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Column nr. 4  2009  

  Early Season Pattern’s

It is no secret early season fly choices are quite limited and almost always regional usually consisting of either some incarnation of the Streamer/ Wolly Bugger/ Big Ugly Nasty leach pattern’s all dressed in dark or primary colors...

  If one is fortunate enough to find any kind of worthy surface action then options such as Attractor flies or even many Terrestrial bugs like grass hoppers and big ant patterns or that insane loud obnoxious fly pattern you created at 3am and shared with no one?

Here in California when the streams and rivers become legal to throw flies last week of April we almost always have fast water issues requiring serious weighted deep diving nymphs or any number of deep water dishes like San Juan Worms and so forth.

  In my travels certain constants in regard to fly colors such as basic red/white/purple/primary colors or simple mottled blacks and browns resembling the natural sludge decaying matter found under river, stream rocks are sure fire!

  This year I decided two flies would be central no matter where I go in California, one a top water attractor, "Yellow Matador" tied in vivid primary yellow and grizzly bear black hackle. Yellow and black flashs on early season flies always bring curiosity strikes because it causes trout nerological involuntary predatory impulses they cannot control! Many times I have seen early morning 6am hungry resident Califronia trout, Brookies especially hit this color combo over and over as if irritated ? A true attractor pattern indeed!


Thread: Died yellow silk
Tail: Yellow Pheasant tips
Body: Yellow silk thread
Hackle: Several wraps authentic black Grizzley Bear hair
Head: Black thread

  When I consider early season flies here in California, color and profile are primary aspects especially when seasonal temperture/water clarity/resident and migrating insects present narrow pattern choices... Monarch Butterflies migrating in vivid orange and black along with resident Bumble and Honey Bee’s shout their presence in loud primary colors. The 2nd early season attractor captures these garish colors and causes trout to instinctively invuluntariely hit my new streamer "Caron’s Charisma". I work this pattern by quickly skipping it on the surface or making it twirl ala natural butterfly dances...... Ususally works very well under tree branches and falling off large boulders in mid river medium speed currents work best.


Thread: Black Silk
Body: One wide wrap silver tinsel
Underbody: Six strands died yellow Prairie Chicken
Tail: Several matched strands died yellow wild Prairie Chicken
Wing #1 White Marabu fanned
Wing #2 Two pheasant hackle tips
Wing # 3 Carved died yellow Prairie Chicken
Head: Black Silk thread - Eyes easily attached if desired

  Both of these early season search and attract patterns have caught trout above and below the surface. Best used very early or awfully late in the day! I always finish off my flies with epoxy cement on high stress sections in order to extend its life. How many times I have suddenly found a fly pattern hot and getting hits almost every cast then suddenly falling to pieces because they are not backed up with glue! Now my flies can take hits and hook ups and still go a few more casts. This one aspect has saved me countless moments of grief and helplessness in the field because I was not thinking longevity while creating new patterns.....

  Early season attractor/searching patterns have worked best for me when I’m working new waters early morning and witness no rising feeding trout or any evidence of resident piscatorial population. Because both of my new patterns scream Bee & Butterfly colors I like to emulate how these terrestrials find their way into streams and rivers. I usually aim for boulders in mid stream and let the fly actually hit the rock and fall straight down and hopefully stimulate fish holding under the boulders!

  Another tried and true presentation is lobbing the fly just under tree limbs hanging simulating a natural movement. Skipping these patterns quickly imitating a dying bug is also very effective, the quicker the skip the better followed by long stops. It takes practice to fool trout, one must spend much time watching the behavior of insects before trying to fit into their natural order. Watching and learning very important to all new fly fishers and oldshoolers as well.


© Phil Frank 2002

Illustrated By Phil Frank,
San Francisco Chronicle Cartoonist, creator of "Farley "

"Warm wet dance of generation Endless ecstasies of lovers"
Timothy Leary Immortal

Endless Blues jams highlighted by long DOA Bonn Scott working with a short list of dead and alive Blues giants just completed a three hour rendition of "Highway to Hell" featuring insane one hour guitar solos by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Freddie King, Albert Collins. Paris 4am is pulsating goooey sticky warm wet dances of endless ecstacies....

