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Column nr. 4  2005  


   Last Days of Spring Fly Fisher Fantasies

"I Heard a fly buss when I died;
The stillness round my form
Was like the stillness in the air
Between the heaves of storm."
Emily Dickinson 1830-1886

  The morning air was thick and cold as I gently woke up to the sounds of very large trout jumping and gulping huge swarms of full moon mosquitos that had descended upon the Immigrant Forest high mountain lake I had back packed into. The 15 mile back country hike solo included packing in a very nice new four pound tent with floor and rainfly, blow up mattress, hammock, fuel stove and cells, radio, and solar powering unit, water purifier, emergency G.P.S. solar powered, complete freeze dried gourmet meals for a at least five days and my one of a kind three piece, "Quill Bamboo Traveler".

  This little 20 acre lake exists within a natural high canyon with steep walls and steep slopes that have rock outcropping just made for pitching and eagles nest like one man fly fishing camp with all the possible comforts an eagle could possibly ever need....

Rok Lustrik © 2005

  Large and small blue shimmering waterfall's are within hearing and smelling and walking distance. Sounds of many small animals of different ages and distances filtered past a sleepless night as morning arrived like Selma Hyack smuggling puppies a bright full early spring moon just behind her and her snuggling wet nosed pack...

  The night before upon arrival at 3am, I quickly through my Bamboo three piece together and with my own #18 Red Tailed Mosquito began hooking and landing fish after fish in the two to four pound weights until six hours had passed and the bite and my arms had quit. Only deep in Alaska or very deep into the north end of Yosemite National Park or very deep into up state New York high mountains, or way back too deep into South East Asia to be caught fishing, have I had such a grand trout experience. Of course for the eagle being entirely alone upon a huge expanse of ice cold trout filled waters is absolute bliss to the extreme...

Rok Lustrik © 2005

  FLY Time Traveler

  He becomes an insect himself when the sun finally comes.
No shadows or noise or sounds of any kind as he moves.
Fish come and easily go without feeling his eyes taking their Freedom just for an instant!
Feeling their wildness and holding their souls as they vibrate and celebrate freedom!
Then splash away still intact, unharmed with their souls back in control...

Dan Fallon 1947-?


Tolepedra Fly Tiers of Nairobi Kenya

Clouser Minnow

  I have been field testing many kinds of flies tied by companies that specialize in quality custom well tied bulk flies. Mr.Kunj'u and his African fly tying company tie over 1000 dozens per week and ship world wide to New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the good old USA. These flies especially the Clouser pictured are tied to stay together and use over and over. I caught and released 15 stripped bass with this pattern, it held up quite well!

Clouser Minnow

  Pacific Ocean News

  In these days of continued bad environmental news highlighted by one more vanishing specie or drilling platforms lined up like stepping stones all along the still almost pristine Pacific Coast. As if we Californian's aren't fortunate enough to see the sun rise and set across this majestic blue carpet, it appears mother nature is about to provide perhaps the best wild salmon, stripped bass fishing in decades or longer!

  Fish and game scientists predict 1.65 plus million Salmon are and will be roaming up and down the golden Californian Coastline this season along with very high numbers of Stripped Bass already witnesses in the Sacramental Delta annual spawn that occurs each April confirm. The early fish are not all large, most average in the 15 pound or less range, yet they are abundant and fly fishers who can work any clouser minnow patterns in white or flashy yellow will be rewarded, many fly fishers take advantage of both the excellent surf action for those who can throw in the 70-100 foot range or those who can work from drift boats in the rivers like the mighty Sacramento River Delta area. Of course for the hard core boys? Fly fishing for ancient sturgeon with deep sinking special bottom hugging pattern has been observed and is the rumor around San Francisco Bay baby!! (Fletcher Quill at it again?)

