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Column nr. 2  2005  


  Slovenia, last stronghold of fabled marble trout

  Rok Lustrik, Slovenian fly fishing guide lives the ideal fly fishers life in a place still relatively untouched because of it's semi remote mountainous position nestled between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. Ljubljana a small village in Slovenia, bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, it is a fertile land where rivers roar. This land is possibly one of the last areas sustaining healthy stocks of Marble Trout, this particular coloration as depicted in these photos reminds me of other isolated trout species such as the Alaskan Tiger or Leopard Trout. It must be obvious to others who chase fish around the world, trout if left isolated do develop their own special markings, colorings, spots. Other species like Greyling, Brookies, Brown, and Rainbow are also represented.

Photo by Rok Lustrik 2004 ©

  Fly fishing by wading or from various craft depending on season and river changes are constant, those considering a trip will enjoy the topography and still wild wooded areas. Marble Trout are stocky good fighters though not easy to fool if one does not understand how to realistically move streamers along river stream edges as if they are real darting bait fish. It appears these technicolor wily fighters behave and live to older age (six years or older) like North American Brown Trout by their wild survival instincts not found in hatchery fish.

  Thanks to the European Nature Preserve law Marble Trout will be allowed to thrive almost unmolested in the Soca watershed. Fly fishers can work these protected waters with only one fly rod and single fly in restricted areas, one would be well served to contact Rok at http://www2.arnes.si/~rlustr1/gb_index1.htm or phone 00386-051-347-045. local hotels and bed & breakfast inns are high quality and numerous, local chefs are quite famous for their creative outdoorsy cuisine.

Photo by Rok Lustrik 2004 ©

  The bird life and diversified indigenous animal population and many rushing rivers and streams create a sportsmens dream destination.This still almost untouched area with crystal clear water and no air pollution allows Rok to take clients on once in a life time wild trout trips where 20 fish mornings are the rule if you truly understand how to stay well out of the way and cast thin tippits and know your craft...

Photo by Rok Lustrik 2004 ©

  Many of the same patterns used world wide and in the far west are used such as caddis, various hairwings, royal coachmens, pheasant tails, soft hackle wets and dries and the usual tiny emerger nymphs and gaudy attractors. Each river has its own secrets and methods like down stream fly presentations letting the line run fly first down current into feeding trout, very effective in crystal clear waters in Slovenia and wherever clear cold water runs. Slovenia may be one of the few remaining true wilderness fly fishing experiences available in an outdoor wonderland with great beauty and worldclass lodging make this a must see for all dedicated world fly fishers, give Rok a buzz baby, tell him Quill sent you!

  It will come as no surprise to world fly fishers remote and semi remote wild areas with clear clean water and few other humans are getting more rare by the moment. Deep in wild Alaska, Slovenia and a handful of other international countries still have clean wild rivers where expert fly fishers can easily wade into serious game fish. Guides like Rok are becoming even rarer like the vanishing wild rivers each year, thanks for keeping the fly fishing flame glowing in Slovenia Mr. Lustrik...


© Phil Frank 2002

Illustrated By Phil Frank,
San Francisco Chronicle Cartoonist, creator of "Farley "


Morning diffused light glistens off the solid gold tying vices all three great friends are busy tying steelhead flies for a quick trip inland later in the day. Timba still recovering from Martha's severe tongue lashing in which Fletcher was dressed down for his lack of tact. Martha is not sulking and has been very busy in the kitchen all morning. Jason Aki, Jive Boy and Quill are listening to Coltranes "Love Supream" and of course passing back in forth a funny smelling cigarette Jive Boy brought along.

  "Dude, this vice is a dream to use and man look at this bright red Marabou and gold steelhead fly, it will swim like fry and when still look just like salmon egg red."

  "So Ah Jason, Quill tells me you're an invisible surfer among other rare skills?"

  "You got it Toyota - I have developed a secret method known only to Willy Boroughs the poet on how to become invisible. I win so many contests with this skill and come and go with ease my main man!"

Staff approach Quill with his private phone.

  "I believe it's the blond goddess sir."

  "Wish you could narrow that down my good man?"

  "Quill here."

"Fletcher, good morning sweety, have you been behaving with our little Martha?"