Fletcher Quill his life long Pal Marine Corps Sniper Buddy General (Dead! ) Duke Parker, Miles Davis (Dead!), 666, (Sort of dead), and France’s new awfully short Primecut Minister Sarpussy and his main squeese ooozing hotness are ensconced in Quill’s polar white Lamborghine parked curb side out side the most famous Parisian Pharmacy where Ezra Pound, Hemingway, Rambu all picked up head ache powders, Opium, Cocaine and what ever else fit the mood! "General Quill your going to love the Lepewww fly fishing estate, his wine celler and single malt scotch collection superb! Fear not his media room is pre stocked with your favorite seminal early Chicago Blues requirements. The ponds and streams average 300 fat Golden Brook, and your rare North American Golden trout found in Yosemite National Park. My curriour has returned with your shiny new French Diplomat papers and Id. While your chasing fish on the lepewwwww estate I will keep you posted on the 200 Blues/Rock acts now playing all over Paris. Your idea seems to be working in the last week the airport has been over flowing with music lovers taking advantage of our Spring Blues festival. What a brilliant idea Sir! Enjoy your month in our country side, I bid you adieu...."

In walks non other then Lightnin Hopkins 1948-? big smile on his mug holding his axe and looking alll Chicagoish in his sharkskin suit and black sun glass’s, "look here Quilly my main man I gotta let my soul loose control where is Memphis Slim and Muddy Waters? They preposed to meet here and get my "Rollin Woman Blues" number on stage with Stevie Ray and that cat from Little Feat Paul Barrere’ (Think he is still alive?) Man those Little Feat white boys can do the do!" "looking mean and lean Lightin no problemo Chi town guitar man. One quick call into the Parisian Infinity and wahla Memphis and Muddy will meet you in front of the Drug store my main man!" As the last few misty drops of early morning Paris wild ass back alley drug strewn skirts up around tight little nasty fat ass sweeties- in ambles non utter then the man his dam self old 666!!!!

  "Nineteen hundred and five, exactly, said Crowley, and in a thousand years from this moment, the world will be sitting in the sunset of Crowlyanity Baby!!!"

Aleister Crowley, AKA 666

  "Quilly my boy my boy. Mr. General, son you have a real mortal situation bout to unwind on your poor pathetic dumb ass Irish self Booby!. That Nurse Caron hotty chick from Stock Farm Road Californication is sent straight from the lower reaches to take your ass down! Now I know several of the old school spells she will put on your head and other tricks like driving you nuts with that smokin, smokin Hour Glass body she wields! She will go right for the jugular make you fall in love hard and fast gain your dumb ass sap confidence and wait for her master Rooski Putang to pull the trigggger on you Cowboy!! Try and cover you much ass possible, better have your army of invisible fairies on board as back up security. Take her perfect Blond ass along on the country fly fishing estate your headed for. Better get some rest, word is she is SEXUALLY INSATIABLE PILGRIM!!!!!!!"

America’s latest savior Barrracck Obamaram decides to give Fletcher Quill a bit more what for, he is aboard Air force one reading Quill’s Bio

  "Fletcher Quill old man I been perusing your back story Marine General! Your President has a few queries in regard to your personal life Sir?"

  "Cut the Bllshit Rackman, only thang on that black ass brain is how such a pathetic sad ass Back Alley street fighten dirty white boy got hissel so much high quality Pooontang???? Ain’t that about the long and lean of it your Highness?"

  "Such blatant white boy insolence! Dude those AIG hog ass white fools and their fucking bonus’s! I’m so pissed I called Oprah and Magic, nobody saw this train wreck coming except the insider club. America has taken it in the shorts Irishmen!" (US. Senate My Irish ass)

  "Your stimulus dealy so far has done nothing but build new editions on fat white boys country estates, when are the principle CEO and top ten in each of these big Banks, Mortgage boys going to be put on trial Sir? When exactly, what day will that happen Chief?????? " (Heritage Foundation my Irish ass!)

  "That will occur in my judgement the same day Dick Chaney apologizes to the world for single handedly destroying America’s’s reputation, that is the day the fat boys will be on trial. Or Abu Graby becomes Michel Jackson’s next Never Never Land ? Always wondered how much dirty child molester cash that noseless geek gave the Buskies? A friggin Kings Ransom, no question." (Skull & Crossbones My Irish Ass!)

  "You going to let that punk ass rapper fool who beat up the cute singer chicky slide?" (Ike Turner School of Love Baby?????)

  "Hell no, got Mr. Brown’s punk butt headed for Crossbar Hotel, we will prosecute, no more woman getting ass kicked on my watch Pilgrim. Now, what’s up with the tooo hot Nurse Caron from Stock Farm Road, she get to Paris yet? You gotta send your President E-Mail shot of her smoking Blondness. Do not mention this to My Ball & Chain Son!"

  "Nurse Hour Glass rolls in any minute, she is a Rooski double agent sent to do me Sir, you know that right? I’m ready for her, she better be ready for school......"

