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Column nr. 2  2007  



  It’s 2007 a new century rolls on with all it’s modern magic except in Hell’s Canyon, Eagles Cap wilderness in Oregon where time has stood stark still since the 1950s... The Minam Motel & Market resides on the confluence of the Minam and the Wallowa River’s. Those who seek World Class Steelhead action while traveling in old world comfort via a restored train that hugs the river will be awed! Sea run trout become Mike Tyson on juice when they return as the photos confirm. I personally witnessed many large healthy steelhead caught within a mile of the motel! You will begin your adventure with Chuck, Dawn & Lisa and a fine assortment of 1950s ghosts guest’s like Frank, Dean, Sammy wondering the grounds with wild turkeys, deer, bear, elk... Old growth lumber built this 1950s little jewel complete with original appliances, Chuck & Dawn restored the operation and Lisa live direct from Los Vegas greets weary travelers with a smile!

  Early last year I spent a week with Chuck & Dawn and their wild turkeys outside my room, in the mornings it was sublime. One can watch the two rivers just outside your room as the clean air fills your lungs. I can’t recommend this time warp highly enough especially this year with the addition of a restored train taking anglers down the river like sultans on a safari. If you’re a bird watcher, botany maniac, fly fisher, steelhead chaser, water lover, outdoors men? My friends it don’t get much better then life in Chuckville no matter what time of year! Those who seek serious rainbow action look no further. This motel exists out in the wilderness some forty miles from nearest sizable hamlet, one can drive through incredible scenery and then pull in to 1955 just as it was. You have pets, no problem in fact Chuck insists you bring Fido and Fluffy, your tired of the same old franchise motel that looks and feels like every other? This motel and surrounding wilderness remains just as the creator designed it Pilgrims! I recall the sounds and smells pure wild as my hosts Chuck & Dawn spoiled me like crazy. Dawn shared the Elk she bagged and his honor the Mayor of Chuckville kept me laughing and wishing I was a resident of Chuckville?

  Preferred Techniques

  If your adept at traditional steelhead techniques using long 10 weight spinning outfits, throwing red row balls of various descriptions or tying gobs of red salmon eggs on hooks and using floats of many kinds, this is your kind of place my angling friends. I found it a challenge with my hard headed fly only methods, I tied several patterns featuring ultra bright red feather concoctions. My conclusions if the flies are big and gaudy enough they will take steelhead if worked deep enough. Getting deep is the key for any feather users from what I have seen in the field, it can and is done with much skill. Those who adhere to the catch and release only mantra like yours truly can still enjoy everything about this great fishery except we put them all back all the time... I make no judgements in regard to real outdoors men satisfying the hunter gather impulse and putting wild game on the family table. In all my travels locals take pride in the wild game available as I still do collecting mushrooms, wildflowers, herbs. In this day and age many of my younger fly fisher friends are just a little too sensitive hey sports fans...

  This is a family oriented fly fishing trip friends, the train that runs right next to the river is wonderful for all members, great food, views to die for and complete comfort. I loved that train ride when t was only a rough car, now its first class old school. If your tired of fly venues that all seem to be chasing after the same bone? Bring along the ball & chain and the pooch Call the Mayor of Chuckville, tell him Wolf sent you...

  Serious wilderness adventure with all the usual suspects including wild turkeys outside your room and your gracious hosts Chuck, Dawn, Lisa. How serious of a steelheader are you Cowboy? Contact www.minammotel.com Phone toll free 877-888-8130.

Dawn's Sunrise

(Dedicated to the Goddess of Chuckville...)

Hook: Weighted Steehead size your choice.
Body: Red thread tied thick into Ball Segments as in natural red row!
Large Wing: White African Maribu tied full fan and flowing for movement!
Red Mini Wing: Red Maribu.


VIVA LISA VEGAS (In the name of the King of course, thank you very much!) (Dedicated to Lisa who welcomes with a smile...)

Hook: Weighted Steelhead size your choice.
Body: Extra thick green tinsel or Peacock tied bushy for underwater movement!
Thread: Use green floss and then use thick shiny thick cord over tied once increasing underwater light fishy effect witnessed after much testing their sports fans!
Red Wing: Marabu tied full fan for movement!
Yellow Mini Wing: Your best yellow flowing feather? I use South American Macaw.