Rok Lustrik © 2005

  Swarms of bait fish have been gathering just off the Pacific coast within ten miles or less, one can easily watch large flocks of seagulls and many other species diving and swarming. This season's sea temperatures now have adjusted to 52-56 degrees, the consensus is a good storm coming down from the Arctic could make things even sweeter and more nutrient rich when the sea temperature drops to 50-51 attracting more and more bait fish balls!. The best case scenario appears to be all random factors from temperature to tidal drift, global warming, deep upswelling and mother nature may be smiling on our Pacific Ocean......... Those who throw flies off California coastlines must be very cautious about wading out to far or further then planned as the sudden rip tide or undertow can be deadly.

  All the outstanding trout photos in this April column except the clouser minnow (from Africa) are taken by Rok Lustrik, Slovenian fly fishing guide and a very good man with a camera... Thank you Rokmeister, I keep thinking about playing with your healthy colorful fish...


© Phil Frank 2002

Illustrated By Phil Frank,
San Francisco Chronicle Cartoonist, creator of "Farley "


  The Cowboy, Fletcher Quill and his feline side kick and best non human buddy Timba along with two world renown invisible surfers Jive Boy and Jason Aki are back onboard Air Force One after a triumphant unanimous Senate confirmation hearing. The mood is joyous to say the least as the Cowboy's Texas Cowboy boots dangle over his plush captains seat musing to no one in particular, "Dudes, we have to keep a ready supply of those San Francisco cigarettes on this new bird!"

  "Question for your newly appointed right hand Secretary of the Interior Mr. Aki- is it true you and Jive Boy actually won this years international huge wave surfer slam at Mavericks in Half Moon Bay California?"

  "Yes sir Mr. President we kicked serious booty for sure- Jive caught a gnarly twenty eight footer and rode it like Michael Jackson rides that roller coaster at his place "Little Boys World". After Jive killed the judges, I got lucky and slid into the face of what looked like a 35 foot wall of rock aqua and being invisible and all won the whole deal hands down, thanks to William Burroughs!

  As the slick new jet reaches final approach at SFO San Francisco International- Jive Boy made a sound forecast, "Dudes we will have to go straight to Oakland and catch Bob Dylan's last gig and then over to Quills old haunt Sausalito and hook up at the Record Factory where the Black Crow's are winding up their latest set of cold blooded retro rock baby!"

  Quill receives a personal cell call, staff at Raven's Haven are at wits end because of a little blond rivalry gone too far, "Excuse the interruption sir, first congrats on your new position. It appears your house guests are not bonding sir? Ms. Stone is now being held captive by an irate Martha Steward who found out her Presidential Pardon came two months ago! The other new blond arrival has taken over your tying room and is using your solid gold tying vices to dry out her unmentionables sir... and...." The other call is Keith Richards now on hold.

  "Enough my good man - let the blond creatures sort out their peccadillo's- first get them the hell out of my tying room pronto or you will be serving cold fish to snot nosed tourists, comprende?"

  "Loud and quite clear sir- when can we expect you back in Ireland?"

  Timba and I have much to do here in the red, white and blue- will get back to you."

  Keith, thanks for calling, it was a gas in Washington - So have you heard about our local hero the Homeroid King? I'm starting to feel sorry for him, poor middle aged big slugger, enough is enough - its almost like when the virus like press haunts you to oblivion like they did with your lovely sweet Princess dude. Late night highspeed one way tunnel ticket to the resurrection baby!"

  "Look Quill you American boys are running out of hero's, the mess with the once king of Pop, the sad crash of that big shot network anchor guy what's his name? Thank god you got your little Martha a pardon and let her hang at Raven's Haven., it's safer in Northern Ireland these days.."

  "Try to do what I can, when I can. We are almost in the Fillmore rocking with you my main rock star dude- so what kind of extreme games do you have planned for your new back up vocalist? Have you spotted any of my X girl friends and if so-please keep the blonds separated so I can give them special attention, later Unknighted Glimmer Twin Oh yeah remind me to show you the 13 chapter outline to my new book "Blond Manual". Its everything you gotta know and everything you could never know about blond care and fine tuning..." (notice how all characters become more "Dude surfer lingo oriented in the California sun baby!)

