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Column nr. 1, 2013  

Wyatt Earp Fly Fisher

  William James Fallon born in San Francisco in 1900 grew up in a city transitioning from a quaint West Coast Port where sailors, actors, poets, scoundrels and a host of America’s most famous frontier characters like the legendary Terror Of Tombstone Wyatt Earp came to play. My Grandfather had only one job his entire 106 years, working for the California Ink Company in San Francisco California. During his 65 working years he became a Principle in a trade that enabled him to mix with and become friends with people like the famous Earp who loved to hunt and fish. According to my Grand Dad Earp was a frequent San Francisco visitor coming from or heading to Alaska in his later years. A truly historical Bar named Molly’s that still exists in the tiny town of Colma near San Francisco was a hangout for Wyatt Earp when William Fallon and he hung out. On two occasions they decided to take a Boat to Marin County (very wide open space in those long ago days..) spending much time working the creeks and waters near the coast for days at time. This particular trip took place circa 1920s when Earp was still relatively young and still half crazy remarked my Grand Father....

"Wyatt what’s your poison my friend?"

"Love this old bar, Hell reminds me of Saloon’s back home in Tombstone William. Molly’s has a history of loose woman, little gambling, and one or two fist fights hey Bar keep?"

"You ought to know Earp, I recall your last visit ended with you jerking that rusty ass six gun and planting it some young fools face Sheriff! This first round is on me and the House, maybe we better take your photo before you fade into the Sunset? Where you boys headed?"

"We hired a boat to cross the Bay into the Headlands and chase trout with Willy’s Manzanita Fly Rods he makes, hey Willy!"

"We better get to it pretty quick, that horse and buggy may show up any time Wyatt. Take us round three hours to get to the Bay pick up pier..."

After several hours on horseback Earp and my Grand Dad found several mountain spring fed creeks now on private expensive property and settled in for three days of fly fishing true wilderness close to San Francisco.

"Looks like your none the worse for the Bay Crossing Fallon, you ain’t no sailor Irishmen! How many of these little flies do you have? I get bites on every cast."

"Got a bunch I tied. How are your family and friends back home after the OK Corral gets further behind you Sheriff?"

OK Corral

"Some stories start telling themselves after while I guess Fallon. Every time I read another man’s version It gets more ridiculous! Was a bad day that all concerned deeply regret! Lost a Brother."

"People call you a Heroic man Wyatt. In my mind the day you held off a large angry crowd who wanted to lynch your Prisoner alone defined your character Sheriff ! That one minute you were a real Hero!"

"How much good do you imagine that does for me and my family when we have empty chairs come Christmas Willy?"

Doc Holliday

"Doc Holliday was some kind of six gun slinger Sir. People will be writing about you and the OK Corral shoot out for many years I expect. Lets try another section of this creek before Supper.."


Written by Dan Fallon 2013
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© Phil Frank 2002

Illustrated By Phil Frank,
San Francisco Chronicle Cartoonist, creator of "Farley"

  "Dooms day is near; die all, die merrily"
Shakespeare 1564 - 1616

  Justice Fletcher Quill and his mostly demented crew are now quite comfortable deep in the ancient rotting tissue of the first Super Max Prison, Alactraz www.alcatraz.com. Militant north American radical Indian’s have stolen the American President’s Football! (Stainless steel case that carries all the Nuclear Launch Codes) Broken Arrow leader of the gang has assembled the Son’s of many famous Chief’s including Grand Son’s of Cochise, Grey Wolf, Thunder Cloud , Dancing Bear and War Eagle. The newly minted Brother’s have begun the siege with a 1000% full on San Francisco welcome party not to be forgot! General Quill has ordered all his favorite Frisco Characters, drug dealers, hookers, gourmet food.... First night is spent on Broadway the Main Cell Block lit up like a Christmas tree! The Launch Code Case is being used by the Dali Lama and General Duke Parker to roll endless hugefied spliffs. One of the three snipers on board armed with latest 50 caliber sniper rigs comes in breathless with urgent news for the revelers!

"Boys, we have the first fucking Drone’s overhead right fucking now! Do we light them up Judge Quill?"

"Please do light this mother fucker my friend! How many have you spotted?"

"Your boy Black Messiah has an aircraft carrier twenty miles out, looks like its full of these fucking Drone’s Dude!"

"I’ll get the Boy on the Cell, he is all hyped and full of his half black ass after the nation fucked up and gave him four more years..... Fuck the Physical Cliff, now he has another real cliff to worry bout hey boys? Pass me that fucking Bong Dude! No Bong Cliff thank the lord!!"