  "Oh yeah looking at her Bio on Air Force One’s big ass 80 inch video, she has a serious rack, Dam!"

  "Mr. President Dawg! Are you really going to have Special Olympics kids dig up the south lawn for the Ball & Chains veggie /spice/organic/teaching garden (wise labor move hey ? Great Publicity - Sarah Palin has five orgasms over this friggin gaff kids!!!!)

  "Ay Lemo always get me sideways a taste, tooo much adrenalin running on that show - Got to watch that ghetto slang thang poppin up ya’ll- Dam it ain’t Stanford & Son Amos & Andy time here!!!!" (What about THE FRESH PRINCE YA’LL?????)

  "I’m getting ready to head to the French Country side soon as this hotty Nurse Double Agent gets her perfect ass here! Till the next time Mr. President."

A long lost quentensatinal San Francisco Grateful Dead lead singer blues man non other then his messiness hiss damself Pig speaks!

  "Man, Paris reminds me of the early curly days in Palo Alto when Jerry Garcia and me started hanging and banging throwing the Warlocks together, pre Dead man. I heard the remaining Door’s Manzerick & Krieger kicked some serious San Francisco old school at the Fillmore West March 22nd! They killed em, smacked the shit out of 1500 screaming aging hippies..."

  "Pig Dude, you and Janis Joplin sipping that Southern Comfort in the Haight Ashbury Pan Handle Sun! Dude you remember that insane train trip to Canada with your rocking homies. You and Janis connected, you boys emptied liquor stores, what trip!"

  "Yep, we ran hard all the time. Bobby Weir and I were knee deep in more Tang then the law allows! Bitches in my face everyday all day.... Love this idea of your’s saving Paris with Blues."

  "Your Dead brothers are on tour, and missing you and Jerry every moment my friend! San Francisco music is now like the Blues or Jazz an American Idiom that will never go away, never!"

As the Paris morning Sun begins its slow rise in walks enough perfect Blondness to alter any mans destiny let alone a dumb ass Irishmen..... Nurse Caron wearing solid vivid (Here It is fool!) red beaded blouse, skin tight very expensive tailored black pants, red alligator ten inch heels.... When Baby walks she shakes like a willow tree.......

  "You must be the legendary Fletcher Quill Sir? (As she presents her manicured hand for kissing)

Your much more handsome then I was prepared for, oh dear! (Here we go Kids!)

  "Nurse Caron, I wasn’t ready for your to be built as if the good Lord had an extra week to get it just right.... Dam, you ought to bottle and sell those genetics girlfriend! Were you a model, actress? Sex Goddess? High priced Pole dancing whang slurping Biooch?"

  "Nurse Caron, you sweet thang, home girl lets grab some early Paris air in my shiny new lambo. Is that Mac Make up your wearing? Love that natural look, your skin incredible, love that expensive face paint - like Victoria’s’s Secret, Be Be, all good and nasty for the chassis....." (Mac Cosmetics, for California’s most hip, well turned out Biooooches!!!!!)

  "Can’t help staring at your insanely perfect 36 DD’s, Oh my lord!"

  "Did notice you haven’t once looked into my Brown limpid pools Quilly? Sooo you’re a Tit Man, what a shocker. Irish Bad Boys all love Rack City tall dark and handsome.. " (As She unbuttons three top way toooo tight sweater meat hiding confining buttons! Fletchers pulse rate goes north fast)"

  "Would you be interested in spending a month in my company at the Pepeeee Lepeeewww Fly Fishing Estate I ‘m headed for like right now sugar?"

  "Quilll you’re a very bad boy, aren’t you Sharon Stones Boy Toy you old fooool????? ( As she leans waaay forward dropping 36 inches of pure California home grown sweater meat directly into our no possibly chance to avoid this train wreck hero’s eye’s! - Quill slam’s on the 200 mile an hour brand new Polar White Lambo, his arm and face and mouth and fingers and hands and unit get busy and stay busy for three solid hour’s....)"

  "My, myyyyy, Quilly your unit doesn’t seem to get you have over 60 summers under that 6 foot two twisted steeel & sex appeal homeboy!1 I will not be able to walk for at least three days. I’m your’s do what you wish when you wish my sweeeet!!!!!!!!!!!"

  "Thank you lord, I do not deserve this precious gift from Nirvana", Sharon who ?????????????" (A Seriousasassssss Sea Change in the Quill Bioooch Dept ? Paris buried alive in the Blue’s!)


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Written by Dan Fallon 2009
Illustrations by Phil Frank © 2003
Photos by Dan Fallon © 2008

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