The light that are reflected by the Lureflash-fibres is also exiting. A useful tip is to use a single hook when the river is small.

Thread: Black
Hook: Must. Accupoint 38937 br. / M. 36890. Singlehook M. 80000 br size 8-4
Tag: Some turn’s of oval gold size 14 Veniard
Tail: Tippets
Body: Claret seal fur
Rib: Oval gold Veniard # 15
Underwing: Made of some fibres of claret Lureflash TW 14.
Overwing: Brown spotted Siberian squirrel.
Hackle: Black Chickabou (Hofmann)



Squirrel & Claret

Thread: Black
: Bronze trout hook size 6-10
Tag: Round gold tinsel (veniard nr. 20)
Tail: Tippets
Body: Dark claret sealfur
Wing: A few strands bucktail, a few strands Lureflash Twinkle and dark brown sibirian squirrel
Hackle: Black hen Head Black

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