"Quill, tell your boy Dali stop Bogarting the Schrooms Dude! Man, the UnHoly man do like his mind bent don’t he? Dali baby, can you have more of your killer Hashish dropped onto this bird shit encrusted rock my main man?"

"No worries, Duke Parker, you and Radio Zaar Jimmy F. Been hitting that shit hey Cowboy’s, oh I almost forgot Quill. A Mr. Al Capone or his illuminated other worldly image is now being seen in the library where the Birdman used to keep his incarcerated flock. Lets go trip with these locked up spirits...."

"Jimmy, we can help you set up your Sat Remote radio stuff on the roof of the Chapel might work best. Jimmy better keep your sidearm close. We could be stormed and have to shoot it out like the Alamo buddy?"

"Man, you know Quill I been thinking of that my friend. What do these boys want exactly for the Codes? Have they told you yet?"

"No, we Pow Wow tonight on that subject meeting at the Chapel. By the by, have you sampled their Peyote? Kicked my ancient ass son. Time for a tour of this Bird shit receptacle. We begin here on Broadway where all the action was and is in the other worlds."

"Quill, your girls the caretakers here tell me Elvis, James Brown and your old pal Sky Dawg AKA Southern soul master are doing endless loops of Jail House Rock all over Broadway Man! How the fuck did these Canyon Yodelers Bitches get this gig running the whole tourist action Dude?"

"Are you joking man, San Francisco home of all the Fruit Cakes on the fucking Planet! They been running the rock for many years.... When I was a boy early 1040s-50s, the Rock was a huge taboo. We fished the Bay all the time. In Salmon/Stripper Season if your boat got to close to Alcatraz a tower guard would scream, " Come any closer we will shoot to kill ! "My Dad and his boys knew many Guards who told us tales from the inside. The Rock loomed like Frankinstiens castle in the fog shrouded haze."

"I remember the escape attempt clearly! Those Boys made it was the word. The killer ocean currents didn’t get them, their friends and relatives claim they survived and lived quietly rest of their lives."

"Alcatraz, first real live Super Max! Only the baddest of the bad ended up here Pal! The elite of the nasty walked these halls partner."

"Hey Drake latest from the outside my main man?"

"First Bitch Management ain’t good your Highness! Italian Goddess A.K.A. Mother Superior has done you wrong again. Her exact words Sir!, " Old men like you are like Dresser’s some skanky little Bitch always going through his drawers, kiss my perfect Italian ass Cowboy!!! next on your Pussy list is Sugar Tit’s who like Mother Superior has run short of patience! Her last message most succinct, " What makes you think hot, cute, extremely fuckable young woman actually want to stand in line for your tired Jurrazic Unit? " Last but surely not least we have her Royal Nastiness and your most famous Bitch Sharon Stone who sent this video with her thoughts. (Video of her and Quill doing wild thing in Back of his Black Porsche 911 Turbo circa 1995!) She say’s, " I know you miss it old man, I know you want it old man, so come and get it Judge!"

"Shit! Rains it pours.... Jimmy your lucky to have great family Pal. Now you see the inside of the Wicked Beast my friend. This siege is just like my world of way too young woman man. Outcome to be determined? Sharon hot as ever, The Italian sweetness my weakness, Sugar Tits, just plain nasty that girl. Lets take the tour Buddy, next stop we check our Sniper Teams, see if the BM sent anymore of his fucking Drone’s? Jimmy these 50 Caliber Sniper guns can knock the fuck out of Drones, we don’t need spies from the Black House! I got to get the newly elected one"

  His Most Royal Highness Jerry Garcia Baby!!!!!

  Quill. My Boy! My Boy!! Homey this is so fucking radically cool Dude! These Injun’s are nasty mother fucker’s hey homey? So are they going to find out how to let a few of those Armageddon people removing weapons take an island or a country maybe Quill"

"Jerry, you must be playing with Elvis doing his endless Jailhouse Rock loop over on Broadway? Welcome LSD Master. Tonight I find out their plans with the Football, I will bring up your idea’s Mission Street Cowboy. Man, John Lee Hooker checked in last night round midnight as did John Lennon, fucking Beatle wants a piece of this show. Rocking the Rock! Hope the Rock can handle this party Jerry? Can you personally supervise all the drug arrivals we have about happen Buddy? Too many things to do man. I got those very tasty- nasty- little sluts over at both the Market Street Cinema www.markitstreetcinema.com And the world famous Mitchell Brothers Baby www.mitchellbrothers.com on the way out on the next ferry boats. My main man Super Uber Pimp Supreme Dennis Huff Bunnyranch is on the way with his main Bitches. We will have more wet pussy then Justin Beeper Cowboy! Cell Block wall to cellblock wall solid sweet, tight, wet, willing, young tang Son!"

