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Column nr. 4 2010  

Californicus Caninus Mothnatives

  Here in the land of milk and honey this particular spring has already arrived with the most exciting array of wildflowers growing near all my favorite creeks and streams. This is a perfect setting to experiment with a new mind-set instead of your assembly of tried and true fly patterns.

  Leave that fly box home and try experimenting with new patterns based solely on what you see flying, crawling, living and dying near your favorite fly waters This months rather odd pattern is my "Wolf Moth" which is really a composite of every moth and common fly I see near creeks and streams with abundant wildflowers.

  Californicus Caninus Mothnatives is my Frankenstein attractor bug that never fails to catch the attention of any Rainbow, Brook Trout that watches it fall, tumble off the flowers I choose to bounce it off gently before it hits the water. Simply by changing the color of the wings or the size of its eyes or length of its coal black antenna, almost any creek or stream anywhere will work with this buggy realistic pattern. It has been used from Europe to California, especially when nothing else is working. I change sizes by using hooks (always barbless of course!) from small salmon egg trout hooks to whatever size is needed.

  Tiny Terrestrial Insect Presentation Technique’s

  Seasoned fly fisher or first year novice, learning how to present very small flying insects takes getting used to. First, unlike the usual dry flies which are drifted in currents and skipped and worked to look as if they died and are now captured in moving water so trout are not spooked and consider your offering a natural resident energy source. Tiny flies like my moth live and die with exceptions within the confines of wildflowers.

  That is why they need to be presented as if they accidently fell either out of over hanging tree limbs or tumbled from flowers on the waters edge.The following technique works for all known terrestrials. If possible use the High Stick method where you let out several feet of tippet and hold your fly rod high as possible and let the insect fall straight down on fairly quiet water near creek, stream edges and then just let it twist and stop in any cadence you like fast or slow.

  The movement of the water gently splashing will attract resident trout who know an easy morsel can be eaten. It does not help to drift the Moth, Bumble Bee, Black Fly, Ant, as it is not a natural occurrence. These are oppertunity foods and need special presentation. I often climb trees when working my Wolf Moth, letting several feet of tippet fall straight down and then I slowly bounce and twist the Moth, it is great fun to engage another natural trout feeding response effective on wild or hatchery trout.

  This technique takes time and practice to master, first spend time watching what happens to insects near water edges. The idea is to replicate with as much exactness as possible the natural behavior of resident insects. It is what seperates journeyman fly fishers from every other sportsmen! We actually have to think.


Hook: Dry Fly # 14 - #15
Thread: Fuzzy Black or green depending on wing color.
Body: Peacock Herl wrapped to look as buggy as possible.
Wings: Green or Black is my favorties. Brown, white, red depending on where you live.
Antenne: two long black single hackle barbs (Wings and Antenne are glued not tied)
Head: Burnt glue ball, size your choice
Legs: (optional) Hachle Barbs
Eyes: I use many kinds incuding BB size to change the look, painting eyes red is deadly!

* Remember Wings and Antenne are glued not tied.


© Phil Frank 2002

Illustrated By Phil Frank,
San Francisco Chronicle Cartoonist, creator of "Farley "

"Men at some time are masters of their fates;
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in our selves, that we are underlings.
Shakespear, Julius Caesar

  Fletcher Quill has been shape shifted into an ancient highly toxic giant raptor with a demonic ten foot wingspan that resembles a cross between the biggest ugliest, nastiest California Condor and the most bazaar surreal cartoonish flying beast one could imagine in a dark nightmare.... This ungodly transformation was made possible by the gift of a huge ancient magic cauldron given to Justice Quill by the lord of all Celtic lords, Dagda. The cauldron capable of two distinct, unique abilities. First Hero’s dead for any length of time can be boiled for twenty-four hour’s and will come alive with all their faculties except speech! The other much more interesting trick is allowing the current holder to shape-shift or transformate completely except for still possessing his own mind into any creature real or imagined. This is the reason Quill was given the magic cauldron. As an authentic Hero, he qualified for the grace of Dagda, Dagda’s own magic cauldron. Fletcher Quill was chosen to join the most secret of all international sanctioned, condoned assassin orders. His first target the Russian Pricktator alley cat Putang Puten now visiting his latest insolent natural resource coal magnet Billionaire Igor Zyuzin who dwell’s in an ugly area of Western Siberia a toilet called Kuzbas Coal Basin or the Black Hell! Raptor Quill has just scattered a peaceful gang of mallard ducks just for fun and is about to drop down upon the estate of Igor the Coal Prince as the weekend party is about to climb aboard Igor’s finest Arabian Stallion’s...


