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Column nr. 12 2011  



  As the last whispers of late fall crawl out of San Francisco California I ponder another year wondering favorite streams, rivers, creeks in old haunts like Alaska, Yosemite National Park and small streams near Mt. Shasta, Fall River... Endless periods, hours, days spent studying currents, watching for signs, hatches, and then a moment so outstanding and rare it instantly becomes sublime and timeless. In this months photos a 40 plus pound King Salmon is captured in a great chance photo by Matt Admundson My Lake Marie Alaska Head Guide. During on particular King encounter I hooked four big Salmon within a half hour period, played each for at least five minutes, two for ten or more great hard fighting minutes.

  In that exciting short time a rare moment for this fly fisher when that King jumped several times and ran me back into the backing line three times before coming to net. A great fight I’ll never forget! My arms were sore from the start as he bent the rod in half and ran hard all three times and had to be chased. A wonderful wild King Salmon battle I barely won and will never forget. My life on rivers and streams has been an amazing blessed existence watching water run is addicting in itself. Mesmerizing standing in waist high fast cold water and feel the power of the river, Love to feel that current , smell that cold water and hear the birds always changing like the Pacific Ocean waves an endless symphony of sensual sensory delights with occasional sublime moments....

  In Yosemite watching waters so clear and transparent one becomes hypnotized and then without any warning a fat wild rainbow grabs my Streamer and my wrist gently sets the barbless hook as a flock of Raven’s scream over head as Yosemite long shadows close another perfect day chasing fat Bows and Brookies... Yosemite still resonates as an almost unused fly fishery. Many small , medium size lakes in the great national treasure Park offer fly fishers many opportunities to savor the mountain peeks and play with wild trout. No wading allowed or water craft. A special fly fishery and a must for seasoned fly fishers my friends…

  Northern California now suffering more economic stress then the rest of the state will always be a heaven for fly fishers. When I lived in a cabin on the majestic Fall River every morning my 12 foot aluminum and I would quietly prowl looking for rising fish. The Pitt River, Hat Creek and many legendary fly waters exist near Mount Shasta. Birds, animals, flocks of migrating geese and Eagles kept me fine company for many months, unforgettable adventure!

  Rudyard Kipling, Steinbeck, Hemingway, Roosevelt, lovers of nature masters of words and images all agree it is Alaska where a fly fishers soul is most at home among endless wild stocks on top of the world! No question, a place where the word sublime can be experienced over and over in a single day or single moment. My encounters with mature Bald Eagles sitting in tress near by watching with those burning eyes that can see for miles and miles. Watching mother Grizzly Bears move their cubs across rivers and streams and knowing if you accidently got in between her and those babies? Hearing Moose, huge fast really dangerous animals when spooked splash and stamp the water to announce loudly Pal, " This is my House Cowboy! ". It don’t get no better Pilgrims, Alaska just like the rest of America used to be...

  Written by Dan Fallon 2011
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© Phil Frank 2002

Illustrated By Phil Frank,
San Francisco Chronicle Cartoonist, creator of "Farley"

"Worth makes the man, and want of it, the fellow;
the rest is all but leather or prunelle."
Al Pope 1684-1744

  Fletcher Quill and his demented crew featuring his once quite high Dali Lama now an established International Hashish Dealer with a serious anal sex fetish. Mr. Rock n Roll Keith Richards highly pissed off cause his partner Brenda A.K.A. Mick (The Stick) Jagger don’t want to suit up and tour for the Stones 50th Anniversary?? Quill’s latest running mate Italy’s other fallen star Johnny Galliano are chewing on Berlusconi’s resignation anticipating Chaos and her Sister’Fate and Chance will be Italian Bound Baby!!! After many tense exchanges Berlusconi insists Johnny hand the Cell to Quill on the edge of his departure for Milan.......

  Fallen Italian Stallion

"Ahhh, Fletcher Quill American Tarnished Icon (AT I) like me hey Yankee Doodle Dandy Man! Sooo you come to my Italy with Johnny, its good idea Quill, we need you come and spend your Supreme Court Yankee Dollars and sample our Italian Pussy."

"My first memory of your hedonistic journey was that story run in your own fucking Newspaper bragging about eating Birthday Cake off a sweet 18 year old’s naked ass... Sublime my friend, my Pal 666 has highly approved of your unbridled libido running wild! Owning and controlling almost all of Italy’s media is genius! Course even a perfect ride like your’s beating all the court case’s and controlling mass media has to come crashing down. Just ask Rupert Assbite Murdfuck Buddy, that old fool is watching his Empire twist down the drain from whence it came."

