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Column nr. 1 2011  


Flies That Actually Catch & Release Wild Trout!

Red Baron

Hook: Barbless #12 to #20
: Black Silk wrapped thick and bushy
: Red America Chucker Tail feathers
: Dark Peacock Hearl
: Black American Wild Wold chest hairs tied extra full


Jeweled Caddis

Hook: Barbless # !4 to # 20
: Green Silk tied tight
: Twisted together into tight string Peacock Hearl & Green Jeweled tinsel
Main Wing
: American Moose Hair groomed & cut
Wing #2
: Two thin brown feathers

These two flies have caught wild trout in Yosemite National Park and many other California creeks and streams. Easy to tie and the colors especially the caddis pattern stimulate hits and catch and release wild fish no question.... Tie several variations in different sizes and watch and learn! 

By Dan Fallon 2011





© Phil Frank 2002

Illustrated By Phil Frank,
San Francisco Chronicle Cartoonist, creator of "Farley"

"All Kings is mostly rapscallions."
Mark Twain 1889- 1910

  Retired Justice John Paul Stevens has come to court to visit his old Pal Fat Tony Scalia and Tommy Gun Justice Thomas in Tommy’s private chambers, all three have their feet up on the dark old twenty foot desk laughing hysterically as fat Tony lays out the routine he devised to tame and confuse the new rooky Hippy Justice Fletcher Quill..... "We stop his action simply boys, just acquire a load of LSD and we drop a tab into his morning tea! Suddenly a knock on the door, the Duty Page has broken the morning calm, "Excuse me Sir, it seems the new Justice is having a party in your chambers Justice Scalia and it is quite noisy!" Fat Tony bolts for his private court crib his face beet red huffing and puffing for air, neck vain’s bulging, pulsating!!

"What the hell is going on here Quill. Oh my God Ms.Sotomayor please put your clothes on and get off your fucking ancient Lewinski knee’s you slut! Ms. Ginsburg I can’t believe my eyes, get the fuck off that old man’s lap now! Have you no shame Sir? An orgy in my frigging personal quarters, oh my Christ in Heaven..."

"Relax Tony, just getting to know the girls before we hit the playing field boys, soooo nice can’s on the Hispanic Cum Dumpster (H.C.D) hey boys. What time is lunch again?"

"You Sir, have set a new standard in despicable behavior! My antique desk is covered in KY Jelly Sir !"

"Justtttt workin on that majority thingy Tony baby. The girls are hot for new Hard To Handle Hippy Judge (H.T.H.H.J) Sonny Boy. Now then, how’s about we suit up and try and sort out which major corporation will get a pass on the endless road called "Fucking Over The Common Man"

"As the new Junior Justice Sir, you have two duties aside from court, you will keep the count on all court votes and you will open the door if needed while we are in session. Court begins in twenty minutes."

"Tony Baby, I will never bring your coffee mug or run any fucking errands for anyone. Can’t wait to watch Justice Tommy Gun sit and not say a word during Oral Arguments. Guess it will be learn as I roll in this new gig, they don’t give you a training manual."

  Justice Quill’s personal man servant Drake walks in with exciting news and a wide smile.

"Excuse me Sir, a phone call from federal prison, a Mr. Leonard Peltier insists on speaking."

  Mr. Leonard Peltier being held in federal prison for allegedly pulling the trigger in a famous FBI shoot out that took place over thirty years ago. General consensus is he was convicted on concocted, doctored, no I witness evidence in a kangaroo court like trail. He was chosen as the sacrificial lamb in a situation where the FBI supposedly wanted only revenge, a pound of flesh. Mr. Peltier was chosen. He is acknowledged as one of America’s little dark secrets on par with any International political activist who ever lived! Thirty years served in Hell on universally accepted Bullshit set rap, welcome to the Socialist States Of America Pilgrim..

"Mr. Quill, the angels sent you to free a poor old Indian soldier? You know your in trouble just getting involved, they will go after you as well fly fishermen. By the way I have a collection of Bald Eagle feathers I will send you."

"Thanks for feathers, will do all possible here to get your case reopened and on the docket. Will take a little time, will do my best Sir. My boys will stay in contact and keep you up on this fight. Stay cool, your back in the saddle my friend."

"Drake before closed session begins my dear sweet old friend we have much work to do. Your going to be my Unofficial Head Clerk my boy. Get me every fucking thing on Mr. Peltier’s case pronto, tell the builders to make my cat Timba’s play/sleep house a little bigger. The Magic Bong/media/music alcove is looking pretty good for government work. Ok, then have my Glimmer twin newly hatched Bio author Keith Richards patched into my line. Let the girls from San Francisco know I’m thinking sweet Christmas holiday thoughts straight from the heart. Especially Nurse Caron and Mother Serena, such sweethearts. Drake my old Pal we have another adventure to rival all the others. Have my private investigators keep digging into fat Tony’s preppy ass background. Get Kim Jung ill’s boy on the horn, that insane rice muncher has to be fucking stopped. One more thing if Mick Jagger calls again to fucking bitch about Keith running his skinny antique ass ragged. Just take a message already! Ok, I gotta have more serious triple Bong hit of that last Graftsganystany Hashish/Friscosilverbullitfilllmoreinsaneinthebrain and its "Here Come The Judge my sorry ass bitches." (Read Keith Richards new Autobiography at Little Brown Press easy to find titled "life")

  Disenchanted Highly Pissed Off Ghostly Voice Of Long Dead Stones Founding Member

"Quill, listen here Mr. High and fucking mighty Judge! You and fucking Keith hang and bang and so forth mortal Hippy. I want you to tell Keith he was no fucking picnic either in those early days. He stole my Anita from me and really screwed me over while he and Mick just fucking left me at the side of the road. Those builders on my country property did fucking kill me in that swimming pool. How the rest of the band lives with that, you tell me Quill? K.R. was always fucked up even then he ran hot and fast, we all did. So my body could not take the overload, that’s the mortal existence Pally. You and K.R. are mates . You tell him he didn’t spin the whole ugly tale exactly! Bobby Keys is happy, Nicky Hopkins is good even the still talented dead Billy Preston is good with the K.R. Biography, Brian Jones was the fucking Rolling Stones!"