*The whole idea behind this fly pattern is to get crazy and loud colored with eye on underwater movement as the pattern will tease and confuse any respectably educated Steehead? In the name of Elvis & Ann Margaret dance routine circa movie "Viva Los Vegas" baby.....

Fly Fishing The Himalayan Outback Adventure Of A Lifetime

I’m planning a ten day fly fishing adventure deep into the great Indian subcontinent this year either this April or later in the year? Western fly fishers who think they have pursued everything heads up! Misty Dhillon operates " The Himalayan Outback" fly operation in the Himalayan foothills chasing a monster fresh water beast called Mahseer. This serious fighting fish is legendary for its fighting prowess and is indigenous to the wild rivers coursing through incredible scenery! I implore those fly fishers who live for new challenges to investigate this unique fishery at www.himalayanoutback.com Phone: 00919872806359 and mention the Wolf sent you...I will be writing feature articles on this exotic fishery and invite those who live to raise the bar to join me in this fly adventure and become a character in my tale!


© Phil Frank 2002

Illustrated By Phil Frank,
San Francisco Chronicle Cartoonist, creator of "Farley "

  Fletcher Quill wakes at 3am surrounded by Sera Monastery Siamese cats as frankincense incense the smell most hated by evil spirts permeates his humble quarters... Quill has been dreaming vivid dreams about his new Ferrari F1 waiting in San Francisco and his beloved cat and girlfriend ensconced in Raven’s Haven his one true home nestled on the tip of northern Ireland. (nice order huh! car, cat, main squeeze.)

  Sounds of the young monks morning chanting pull Quill back into reality where he is and will be for some to go....

"Oh newly minted Shaman are you awake yet laddy?"

"Yes, is that you 666?"

"Yes, I and your old standup comedy pal Abbott Sammy Kninnison have a splendid surprise for you and the Dali Lama. We are about to witness by way of Abbott Sammy’s semi white magic the celebration and welcoming of the hardest working man in show biz, the Godfather of soul, soul brother number one, his all the way liveness direct from planet Earth, James Brown’s arrival at the Pantheon of Musical Hero’s! Master of ceremonies none other then the King himself Elvis dressed in appropriate gold lema’. To the Kings right Frank Sinatra and the rat pack ready to wail. In the first three rows; John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson and John Lennon. Row two Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters and Brain Jones, row three Roy Orboson, Miles Davis and John Coltrane, Mozart, Lizt, Al Joelson, Ray Charles, Jerry Garcia. Here we go ringside!" (Bright killer stage lights hit the King...)

"Ma boys, ma boys..... Tonight we welcome the brightest light that went dim since I took the eternal stroll, the one, the only James Brown."

  Quill and the Dali Lama are speechless as the immortal all star band slide into, "I’m black and I’m proud! Say it loud!".

"Your Holiness we are among the most privileged to witness this special moment."

"Yes, your contacts are most extreme Fletcher, Sera Monastery resident senior Monks met in my chambers last night, would you like to guess the main topic?"

"I’m most grateful to you sir and the resident monks for allowing me to indulge pathetic western culture.... You must admit Muddy Water’s bad to the bone blues harp sounds fab bouncing off these ancient walls, sound wise this old joint is sweet! Glimmer Twins would love this for recording their next record?"

"It is the collective wish that you be allowed to dictate all morning chants and afternoon debates until your work here is finished. After noon meal please meet in the science labs as we are ready to test your pyramid energy grids and launch the first secret Tibet Kite design. Today we shall see which way the warm winds blow my new Shaman friend!"

  James Brown and Jim Morrison of the one and only "Doors" are jamming together with Robert Johnson on , "It’s a Man’s world" Miles Davis and Coltrane trading solo riffs while Keith Moon and John Bonzo Bonham keep the brushes moving quite nicely...." 666 slowly close the Rock God Welcoming Window and prepares for the kite material test.

  Quill sits staring at the empty Monastery court yard his heart heavy thinking about his San Francisco psychic friends who went down in the plane crash..... Temple bells break the spell as Fletcher closes the door to his suite listening to the monks make their way into the science testing area. They are chanting John lennon’s "Give peace a chance"

  Quill’s cell goes off, "General Quill is that you son? Better pack that ancient sea bag General!"