  R/Q has now locked on to the micro chip embedded in Putin’s Russian Flag lapel pin attached to his leather riding jacket. He see’s that the Pricktator has three younger security men riding with him. R/Q flies straight into the quiet stable, horse’s quickly begin screaming and the security boys draw their pistols and start firing at the giant black R/Q. They hit him twice once in the left wing not serious and a glancing chest shot that could get serious quick! R/Q dodging hot lead and rearing Arabian’s is deflected at the last second by another close bullet, yet manages to get one long deadly claw upon Putin’s left ear. He has taken a piece of the Pricktator and is now losing blood fast. He makes a flight for the barn door and barely clears the stable fence slowly picking up altitude as a hail of shotgun and pistol fire say goodby... He has less then two hour’s to find friendly country downtown Paris, Montparnasse where his Penthouse awaits. He attempts three times to gain the needed altitude to make the flight possible, it is a struggle. Then the cold icy Russian winds stops the bleeding chest wound and the pure cold winds give him a little needed strength. He feels good looking down at the claw that took the ear...


  R/Q can see vague outlines shimmering in the distance his beloved French second home Montparnass, the great green park Luxemburg Gardens near his Penthouse. As he quickly descends down to 5000, 1000, then 500 feet his small caliber chest wound begins bleeding profusely and he begins to feel weaker and weaker as he finally glides and lands on top of one of the oldest tallest tree’s in Luxemburg Garden with a perfect view of his favorite Café, The infamous La Dome!...... He is home, the transformation back into his human body happens right on time and he climbs down like a new butterfly gingerly from the tall tree as two neatly clad Gendarme’s await his descent and explanation?

"We are certain you have a reason for disturbing free French new born birds Sir?"

"Trying to rescue a little pussy cat and failed miserably I’m afraid ! Better take me down to the dungeon and throw the book lad’s."

"Better move along then American tourist, we have heard enough"

"Charles good morning my old friend, ahh early morning at la Dome is a sensory overload of toasting pastries, fresh showered uber hot French thangs in skinny black tights wiggle by hair still wet, pouting, flirting on the run! Ohhh how I love Montparnass."

"Long time gone Mr. Quill, several of your lady friends have been asking about the American Fly Master General. One in particular from Italy has been here every day asking if you have been sighted sir."

"Look at this front page news the Russian pricktator Putin barely escaped a bazaar nearly fatal attack by what appeared to be some kind of rare Vulture/Condor massive bird attacking him while he was riding horses at his mountain retreat. The Russian Prime Minister lost half of one ear in the incident and is undergoing hospitalization/plastic surgery. Well, well maybe next time he won’t be so lucky hey Charles!"

  Quill hears his International Cell phone playing the Marine Corp Hymn, its one of those phone calls madman fly fishing masters live for.....

"Excuse me Sir, is this General Fletcher Quill? This call is top secret inner service digitally scrambled. I have an urgent message from General Duke Parker. I quote Sir, " Quill, get your strageley old Marine green ass over to the Paris airport pronto Son! I will be picking you up in one hour as we are heading 300 miles off the French Coast where a rare way off course pod of maybe 500 200/500 pound Blue Fin Tuna just fucking begging to be messed with, I have the 30 foot Deep sea Fly Fisher Rubber Zodiac tied under this jet helicopter. All your deep sea fly gear is ready and waiting. I had the boys wind on an extra thousand yards of back up on these gargantus fly reels. Also have your entire collection of silver krill, anchovy and whatever these boys are vacuuming up! I will see you in at the airport in exactly 43 minutes."


  Fly maniac, unsuccessful assassin, Justice Quill catches the first cab he see’s and is waiting for Duke Parker with big ass smile on his face as Dukes latest coal black 300 mile an hour jet copter blows in silent and deadly...

"Duke, hows it hanging Marine, looks like you thought of everything. How long did the submarine boys say this pod of giant Blue Fin Tuna have been gobbling up the locals?"

"First and foremost you crazy ass Irish tough guy, the entire staff at Marine Headquarters were briefed by the Black Messiah Son. Your being lined up for more fucking medals to hang on that inflated chest. You took half an ear off that Russian prick and your legend grows. Let me hug the craziest fucking Jarhead I ever dodged lead with, man what did that feel like all those high caliber pistols throwing fire balls?"

"Reminded me of when we were kids in Vietnam El Dukeinstein. I will not stop until that bald headed prick is put down. So lets talk deep sea fly action General Parker. We are almost on the G.P.S. sightings you have here. Sonar is on and were are closing in on some disturbance on the port side 1000 yards out. Dam, it’s a giant green bait ball of maybe anchovies being attacked from all directions with serious intent! That my friend are one hungry gang of big ass Tuna. The Chinese would give small children for this buddy!"