"Yes, all too fucking true Mr. Justice! The cake was sublime by the way, her ass was and is so perfect like a porcelain Doll, ahhhh..... Forget the past Quill, now I have that fucking Idiot Sarcozy and his Trained Fat Ass Bitch (TFAB) from the lower reaches of Hell the purple Merkilll, German Cunt. These little fools have been out to get my Billionaire booty since Bill Clinton started storing his Cuban Cigars in young pussy! I look out from my luxury Villa here in Milan and the streets are full my friend, Cafes have many seats filled and all the whore’s look tired and over worked. So what the fuck, the money boys, fucking Jew Bankers and that little Punk in the Black House your Pal hey Quill?"

"Blame all this global money chaos on the modern man’s lack of any moral character of any kind. Bankers, Real Estate Boys, Stock Brokers one and all have raped the system at will in America and around the Planet. Only fucking reason the Frog French and the tight ass German’s have survived so well is easy to understand Cozy Baby. They both have endemic character traits not found anywhere else in Europe except maybe Sweden, Norway maybe? They are ruthless and pay strict attention to bottom line and excellence in all their activities from industrial to political. The mother fucking long range realistic goals are understood and pursued with vigor and focus. It is the character traits of these various little European States that has defeated them. Now in your case Burlesconi. Italians are known for a lazy, sultry, sensual mind set in regard to life in general. Italians bless them, spend more time on lunch and Dinner then silly things like proper Banking practices or too many over paid early retire’s. True character has been the undoing of you and Greece and others who will fall soon."

"Fuck this boring shit my friend. Let us speak of Italian Pussy and Fly Fishing! Bring your beloved Bamboo Fly rod’s as I have many fine secluded streams and rivers for you to play on. I Know that makes you smile hey San Francisco madman? Have you hit that Gold Bong yet this morning? Has the Dali Lama anymore of that killer Hashish I’m hearing about? Can he send me several pounds?"

"Can do Burla Baby, of course you get the special Once Head Of State (OHOS) rate which works out to roughly 5 grand per half pound, is that bout right Dali? Hold on Burla we will take care of you no worries... Think you have problems? Issues my friend? This fucking new Supreme Court gig is biting my tit lately! Taking way too much time and the Geeks I work with except the girls are brutal dull and innocent. Then the boy President keeps me looking for new fly waters to burn time on, the boy has caught the fly addiction to the maximus. And I have current and X pussy going through more changes then Kardashian Panties late Saturday night. Have been running hard and loose here at Home in San Francesco where Earth Quake awareness, expectation is extremely high of late. Best news for me is a flock of ancient frozen Scarlet Vultures has been found in the Arctic as the ice layers slowly shrink many ancient birds and mammals will be found and I want to make incredible new fly patterns. You see I’m way too busy Berlusconi."

"Love this Artiste’ aspect to your ancient magic Drug Driven Soul (DDS!) Yankee Doodle, have you been speaking with the spirts who follow you everywhere?"

"Yes, all my Blues Brothers dead or alive haunt me, play with me constantly! Then there is dead Marine’s who come and go at will, followed by many deceased famous artists like my Home Boy Jerry Garcia and Monster Talent Jimmy Morrison. Never a Dead, Dull Moment (DDM) especially when I come home to this little jewel of a city on the Pacific Ocean’s edge, West is the Best, fuck the rest. The Sun sets in my fucking living room as I exhale Bong after Bong and wail away on a box full of shiny new Hohner Key of low ass G Harps tuned just for my back alley Blues Baby. Life is actually great. Love to hold that Fly Rod, ride that Skate Board and blow the fuck out me Harps Berlusconi Italian Stallion."

"Maybe I could learn this Skate Board riding as I will have a lot of fucking free time trying to find new young pussy! Soo Quill take me back to your insane Eagles Nest near the Ocean and show me what San Francisco Seafood is all about one more time and then we crawl into my private little Jet and blast back to Milan where endless sweet Italian wine and Pussy awaits in copious numbers my new Bad Boy running Mate! Ask Keith how he intends on Making Brenda put that Mascara on one more 100 Million Dollar time?"

"He is on the Cell with Mick the Stick right now, hey Keith lets do a conference call with Brenda and all of us Dude?"

"Bloody great Idea Mate, she ain’t into it, the fucking Book I wrote has pulled the trigger on the biggest fucking payday the Stones could ever have! Our 50th Anniversary World Tour would grab all the money Baby.... Serious coins to be had for the asking over here! Mick I’m going to put us on a Conference Open line so Quill and Johnny Galliano and the boys can give a hand here!"

  Mick The Stick Speaks!!

"Johnny Galliano and the fucking Dali Lama what a duo that is Quill! Guess this 50th is everybody’s Bidness! Simple boys have a life of my own over here. That fucking Book you wrote is only your side of the ugly tale Mate. No one gets what it was like to depend on and plan music with a practicing Junky! Know that was over 30 yrs ago, but, it still hurts the friend shit and the Stones future touring plans."

