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Column nr. 4 2012  


Black Water Lodge & Salmon Fishery
County Waterford Ireland

  First serious top water fly caught springer was accomplished by Conor Arnold at 7:15pm. Just a little unusual in summer then early spring? The fish was caught with a # 10 Shrimp Pattern around dusk, lovely way to end the day Conor... Always a pleasure to mention this quality old world salmon fishery in my ancestors home country, fine way to begin the season indeed! Contact Black Water Lodge Ireland http://www.ireland-salmon-fishing.net/ or +353-58-60235 via international phone. Here in California the rivers and streams open up last Saturday this month.

  I have looked around enough to understand late snow and rains will make opening week tough in fast tall waters until things settle down. Thanks again to all of who wrote more E-Mails in regard to my old Fly friend Walton Powell, a great Character, more on Powell by searching “Lord Of The Flies“ on any search engine.

Conor Arnold - 7lb. #10 Curry's Red on floating line.
Taken on the Island Stream on Lower Kilmurry

  Late snow and rain is a rare treat here in land of milk and honey.Tthis means late season fly action at all my favorite rivers, streams like, Fall River, Pitt River, American River, Truckey River..... And of course my home waters Yosemite Park, Merced River...... Can’t wait to wade... Weather changes here on the west coast have been extreme in last decade with yearly rain totals way out of sync with records kept for over a hundred years by locals. Impact on everyone, fish, birds, humans, fly fishers has all of us wondering when the next weather related wild card year or decade will occur? Those days of counting on water from mountain snow may be quickly becoming extinct dreams of past bucolic less complicated times. In my mind the number one culprit and only offender is the uncontrollable human population.


Join Fletcher Quill in Deep Alaska
June 30th - July 7th 2012

One controllable aspect of your future my fly fisher brothers and sisters is where you will be having dinner and bragging about the fifty pound King Salmon you almost landed if you just had a little more arm strength after a half hour fight this June 30-July 7th/

  I will be at my 2nd home in deep Grizzley Bear habitat 100 miles north of Anchorage Alaska. www.lakemarie.com Contact John Wilson Owner Lake Marie. I invite you and a few friends to join me in an out door fly fishing adventure to remember! Serious King Salmon infested rivers and small streams where fly fishers can actually have a reasonable shot at catching and landing Kings over 40/50 pounds all day long Cowboys and girls. Dinner late June deep Alaska Fletcher Quill will be ready to mix it up Dinners, breakfast and much time on the outstanding waters I have fished many times always with great success! Read about Lake Marie at the above web sight and plan a real adventure for hard core fly fishers. Guides are trained and fly savvy, guests from bird watchers to hard core fly fishers enjoy wilderness unspoiled.....

  The Wilson family has been running this lodge for many years, Chef, sleeping quarters excellent well maintained with an air strip out back. You arrive from Anchorage after an hour flight into the real out back Alaska. Strongly consider this trip if your thinking King Salmon? Alaska? Mention my name when you contact John Wilson at www.lakemarie.com.

Written by Dan Fallon 2012
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© Phil Frank 2002

Illustrated By Phil Frank,
San Francisco Chronicle Cartoonist, creator of "Farley"

“The Earth is all the home I have,
The heavens my wide roof- tree.“
The Wondering Jew.
W. E. Aytoun 1813- 1865

  Quill’s long time close Marine Pal General Duke Parker and his staff are air born and on the way to Fletcher’s Irish Castle Raven’s Haven on the rugged still wild northern Ireland coastline. Its almost St. Patrick’s Day and many of the Supreme Court Justice’s close associates are about to surprise the old Marine General with a Saint Patty’s Day to remember! Jamison Whiskey Distillery has provided the finest 100 year old Private Reserve, three Hogs Heads ( three barrels ). Irish wild Salmon caught with flies tied at Raven’s Haven are being prepared with local shell fish and a extra cask or two of Quill’s own 500 year old ultra rare Monks Whiskey a gift from the Pope before departing the Vatican. Drake, Quill’s long time man servant has just finished brushing Timba the legendary Castle Absyniann Cat the General loves. Sharon Stone has left a video and all her sweet panties behind to drive the old man nuts...... The Dali Lama, Keith Richards and the crew are still ensconced in the Popes Papal Jet which is about twenty minutes from touch down Dublin where local fly fishers are waiting for the long absent Master of Raven’s Haven. Quill and Dali are looking out the little jets small windows watching the countryside come up fast and the Dublin morning lights glisten welcoming home its prodigal son........ Dali notices many tears rolling down his friends face as the mini jet drops down for touch down Dublin.....