  "Sort of Sharon, listen I heard on the news your selling the San Fran Sea Cliff estate for 15 big ones- how about selling it to me- I need a place to keep Timba's water dish when I'm back in town for two weeks a month."

  "It's your's my dear- now try and keep your temper till I get back next week and you won't believe what happened when Howeird Stoner came to the set dressed as "Fartman" - he is sooooo sick."

  "Lovely to hear your keeping such high brow company Sharon- your back in the news for rasing that one million bucks in twenty minutes for mosquito nets. You are sooooo awesome girlfriend, miss you."

The boys return to tying and the air seems a bit too rich in alien smoke for Timba's comfort zone as he heads down the spiral stairway decorated with Dali prints. The rare peace does not last long when Martha appears in the doorway looking as if she either gained ten pounds or just saw a ghost!"

  "Martha good greif girlfriend what is it?"

  "You might have mentioned to me that this grand castle was haunted Mr. Quill. While I'm slaving away baking "Lets make up and be friends cookies" a large group of 13 inch high knomes, fairies or whatt ever those creatures are ran across the kitchen counter and took half the cookies with them!"

  "Martha those little guys are my dear friends and have saved my life more then once. If you calm down and give them a chance thay will win your heart as well."

  "You sir are by far the most eccentric man I have ever known- how on earth can I begin to deal with the these creatures?"

Staff now appear with new Sec. of Interior phone and the room is cleared as it is the Cowboy.

  "Mr. Secretary have you found quarters back in San Fran yet- I have work for you and need you back here in two weeks we are going to survey your new domain the nations parks and wilderness, of course we may have to bring fly rods to test these waters and make an offical statement and so on."

  "Excelllent sir, by the by congrats on the free elections, we all have our fingers crossed. I hope the pardon for Martha is still going on- got to get her out of my life soon- love her-but what a handful!"

  "I told Sharon to give her the good news- maybe she wanted our Martha to dangle in the wind a bit hey Quill?"

  "Highly likely sir- how are you these days?"

  "Quill, we are trying to wind down the international negativity and become more of a team player. I will become the lame duck dude pretty quick and need to make some amends. Of course the world has no idea what really transpired up to this mess. It's the oil son, its always the oil, never forget that."

Staff holds up a small black board by the window looking into the fly tower from the tower staircase and it says:

  "Miss Ullman has arrived sir".

  "Sorry sir another female emergency!"

The three now slightly elevated fly tiers stare out the castle fly tower bay window as an ethereal lighter then air blond vision drifts across the boat dock as if in slow motion. Ms. Ullman travels light with only two small bags a sign of a pro. The mood at Ravens Haven quickly changes to that of a shrine to blond goddess's as the still fetching X-model Martha and the lovely Liv circle each other like 400 pound Sumo wrestlers with bad attitudes... Quill is reminded again of Hemingway's ode to female behavior when he stated, "Hawks don't share"

  "Liv, welcome to my simple home did your trip over go easy?"

  "Fletcher Quill, a pleasure to meet you sir - you have become quite well known since your hook up with La Sharon. Most of my girlfriends want to have you teach them to fly fish as well."

"Not really in that biz anymore Liv-only special clients on occasion like you. I must comment on your wrist watch - is that a Picard?"

  "Yes, given to me by my agent. You know watches Mr. Quill?"

  "Please Quill or Fletch no mister and yes I do have a love for fine watches- let me take you to your suite."

Staff motions to Quill and he leaves Liv in her quarters as his main butler whispers in his ear.

  "Thought you might like to know sir- it appears Ms. Steward has perhaps had just a tad too much of the cooking sherry- you may want to investigate?"

Quill brings Jive Boy and Jason Aki with him just in case as they descend from the fly tower the opening chords to Joe Cockers "You can leave your hat on" come wailing out of the kitchen. When the door is opened the boys find Martha clad only in unmentionables doing an excellent pole dance as Joe keeps taunting, "Baby you can leave your hat on!"

(Has Martha lost it or found it? Will the boys share their special cigarettes with the dancing queen?)


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Written by Dan Fallon © 2004
Illustrations by Phil Frank © 2003
Photos by Dan Fallon © 2004

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