  "Fletch, what's the deal on that infamous" Sausalito Wild Turkey- Coyote Shoot" you pulled off a few years ago?"

  "Jive, it was a gas dude, we were knee deep in pathetic Marin County liberal's in their shiny never off the road fifty thousand dollar four wheel drives as the gods of chaos descended- all hell broke loose of course- Hell I think I might have gotten the coyote that tried to eat my cat Timba in the fracas?"

  Little do the boys and the Cowboy realize they are about to descend into an updated version of Milton's Paradise Lost , "Chaos umpire sits and by decision more embroils the fray by which he reigns! Next him high arbiter chance governs all..."

  "Excuse me Mr. Quill we have a message for you from Ireland, it must be in code? It says your ten one million dollar one of a kind watches are ready?"

  Before the new jet pulls into the secure terminal area a fleet of his honor Gavin ( let all gods creatures marry!) Newsom and his band of liberal soldiers come rolling in to greet the Cowboy and the prodigal son......

  "An honor to meet you Mr. President and finally I can shake hands with the notorious Fletcher Quill! So Mr.Quill your rather jaded reputation seems to be inscribed upon many of our freeway walls sir, in language I dare not repeat. The city has decided to give you its key and a big celebration is now underway at your old hangout "The Fillmore". On board are old pals Wavy Gravy, Chet Helms, surviving members of the Door's Ray and Robby , several childhood pal's, Shelly Simon (famous artist in residence at Ruby's Studio, Grace Slick, Paul Kantner, Keith Richards, Jerry Lee Lewis, Daniel Merriam, Hells Angels Filthy Phil and Chocolate George, Miss ChinaTown 1972 Windy Kwan, Willy X mayor Brown, and the most famous living San Francisco homeless Marine Warrant Officer, Regimental Scout, 24 years Marine Corps Sniper Duke Parker, Quills best buddy.."

  "Wow there special creature emancipator, what no tunes for the returning bad boy?"

  "So far as I know Santana, reconstructed Blue Cheer, John Fogerty, a few of the surviving Grateful Dead, John Lee Hookers daughter, E.C and the new Cream flown in by Richard Garwaki and your old Bill Graham Special Events boss lacy Maxwell, Tower of Power and Gracy Slick will provide this private party with enough fuel to turn the Golden Gate purple Mr. Quill!"

  As the long black limo's squirm down Geary Street toward the Fillmore, the Cowboy grabs Quill's arm in the back seat, "Are we talking funnnny cigarettes till the sun comes up Mr. Secretary?"

  "You can bet Condo Rice's size 16 tap shoes Mr. President, we are about to embark on a serious San Fran welcoming home with all the stops thrown into the bay!"

  Jive Boy whispers to Jason Aki, "We are now about to slide into a time warp, a trip few mortals can even imagine my fellow wave jockey!

  The limo's pull into the side alley off Geary Blvd., the now highly charged Quill posse with the Cowboy in tow climb the same back stairs Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, John lee Hooker, and anyone who was ever anyone in San Francisco rock left indelible foot prints........

  "Is that actually the Fletcher Quill his self?"

  Quill hugs his old Bill Graham Special Events soul mate Lacy "The balcony is always full" Maxwell.

  "Some woman keep getting sexier girlfriend, long time no hang baby? Man its great to be back at the rock palace with my hommies!"

  As Quill and his dudes descend into the Fillmore's downstairs artist retreat (The green room), where every famous rock star who ever lived hung out before show time, an odd thought came to the prodigal son, Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice Ode to the Oracle", I'm Sir Oracle, And I open my lips let no dog bark!" Waiting in the green room Paul Kantner and Quills old S.F. State Professor and now big shot radio talk show host Mike Spassey. From the main showroom Charlie Musselwhile is warming up on, Little Red rooster with Keith and the Door's riding right along baby, "If you see my little Red Rooster drive him home."

