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Column nr. 12 2010  


Tiny Slayers

Wolf Whisper

Hook: Dry fly Barbless #18-24.
Thread : Black Silk.
Tail: Combo few strands Moose hair and thin black American Wolf hair.
Body: Stripped black Peacock hurl.
Hackle: Natural American black wolf chest hairs tied full.

Yellow Variant

Hook: Dry Fly Barbless #18-24.
Thread: Yellow China silk several wraps.
Tail: Long groomed American Moose hairs.
Hackle: Pheasant tied spare as to highlight yellow color.

Both of these patterns have been used in the field in situations where a generic fly may fool the resident trout in regard to whatever hatch is exploding!




© Phil Frank 2002

Illustrated By Phil Frank,
San Francisco Chronicle Cartoonist, creator of "Farley"

Episode # 101

"We are the hollow men
We are the stuffed men
Leaning together, headpiece filled
with straw"
T.S. Eliot

  The day has finally arrived newly ordained Socialist States Of America Supreme Court Justice Quill his man servant Drake behind the wheel of Quill’s classic Black 1998 Caddy Eldorado ETC are stopped in front of the elegant Court front steps. The scene in front of the Court is pure San Francisco circa 1967. Surviving members of the Grateful Dead, Aretha Franklen, Eric Clapton, spirits of Buddy Guy and Jerry Garcia are on a make shift stage screaming "RESPECT" as Justice Quill grabs his new black briefcase out comes the Hohner Harmonica key of G and its party time...... Media have descended, helicopters hover, Secret Service boys in cool sunglass’s look happy and very nervous! Drake grabs the Crocodile skin briefcase parks the Caddy and the Partay is on Pilgrim. (Killer weed smoke everywhere just like the Frisco fucking WORLD SERIES GIANTS BABY!!!!!!!)

"Aretha, making me cry like baby girlfriend, lets get a taste of my Frisco harp working. Lets kick it into my best Friend Keith Richards "Happy" and bust out Neil Young’s " Keep On Rockin In The Free World ". Let my man Muddy Water’s spirit into this riff . Now I’m feelin the love."

"Supreme Court Justice, Dam! Least we could do is welcome you in your own language. Slip this Orange Barrel of Owsley’s best under your tongue before the spam hits the fan Sportsfan! Tell your soul sister please Mr. Big ass LSD slurping, Blond pussy eating Frisco back alley brawler, and the dirtiest mother fucking honky ass white boy I ever knew manage to put his raggity ass in this White Man Temple of " This is how we elite- We a few token sisters in Black robes are gonna run the show!!"

"Aretha your voice starting to sound like angels more every time I hear ya. Sorry the Black Messiah has fallen through that skinny ass of his. Hell he can’t hitch hike a ride or borrow a Chinese Quarter! That boy is the lamest fucking duck on the Pond. How did I get here sweet angel, through the same door everyone else walked through except, my path was pharmaceutically enhanced and blessed with a cornucopia of wonderful fetishes from Blond wet pussy to catching and releasing wild trout on flies I tied at me Irish Castle, Dam, starting to miss me best friend Timba me cat! Drake my good man get Timba on the satellite , have to hear that meow. Hey here comes Jimmy radio star with his Live Mike."

  International HD Radio Super Star Jimmy Ferguson has his satellite truck hooked up and sticks a mike into Quill’s grinning mug.

"Justice Quill my old fly fishing Pal, you know that Kim Jung Silly Interview you set up got me nominated for a friggin Pulitzer prize Amigo! What is your prognostication of this courts next session with the notorious Frisco Wolf on the prowl?" "Love that interview Jimmy, you did squeeze the little rice munching Pricktator. This court will stay in the groove it belongs in. This is the peoples last hope. Just getting on the docket takes a miracle. I’m totally stoked Barbecue Guru.. Of course I do have a few moments of adjustment for my fellow Justices especially the new vanilla pablum chicks! Harvard President my Irish ass. Here is a gold nugget HD Radio guru. The whole gay’s in the military thang is not going to be stopped while that case is in Appellate court being chewed on. My boy fat Tony and his band of lackeys ain’t gonna fuck with that hot stinky Petunia Barbecue maniac’ Now fat Tony spear headed the " Give the whole shit house to the Big Corps - Let em spend fucking trillions on any candidate they want ! In essence selling out one of the very last vestiges of the once functioning global power. The dying beast is gasping for air and Fat Tony said "Fuck Em!" "Your vast radio audience can rest assured especially all my Veteran/ Recon Marine Brothers. This Junk Yard Dog still has hair trigger. Bring on the next case, bring it, lets get it on..."