"Sounds like a typical old school San Francisco Party to me Pally?"

"Old school for sure, the Newly Gentrified Pussy Whipped (NGPW) are not invited to this doomsday rally Son."

"Man, just saw Bonn Scott’s ghost hanging with Elvis and James Brown, they are rocking the Casbah buddy! Jimmy Reed and Little Walter were seen playing Harps this morning in the mess Hall! Looks like a who’s who of old school long dead Blue’s giants Quill! Lets set up a whole section of Broadway for our rocking guests dead and alive. Me and Pigpen will be playing with Janis Joplin this evening. Just heard the Injun’s have an expert on the way to open and work the Football Man! Here we go, their going to work the Football!"

"Jerry you and Pigpen stay close by man. We Pow Wow in and couple hours, you guys gotta be there. I’m out, have to get ready for this evening insanity! Drake has my little Cat Pal Timba way back in Ireland on the Horn."

"Timbaaaaa!!!! My Boy!!!!!!!! Missss my perfect boy!!!!"

"Meooooow, Meeeeowwwww, meowwwwww......."

"Man, miss that Cat boys. Miss me Castle and Ireland. Think I miss me main Bitches as well, especailly the Italian Nun, soooo sweeeet she is, was,...."

"General Parker and the Dali Lama request your esteemed presence Sir. They are shooting the shit as it were with a Mr. Scarface or is it Mr. Al Capone? Can’t keep the dead players straight from the live Cats Boss?"


"Man oh man, is that you Al? Dude you look great for guy who died in the ugly ass last throws of nasty ass Syphilis Buddy! Soo Al you and the Birdman and all your rock Brother’s got to love the cadre’ of hugely famous dead blues giants I brought to this little show?"

"Supreme Court Justice, San Francisco legendary Bad Boy, his lowness is at the heart of this deal, should have known it was you Quill. Knew your Grandfather well and your uncles, they all bought my booze and played with my A Class Bitches.....These last many years the Canyon Yodelers’s have been running the Rock Tour’s. Little Bitches took all the fun out of the place! Too neat and organized for my gangster blood Homey!"

"Mr, fucking crime Boss #1 this is sooo cool. Listen Al we have every known bad thang on way Buddy. Now, I’m down with any of your more notorious Brother’s joining in the fun here. But, dig this, it’s a American Indian Show all the way. I know my boy Peltier is somehow pulling strings on this deal. Hope it won’t blow the Pardon I have fat Tony working right now!"

"I understand the pecking/control order my friend. Great to have the Rock rocking like this back alive, I did’t get much time on Broadway with all the fast talkers all night singers and such. Me and my Boy here the Birdman were solitary residents hey Birdman?"

"Man, none of those jive ass Hollywood movies came close to the truth Quill, maybe Eastwood was close. It was tough doing time here and staring out at all those pretty bright lights every nite. Wondering the eternal locked up question baby?, " What if I didn’t make that fucking left turn into oblivion?"

"General Quill is it true when you were a kid circa mid 60s you worked at the only other true Bad ass military Prison? The Marine Brig Treasure Island?"

"Yeah it is long historical foot note my dead friend. I spent two years learning the real bad ass trade Marine style Son, comfuckingprende’ Mr. Crime Boss? Great memories throwing huge hand made white flies at passing Strippers wonderful adventure for young Jar Head’s. Alcatraz was always the best place to find schooling Salmon and big gangs of Strippers. Always had complete surf/fly outfits set up and waiting in the trunks of all my Hot Rods. San Francisco Bay was a sports fishing Mecca circa 30s, 40s, 50s... Those black dressed Alcatraz Tower Guards looming made fishing extra cool for local sports fans."

"Quill, maybe you ought to consider a slower safer life style old man, you been messin with dangerous shit all your life. Fly rods, rivers, cats, the easy soft meditating existence ring any Bell’s in that drug splattered rabbit Hole you deem Wolf reality Cowboy? Then you get maybe another 10, 15 more years Pilgrim! Thank bout that Skate Boarder."

"Don’t hold your dead breath Mr. Excess LSD inhaler."

(Dooms Day just a shot away? Back to wide open Buffalo roaming wild ass Open lands?")


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Written by Dan Fallon 2013
Illustrations by Phil Frank 2003
Photos by Dan Fallon 2013

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