“Good morning General looking spry me old friend! Have nothing but good news for you this morn on the eve of Saint Pat’s booze fest. Local rivers full of fresh migrating sea run salmon, I made sure Drake and your cook’s have enough fresh salmon and whiskey. Your Marine chopper is waiting with General Parker. We are happy your home and Raven’s Haven will be seriously rocking on this festive weekend. Please hit this huge spliff rolled by your man Drake as a welcome home gesture...“

“This morning reminds me of another long gone friend Timmy leary and his endless search for meaning and real life in every day existence. He used to preach the fucking Tao to me when we got loaded on LSD or Hashish. His favorite Tao translation was still haunts me, “ The Tao flows everywhere. Keep in touch, be at home everywhere, he who loses the contact is alone everywhere he roams he goes alone! Never lose contact with the Home.... “ Fucking Timmy was so esoteric all the time, I do miss the mental work boys just hanging with that surrealistic visionary smoking San Francisco’s best gunga into the wee, wee hours Baby. General Duke Parker how is it hanging Jar Head? Sound off like you got a pair Cowboy! What the fuck, back in Marine Green feels good my friend. Lets roll, get this bird in the air, my cat Timba awaits. Hear your gonna get that third Star Pilgrim? Give me latest Corps scuttlebutt ( Gossip ) and prepare your self for serious St. Pats insanity when we hit the Castle Buddy, here smoke this fatty the fucking Pope rolled for me Son.”

“Word is Quill your bout to tell the Supream Court your tired of their suicidal sell the nation Bullshit hey old man? You and this fucking pure San Francisco gut issue Same Sex Marriage, so what you going to do Mr. Hetero Retro? FYI, word is we both may get another Star, your retirement to inactive has not stopped the Green Machine from grinding out another Star Homey.“

“Not good news from the war’s Buddy! Looks like the Final Unraveling ( FU) has begun, time for extreme long term isolation for this tired broke nation. They are gonna cut the Corps down to just a Few And The Proud. A new wind blows General Quill, where the fuck is your traveler Bong, gotta hit this Black Afghani before the next twist of the word Sonny Boy. I heard you and Keith beat the shit out some Italian camera hounds? Time to get Irish my man... Get out the Glenlivet 200 year old and we begin getting into this fine Irish Day Laddy. You and that Cat, Timba seems glued to you since you hit the Castle Door.“

“Parker, did you smell that old ancient musty smell just then? Man, I know that is my main Dead Man ole 666, it is you ain’t it Dark Prince? Come on lets get it on???“


“San Francisco’s own Ba, Ba, Ba, Bad to the mutha humping bone F. Quill and company. First welcome back to the Castle that reminds me of my own Boleskine bought by led Zep’s Jimmy Page and turned into a shrine allllll bout me yalll!!! First boys a little nasty bidness to attend to before your Alaska fly adventure with the Black Messiah. A certain notorious cult of angry clever slightly evil spirits known as the Abra-Melin Devils have been on your trail for last two months. They are pissed off at something, not sure what yet. My people and me are looking , so far nothing. Could be you and Dali Lama consorting with that moron Pope my Boy? You know you fucked up too many other world connections messing with that puppet.“

“Lets not get too judgy bout company kept here your lownessss I could feel the negative energy lets get rid of these little devil basterds, I have serious Dragon’s Blood mother fucker from the oldest Red dragon still in captivity in Dubai. This shit cost me a lot of bird feathers boys. If they have a contract with some other spirit lets find out and explode it tonight mid night full moon, right after festivities chill out we take on these vicious mother humpers 666, what say you?“

“You have to ask Bitch. You got that gold key of low G Harp Son, how bout I call Muddy Water’s and we get down just a taste before Dinner Blues man....”

“Ahh, before we start down that sweet hiway I have to commiserate with my man Drake on the routine/ menu’ for this week. Have not said hello yet, come on Timba , see all you at Dinner two hours. Fresh Salmon, Lobster, Clams, and rare Kobe Beef. More old whiskey and scotch then any man can swim in and boys take that little Orange Barrel by your castle suite bed side 500 mikes pure Owsley’s best LSD. Happy St. Pat’s get some rest you will need it! Especially you General Parker, Marine we have to discuss Mr. Putang’s funeral arrangements.“

“Drake my old friend you and me castle and me cat! I’m home again and man it feels good and smells great to be home, home again. Before you give me all the news from Sharon’s ugly departure to whatever. Please make sure my stock of rare ancient feathers is taken to the fly tying tower along with all the magic mushroom spores that I sent here from Thailand. 666 will be staying awhile, his invisible people will care for his needs as usual. Dali Lama will need his suite blessed and incense burned as he likes, General Parker and I will be in the Library for an hour before dinner. Timba looks great and calm, thanks so much for caring for this little guy who I missed soooo much, Timbaaaa, my boyyyyy..... Oh yes Drake, better start sorting and packing my fly gear for the Alaska trip up next.. Black Messiah last dance before he loses this election and starts writing his memories.“