  Glimmer Twin Author

"Fletch, listen Mate " Life " is causing everyone to get itchy especially Mick The Stick!"

"I only have three minutes before court begins. I read "Life" my friend, sweet you left my ass out of it thanks. The stuff on Mick is the killer Pal, he don’t come off well at all! Man, your drug habit is half the book, Anita and Brian sad cases. Maybe Mick will get even and write his nasty tale? Like what he just said in an interview, "How tedious to bring up the past". Its only rock n roll and it cost many lives to live its snake like existence, fucking kinda poetic."

"Lets do Frisco again when you and your Black Robe mates are finished raping what’s left of America! The fucking "Black Crows" are playing the Fillmore right now six nights. Only thing missing is you and me back stage Irish bad Boy...."

"You got it Tax Dodger, listen new shipment of Kohner key of G Harmonica’s arrived back at Raven’s Haven me Irish Castle I miss today. Have another call to handle my friend. Tell fucking Jagger to get over it, he knows every word is fucking gospel in your tomb "Life".. Ahh I ‘ll send you some LSD tabs and a big hit of this killer Hashish Ruthy just slid under my chamber door, oh yeah, Ruthy Lewinski baby."

  Sandra Day O’Conner Highly Respected Retired Justice

"Quill you old wolf fucker, hey Irishmen how come I got ignored at your little orgy Ruthy just told me about, she is so sore you old satyr. Soooo how’s it hanging Jarhead? You have the whole shit house wired up like Haight Street back in LSD Frisco Hippy boy?"

"You were not forgotten sweety, those two Bitches double teamed me under Fat Tony’s desk because my chambers are still under construction. Now lets talk fly fishing on that chalk stream in back of your Vermont hideaway! Still have a gang of Trout and what are they eating, what’s hatching out back right now Sandy baby?"

"Mosquitos, Flyman, you have all your gear with you of course, I want to play with your antique Bamboo as well as that 8 inch Johnson Cowboy Marine."

"Man I love it when you talk dirty nasty girl. I’m locked up tighter then O.J Simpson. Lets throw some flies this weekend, heading either for San Francisco or my Castle in Ireland soon. Want you and the other Supreme’s to come and fuck my brains out."

"Quill you and I go way back to when you were kid Sergeant in your beloved Corps. All the girls are crazy happy over you Mr. Fucking man in the court finally. Your close to getting the power from Fat T so be cool speak with you this weekend bring a mess of your best flies big guy."

"You know Sandy I been over the history of this fucking Kangaroo Court for the last six months the one character who gets my blood boiling Marine Corp style, the "Great Chief" "Johnny Marshall 1801 - 1835 fourth Chief Justice back in the glory days of this beleaguered raped union. Served for three decades and was the guy who established the fucking Co-Equal Branches of government. Love this Dude. Gotta bounce baby something about a 2010 X-Mas bash their trying to keep me out of, Keith Richards and General Duke Parker have just blown in with my main man the Dali Lama."

  Supreme Court Christmas Bash 2010!

"The Devil’s is most Devilish when respectable !"
Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1806-1861

  A hush- hush very private Christmas party featuring French Crumb Cake, shaky ancient hands pouring old Brandy and whispered salutations barely discerned over a dying crickets last cricks, in short staid and borrrrrrrrring!!!!!!!! Until the Gate crashing new Justice bursts in with the Dali lama smiling that killer smile and Keith Richards heads straight for the punch bowl and empties the last ten insane Owsley built LSD Tab’s into the big crystal punch bowl and fires a freaking huge Jamaican Spliff and hands it to a red faced hyperventilating Fat Tony! The Three Hen’s jump up and start dancing and tearing their clothes off, it appears the PARTAY is onnnnn!

"Listen Quill this is totally unacceptable, this is a private party Sir! Geeez this punch does have a bit of smack to it hey Tommy Gun?"

"Dam, this is great punch, excuse me does one address you Sir as His High Holiness, Mr, Lama?"

  The ever smiling 14th and quite possible last real Dali Lama throws his head back laughs and pulls Justice Tommy Gun Thomas close to hear his whispered Holiday thoughts and prayers.."

"Ahhh the one Justice who has evaded the long arm of American Justice hey Tommy Schlong, Tommy. How are you fairing with the silent routine during Oral Arguments? You know even in my horrendous ongoing Chinese genocide I find time to follow the high court drama’s. Sir my dear sweet but awfully dangerous old friend Fletcher Quill is a man of many, many faces armed with a spine of cold blue American steel. My young Tibetan Monk’s worship him and are still recovering from his insane stay at my Palace."

"Your man Quill the Frisco Fucking Bad Ass Hippy (FFBAH), he does bring a certain back alley street taste to this boring ass assembly of White Honkey Elite . He do love his Chicago Blues and wet blond pussy(WBP), he may have had more white wet pussy (WWP) then me? At least we know all his pussy work was on reasonably attractive young blondes. That fucking nurse had great lumbering swinging can’s and the little Italian Nun THAT TINY ass not to be forgot. Always wonder how often the flyman hit that Italian prime tang? Would you have any idea your Holy Highness?"

(And the Band Played "Getting To Know You" Justice Quill blowing fine Blue’s Harp)


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Written by Dan Fallon 2010
Illustrations by Phil Frank © 2003
Photos by Dan Fallon © 2010

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