  Fly maniac to the extreme Justice Quill has rigged special Helium balloons attached near the anchovy silver streamer huge and gaudy and irresistible so the streamer can be placed on the outside edges of the anchovy bait ball being attacked by huge Blue Tuna. Quill then shoots the balloon with high powered air gun and it drops. It is next to impossible to get near the feverish blood soaked waters of a happening bait ball attack without spooking the Tuna. Quill’s high tech air born deep sea fly rig is simply a hybrid of a similar Helium Balloon outfit used to reach secret high altitude tiny isolated creeks that exist on the ledges of many Himalayan Mountains...

"Quill they are spooky as hell man, your rig never hit the water and they scattered! Dam, this won’t be know cake walk Son!"

"There you go again bitchin and moaning before the shooting gets started Dukeinstein. Look here your rig is down in the bloody froth, I just got you on underwater digital Radar. Put your game face on, that ugly ass 300 plus pound big boy just swallowed. Let him run we got all day and night and may need it before he tires. I’ll keep within 200 yards and not challenge him anymore till he stops to rest. Look at that big ass fly reel screaming, salt spray flying. Now were up in it Marine are you getting squared away this ain’t no Mississippi Cat fish Pilgrim!"

"Qullmeister, look here my man we suddenly got some company! Those two darts on the radar are giving off the international jet fighter profile. Hell I can hear and see them both about 100 feet off the water coming from the stern quick. Cut the line my world record Blue Tuna now!"

  Two very old but still lethal Russian Migs probably based near Putin’s mountain retreat are about to strafe Quill’s Zodiac causing extreme agitation and possibly allowing the little 30 foot rubber boat to capsize... (News travels too fast, Rooskies unravel the plot!)

"No worries Parker I think I hit the first ones left wing where the gas is stored with this 5o caliber machine pistola you keep for emergencies. Oh yeah we got respect Uh Huh...."

"Yeah Marine they look scared alright, here they come closer and faster. This worthless nine millimeter pistol of mine is useless, but what the fuck. Lets spray em both till they force us overboard. I just pulled the MAYDAY satellite beeper. If any of our boys are within a 500 miles we will get company here fast!"

  The two Russian jets make two more runs and then low on fuel head back to Russian air space. Justice Quill and General Parker now soaking wet board the jet copter and secure the jet Zodiac. Next stop northern Ireland and Raven’s Haven. That is unless they encounter another school of fly fishable deep blue denizens... Justice Quill’s personal cell phone also playing the Marine Hymn breaks the wild ass adventurer mood. (Its Drake calling from Raven’s Haven)

"Beg your pardon Sir, I’m afraid your dear friend the Dali Lama insists on speaking with you before his float plane arrives."

"Fletcher, you had better get ready for reason to gobble handfuls of your Pal Bear Owsleys best Jesus juice! Your Catholic Pope is now up to his Holy arse in a very very nasty coverup not only in your beloved Ireland maybe world wide! Its all about the horrific damage done to thousands of innocents at the hands of the perverted human losers known as Catholic Priests. I’m so thrilled, now this latest unfix able horror in historical perspective with the ghastly treatment of indigenous peoples including your north American native’s via missionary genocide! Will hopefully bring sunshine and exposure to the ungodly pathetic,destructive history of the Pope’s wayward flock!"

"Holy smoke, can’t wait to hear all about it Dali, are you on your way back to the monastery? Till the next time my old dear friend. Say you didn’t hear if Tiger is going for the masters or not did you?"

"No gossip on Tiger, But, your pal Glimmer Twin Keith is not happy this morning. Looks like Mick Taylor and his old friend Jagger are right now remastering " Exile On Main Street " All your guests have departed except for me. I’m, headed back to India, another conference to convince my people no Chinese chosen Dali Lama after me will be ligit! Google kicked the Tigers ass last week, my turn this week."

"Dali, my main man god, no more Dali Lama’s sounds hardcore to me Sir. We must commiserate upon my return to Raven’s Haven in about two hour’s flying time. Better prey for me if Nurse Caron and Sharon are still castle bound without a referee, you know I have work cut out. Woman constant labor with no rhyme or reason other then dumb ass romantic Irish Poet blood always running a little too hot. What are flying into General Parker, its time to get on some rivers and throw flies for extended periods. I’ll get the Black Massiah with me?"

(Blond Chaos awaits or Peace & Quiet Finally!)


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Written by Dan Fallon 2010
Illustrations by Phil Frank © 2003
Photos by Dan Fallon © 2010

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