  "Quill, man long time no see- listen can I ask your friend the cowboy a silly question or two?"

  "You don't have to ask my permission fire away Dr. Mike, my show is your show!"

  "Sir, I just left a lecture where a well known Australian woman Doctor named Caldacot who started nuclear weapons think tanks spoke, she mentioned the "Invisible Circle" that really is in charge of the media and most of our tax money?"

  "Please go on and enlighten us with this news from a guy I always new would make the big time.

  "The circle and control this lady said began with unlimited funds flowing into the pockets of the military industrial complex, money our tax dollars about three trillion worth is voted to these fellows by our fearless leaders in the house and that other body that acts as a bridge to the defense industry boys. Now as I recall the vast majority of the so called legit media is controlled by people like the Heritage Foundation who gets their bread from the defense contractor boys and the circle and control is a closed loop where all the boys stay fat and happy- while our little Martha does hard time?"

  "Hey dude ease up on my main man-this is a homecoming not a hanging!"

  "Quill I think I can speak for myself here in this great city of love and tolerance. First son, if you think the American people really understand what's going on with our global oil thirst and dependency, our incredible national debt and the new shifting global order- you better think again. My job is to keep our status quo don't you know, if you read the latest news from France and the whole of the EU, it appears we may be on the right track and freedom might just ring in the land where men beat up woman for not wearing a Vail?-and cut off hands for stealing bread..."

  "Heavy talk for such a joyous homecoming my main dudes- so Paul has Gracey pulled anymore shotguns lately?"

  "She is busy being the new female Picasso- I have a question as well if I might? Mr. President are you familiar with the new Quantum Physics Theory, the String Theory that say's our universe is nothing but a tiny bubble like that of a bunch of soap bubbles and they are expanding and creating so called black holes where new bubble universe's and so on and so on."

  "Man dude, I thought you were going to ask me about Mark (How do you spell Loosertown) Maguire or what kind of wine did the king of pop serve McCully the home alone kid or your mayors intent on all gods creatures getting hitched, something whammo, buffo..."

  As the opening chords of Eric Clapton's After Midnight screamed into the green room Quill hoped Timba was cool on Air force One and watching his pal the Cowboy field fast balls from the San Fran left remembered that great Noel Coward soliloquy in "Words and Music", (1932) Mad about the boy, It's pretty funny but I'm mad about the boy. He has gay appeal- that makes me feel there may be something sad about the boy!"

  "Duke Parker best man at 1500 yards plus, living legend "Cave Marine", so how are ya Dukey?"

  "Can't complain, it won't help- good to see your ugly mug Fletcher! So now you're the big shot Secretary of my Interior hey Marine."

  "No worries your Dukeness- I will have a place for you in the new line up, maybe have you keep and I on my two invisible surfer dudes when I'm predisposed in Blondness if you get my drift Jarhead?"

 "As always, Semper Fi, you come by the cave I have a few rare eagle feathers I been saving for ya pal."

  Quill hugs his old Marine buddy and now home seems like home- the Fletcher Quill circle is complete.

  On that most benevolent high thought comes crashing reality whispered into Fletcher's ear as he and the boys head for the main showroom," Quill forgot to mention in all the excitement dude, the boys on the hill voted to go a head and rape what's left of the Arctic Wildlife Refuge so your bad ass 1998 Caddy black on black E.T.C can keep on cruising baby- Oh yeah, my boys in the oil biz will be looking quite phat in the old ATM this summer Mr. Secretary........"

  Will Quill's Caddy stay on cruise control? Will Quill and the boys get just a tad funky in funky town?


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Written by Dan Fallon © 2005
Illustrations by Phil Frank © 2003
Photos by Dan Fallon © 2005

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