"I knew this was coming the way its hit the fan lately sir.."

"If all goes well I may need you and General Duke Parker taking Chesty Puller’s old outfit into the middle of this middle east mess! You have any problem with that General Quill?"

"Semper Fi Sir, you need not ask Duke and I will take the boys deep into downtown. I’ll take my own hand picked rifle company, lets do it one more time before father time claims these ancient stones .. I have another week here unless you tell me otherwise?. May I say it may be late for diplomatic meandering on this deal, thank God you did not back down and let all those kids die for nothing! Old dogs like Duke and I are expendable, those great kids are not! My view is lets get in there kick serious ass win this one and get the hell out period sir! Would you have General Mad Dog’s cell number?"

"Knew you would say just that Marine! No worries their San Francisco shaman Mad Dog will get a big piece of this shoot for certain son!. Oh yeah you and Duke will get another star my word on it! It appears the Hollywood iron pumper you have running the left out coast wants to erect two new dams, where does that kind a balls come from son? So that ring any bells Mr. Fly Fisher?"

"Over my dead body, I know that old Navy Cross Marine Hero Congressman we both know and I will not let one migrating salmon get lost because of this fools kiss ass behavior to his biz pals. Now back to Tibet, we are almost ready to start testing this morning, gotta run."

  As the procession led by the Dali Lama and Fletcher Quill wind through the ancient Sera Monastery courtyard on their way to the test area where the first test flight of the mega strong ultra light kite material is about to begin, a commotion halts orange clad troops... A group of young monks are play acting that they are Hollywood celeb camera hounds who have just come upon Brittany and Paris getting out of late night taxi.

"Look I have the shot my friends right here both babes no panties, bingo that’s a fast ten grand baby! Look here these chicks are cleaner then Nancy’s lingerie drawer my friend!"

"Oh Lasson you are so wrong! I have the booty shot that will pay my north Hollywood rent this year, just look they are both smoother then Fletcher Quill my good man."

"Look at my young monks extolling the virtues of life in fast lane America. Your time here has been an education for all of us. Why have we spent centuries contemplating the worlds most pressing issues? When all this time we could have been praying for these poor girls to make enough money to buy underwear! Such a profound enlightening time this has been. Let us rejoice before Hillary, Nancy and the other newly empowered hens cause America’s ladies to untwist those panties and get involved..."

"I’m humbled your highness, our western nonsense does have some meat on the bone even for these innocent monks." (under Quill’s breath he wonders, " Have to show these boys my rare set of Streamers tied with celeb pubic hairs? - oh how I love this wholistic whole Holyman thing!)

"If your ready Lapsing let the Kite test begin."

  Three high flying kites are about to launch, two of the kites are made with the lightest material yet known to man, a titanium dust kevlar combo that is light and tough. Then the kite made from the material 666 gave his Holiness. Monastery scientists believe the material came from other worlds as it does not have a known signature fiber or any aspect that resembles earthly made material, molecular structure alien? The kites take flight and quickly 666 shoots straight up and needs extra silk line because it won’t stop climbing! The other two kites stop around 1000 feet. 666 continues to climb past 2000 feet!"

"Most impressive Fletcher, if the material can withstand the forces unleashed at higher altitudes? We may have the edge on any international kite Olympics, this may be the answer to most of our problems such a peaceful idea an invitational annual international kite Olympics that we will always win and host their by amassing great potential revenue and positive publicity!"

"Come my Shaman friend we have evening debates to witness, in the morning we test your Pyramid Energy Grids. So Fletcher how exactly do you coexist with all these spirits , semi, demi, 666 and his crew, movie stars like Sharon, write books like " Care & Feeding of your Blond" sell flies for outrageous amounts of money and still find time to ponder lyrics for the next Glimmer Twins album due 2008 tilted " Deep Meat"?

"I may have to depart suddenly in the next few days your Holiness, glad we test the energy grids in the morning."

  (Have the young monks gone Hollywood? Will Quill & Duke lead the boys into Indian country?)

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Written by Dan Fallon © 2006
Illustrations by Phil Frank © 2003
Photos by Dan Fallon © 2006

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