  What the highly medicated harp wailing new Justice does not know is his associate Senior Justice A.K.A. " Fat Tony has called the National Guard and just as quickly the Black Messiah has told the guard to stand down, it’s a Mexican stand off like Alamo...

  Supreme Court Cloak Room

  Sequestered within the stark almost church like edifice known the Supreme Court is the Cloak Room where all nine justices don their black robes together and shake hands before court begins.

  And old honored tradition quaint in the current atmosphere of unending bloodletting at the expense of the American common man. Then again, there is a new mother fucking sheriffee in town Cowboyssssssssssssss.

"Tony looks like your still gaining weight round guy? Nice touch calling the National Guard. I’m impressed. Aretha was great wasn’t she? You and I know the Three Hen’s are looking for a couple of cross over moves from the other justices and bang we have a new court Pilgrim. I’m gonna make god dam sure your little majority voting party is smothered with San Francisco pure Owsley Purpletrainwreckbadwhammmmmerjammmmmer Hammertime."

"The Hippy warrior and his band of druggies has arrived with all that west coast, left out coast specialness. You think after all the years I have working this gang of independent thinkers, your magic will tilt the balance?"

"Fat man, it’s no secret your in the pocket of a host of Yankee wealthy ya da yada. But my Berlusconi loving Italian associate remember old Justice Hugo Black was dragged through the lower reaches of Hell with his membership in the Ku Klux Klan! Your known for your supposed rigid adherence to the original fucking Constitution Sportsfan? I memorized that Bitch word for word. Time has come to finish your higher education. Time to take you to school not put a horses head under your fine linen’s T-Man."

"I heard you pontificating about the internationally known political prisoner Leonard Peltier who supposedly was one of or the main shooter in a FBI Indian reservation showdown shoot out that has never been properly tried. En.wikipedia.org/wiki/leonard Peltier

  We always fucking knew that Quill, one of those sacred cows highly educated American patriot justices leave the fuck alone, like gun rights, abortion, civil rights and your own notorious drug addled lifestyle tolerated under the Constitution. You better have read that complex play book San Francisco hippy Justice, because this ain’t Haight & Ashbury. You ain’t selling any dime bags on my mother fucking block JarHead!!!"

"Smile when you say Jarhead Fat Boy. Three things make this old Irishmen go instantly fucking Ballistic, Say anything about my beloved Mother, The Corp, or me Irish Heritage. Have I read the Constitution , had it tucked under my 17 year old arm that wasn’t carrying a machine gun in Vietnam T-Man ! Ahh where the fuck were you and your associates in that period again?"

"That fucking Indian has done 30 years, no one witnessed him pull the trigger or anywhere near the shooting it was a Bullshit rail road is one side of his case. The other argument is so weak. I’m going to move on with Mr. Peltier soon as possible. FBI Director Icon Hoover was a cross dressing cocksucker. Lets get all the shit on the table in the Cloak Room... One more thought while we are wallowing in ego. This Bullshit of body cavity inspecting three year old girls and Nun’s, the crippled and mentally ill makes my skin crawl how basic rights have been sacrificed, the terrorists have won Pilgrim. God help the PSA Immigrant who gets near my ancient junk. Questions this court will weigh, I will free that fucking Indian activist, 30 year’s with little real evidence is horse manure."

(Time to step up or step off Mr. Supreme Court Justice!)


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Written by Dan Fallon 2010
Illustrations by Phil Frank © 2003
Photos by Dan Fallon © 2010

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