"Micky Mr. Rock N fucking Rolllll, you and Keith are keepers of the candle Son! It is your fucking duty to take the stage one more time for your world family. Fuck that solo work Bullshit, you know it ain’t going anywhere Glimmer Twin?

"Yeah, that is party line on this 50th Tour thing ain’t it Boys? Comes down to doing what’s right for all of us your all thinking. Well what about my feelings? Near 70 all of us! One more long time for the Wheel Chair Stones?"

"Ok Mick, here it is Pal it ain’t just the huge fucking ATM depo were shouting about, it’s visceral magic were squawking bout Buddy! You telling me if we let this incredible milestone blow by you and me and Charlie can ever exist as almost Brothers again?"

"Have thought long about our future in this Biz, no one can imagine this Beast still running like teenagers with hard on’s near 70 and worst of all Boys even Robert Plant ain’t going to refuel the Zeppelin even for a payday bigger then the Stones 50th Tour"

"All gibberish Son! Fuck that linear thinking shit! The moment we hit the opening chords to, Street Fighting Man or Brown Sugar or Waiting on a friend Pally, you know your mother fucking down with Rolling the ancient Stones one more time, one more mother humping time and one fucking giganteus Pay Day Boys...."

"Now , history lesson time. Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf even Sinatra and Bing Crosby were active late in life! How many aging Blues Men are still rambling on? Buddy Guy, BB King, and man you can name them! This music is timeless therefore my friends time might just wait for us one mo time, one mo mother humping Balls out time..."

"The Dali mother fucking lama is selling hashish with you Quill? Can he send me two pounds of the best kind? Maybe Black Afghani, Or Brown Moroccan Shale? I’m so down with some help Dali baby!!!!"

"Perhaps I can give Celestial guidance while your reasoning how to take the right path in this milestone 50th Anniversary? One can always more easily accommodate ones own needs in moments of confusion or desperate desire. Its is those blessed with extreme inner calm and selflessness that smoke the best Hashish! Two pounds on the way my confused friend. Might I recommend several LSD trips with us while Quill Blows insane harp with his Dead Blues Crew. Please consider the metaphysical aspect of all your decisions. Oh, we just acquired batch of killer Arabian rare desert Peyote Buttons. I’ll drop a few with your order Mr. Rockstar. Go in peace my friend..."

"No wonder you gave the Religious Leader Bullshit the Boot Dali baby! Heard excellent reviews from o Ozzie Osborne, Clapton, The Nuge all give your shit the highest ratings. Can I also have your Buddy the Pope send me maybe three pounds of his latest Vatican Cannabis? You’re the light my friend, you are the bright light!!"

"Ok Mick, listen man we have to sit down all together man get fucking blasted Pally play some tunes and think this 50th thing through carefully man. I bet all my skull rings, skull scarfs you get it’s a mother humping hugefied milestone can’t be ignored. Fuck my Book, your Book will set the scale where it belongs! I did admit what a fucked up partner on ice I was for years man..."

"You set up a Band Meeting maybe in Paris or one of our favorite islands like Martinique where we have the best chance of peace and atmosphere that works. I’ll keep running this 50th thing in my brain boys, got to Bounce, adios amigos...."

Fletcher and his always stylishly high crew break into a Muddy Waters always works classic, "Mannish Boy" Quill blowing his key of low ass G Blues Harp with all his heart, its on again, never more then a hour goes by and he has to take it to South side Chicago and let it rip low and slow, slow and low...... Suddenly killer old school Gospel music fills the air, it’s the King Of Rock N Fucking Roll his Dam self...


"Man, Quill you could have played in with me Vegas Buddy! I hear that wailing deep south harp of yours all the time Pilgrim. Muddy Waters and his crew think your almost there Son! Course I get high on anything Gospel, maybe we can do a little, "Amazing Grace". Man, I think James Brown and several his boys, The Famous Flames might join us. Any who thinking bout my home Grace Land and my old friends like Red West, Hey Red you nasty old Mother Fucker Son! Listen Quill, we been listening to all your mortal jamming with dead Blues giants and the like and we know and you know where your headed after you have the hardest day of your life Cowboy, in your old vernacular comprende’ ? Look here Golden gate Bridge bad boy, you do have one of those Harps on you I know you do Son. Ok, lets pretend we are just about to hear that old bad ass Vegas band of mine working into my opening chords, Blue Suede Shoes and its one two three , you ready Boys , let the San Francisco Harmonica lead us in till the chorus and bridge kick in! Its all yours Justassss...

(How many more days for the Judge Baby? Milan Italy next stop on the endless Party Trail?)

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Written by Dan Fallon 2011
Illustrations by Phil Frank 2003
Photos by Dan Fallon 2011

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