  Life at Raven’s Haven is timeless in its frozen everyday monk like existence, locals know the only time lights burn to wee hours is when the General is in residence. It has been some time since the sounds of his screaming , wailing Blues Harp could be heard... In the time Sharon Stone was head mistress a lovely Herb/Rose garden was planted and her love for Song Birds and Hummingbirds is evident in the surrounding gardens. The three spacious well equipped suites Quill enjoys most are the Fly Tying Tower and its Gold Vices and cache of ancient extinct feathers, the Library and Bar and his magic psychic work shop where spells and psychic spirit activities are monitored, a room where 666 can be usually found when he is a guest. The spiral castle staircase with its ten original Dali’s still makes Quill’s heart stop when he climbs to the Library for a General Parker Pow Wow!!“

“Here Parker smoke this while I educate your ass Son. It is time to take down the Russian pricktator Putang. His Bullshit reelection is the end of him. I missed last time with the morphing into an ancient giant bird and nearly got snuffed on that gig remember Duke? Well this Supreme Court shit has cost me time in taking his ass out as planned. My fucking assassin status and the Russian peoples freedom is at stake Jar Head. So, this time I take your ass into this next hit plan and we take Putang to the Last Supper Baby!

“I have a few ideas, here is the best of them. We know he considers himself a tough guy like you Quill, right? Lets put him in a random spontaneous situation where he runs into you and me and a few of our best boys , snipers, all seasoned 2nd story door buster, throat cutters can just whack his ass and shoot our way out ala Seal Team shit which they all learned from the Marine Corp any who hey General. My 2nd idea is we wait for another isolated ranch opportunity when he rides his prized horses. Maybe long range 50caliber shot which you can still do right Marine? We take you back to school for refresher on the new light Weight 5th Generation 50 Caliber laser Guided Human Extincter M18 (LW5thGLGHEM18). Or my third idea is we send you and a Drone Team on a bogus fly fishing trip near where his country place in the Siberian mountains. Ring any old school assassin bells Cowboy?”

“Man, this time no mistakes Son, come on dinner waits, its Bong time Jar Head.“

“Man, I was just visited by the hugified Arch Angel Michael telling me, in my face he said.”

“Get back to Peace, get back to your Zen roots old man, get back to where you once belonged.”

  Raven’s Haven is lit up like a lottery winner its full tilt feasting with nothing spared, no one will ever forget dining at Fletcher Quill’s desolate Irish Castle.... Staff arrive every few minutes with endless hot bowls, trays, plates, electric portable hot pots, barbecue, consisting of local Salmon grilled in a mixture of seaweed, extra virgin olive oil and Quill’s assortment of rare magic mushrooms, Peyote dust sprinkled liberally with hand full of killer cannabis here and there for bad measure..... Wine cellar features only obscure very old whiskeys and single malt scotche’s given to Quill by heads of state along his long life. Quill’s beloved best friend Absynian Cat Timba lounges and stretches clawing Quill’s lap as the General takes a long sweet Bong hit of the insane Purple Train Wreck that just arrived from Transylvania. Castle staff and Drake are busy getting the Master Suite ready for Fletchers latest main squeeze Sugar Tits about to arrive with three of her main sweet thangs. She has a bit of mischief for the old man.....

“Been wayyyyy toooo long Quilly........ I Have a new program that has taken over the Stripper Pole Install gig. From now on my girls and I will be known as the only traveling naked Tarot Card readers in existence baby!!!!

“What! You are reading Tarot Cards naked, man that is the absolute best idea I ever heard fall out of that pretty mouth. Lets start right fucking now sweet thang. Take it alll off and read my future, present and past?“

“I gotta know what is up with my next attempt at taking Putang out for fucking good.“

Sugar tits picks up her rare copy of the world renown 78 card Rider Tarot Card deck and begins methodically shuffling and begins laying out a four card pattern on the question of Fletchers next attempt at neutralizing Putang.... (This 78 card deck is highly sought after!)

“First card up is The Magician signifying skilled diplomacy, loss, self confidence, next is the Devil Card meaning ravage, violence, force, fatality, next is Ace Of Pentacles meaning perfect contentment, ecstacy, next Nine Of Pentacles meaning valor and intellect. Fletcher this means Putang is dead meat baby, no worries old man, just take your sweet time and get this done, now lets you and me get down to bidness.......“

  Raven’s Haven is alive with nothing but steady sweet Chicago Blues flowing out of all the castle windows crawling across the raging black Irish sea and out into the unknown abyss. Late sad news has changed the vibe with an official announcement from all the living Rolling Stones, no 50th tour this year. It ain’t gonna happen, vague excuses from “ We all have solo projects! “ to “ Man, 40,000 aging soccer Moms throwing Panties? Man, the drugs don’t work any more! “ Is this the end of a huge chunk of old school killer live Rock n Rolllll, Ahhh, maybe Baby....

  (You Can’t Always get What You Want! You can get what you need, Time waits for no one.”)


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Written by Dan Fallon 2012
Illustrations by Phil Frank 2003
Photos by Dan Fallon 2012

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