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An Immortaltity
"Sing we for love and idleness,
Naught else is worth having.
Though I have been in many a
Land, There is not else in living..."

Ezra Pound 1885-1972

  Lets face it brothers and sisters! What we all love and do is only an idle... I pay humble homage to the following who live their lives in a state of grace and excellent sportsmenship.They all have one or two other things in common other then lives spent in idleness! Love of the fly and love of life. Of course you all realize a few civilians out there see right through us! Fly fishing in Wolf terms is really akin to just doing nothin, doing nothin but chasing and sometimes catchin and sometimes not. Before I get started on the boys. Two shining stars, incomparable lady fly fishers bright comets in the World of International Fly Fishing,Tying, Karen Graham and winner of my first Single Fly Celebrity Pro Am. Steelhead loving Dorothy Zinki who won with her partner Allan Christian. Both of these ladies exude charm and grace. More importantly on any given morning either Karen or Dorothy might just teach you how to properly cast that long rod or tie an effective knot. Many men I have fly fished with are not half as educated in technique....

  In the USA and around the world my fly brothers hold court; from Mr. Fly Tier Supreme A. K. Best, Fly Tier Master Jay Fair, All around journeyman of all things fly Cliff Sullivan. Up on the Olympic Peninsula Gordo Gracey knows every salmon by name! Way up Alaska way Johnny & brother David Wilson have bears and king salmon over for lunch.... Back East we have Master fly Tier/Fletcher Quill fiction character Jason Aki. Taking care of all things the slightest bit fishy, in Europe we have the one the only pound for pound fly tying, game fish chasing, water understanding Brother Of The Longrod Rok Lustrik who hails from Slovenia.

  Rok is a fine example of the current generation international journeyman, guide, fly tier, photographer, sportsmen. Those who have had the good fortune of spending time with Roc on his home waters (www.lustrik.com) usually recall his precise knowledge identifying hatches and reading currents. Rok ties his own patterns and carves a pretty fine fly box. In the last few years I have kept Roc in my international guide radar, he is one of his generation to be watched. These days I run in to guides who cut corners as in using red colored beads instead of strictly flies, failing to truly know their local waters as in exactly what time of day will fish be active? Failing to completely understand every aspect of both equipment and fly management, dressing, presentation, stealth fish finding techniques, respect for all creatures above and below water! Understanding and respecting basic fly fishing philosophy, treating clients with kindness, the basics! Rok represents our sport with good humor and humility, my kind of international sportsmen indeed!

  International Guide Rules to Live By!

1. You may know your home waters very well! That does not mean your any kind of expert.

2. Each of your clients have a skill set you may wish to learn about?

3. With respect quickly determine exactly how much practical experience your new clients possess?

4. Try not to hold their hands and correct every move, unless they ask you to.

5. Remember fly fishing really is supposed to be fun, not a morning of casting lessons and general tutoring unless asked for.

6. Always have more then enough flies, fly line cleaner, extra rods and reels, plenty of tippet material and all the extras one needs on the water.

7. If possible spend as much time as one can learning both the temperament and the short comings of your potential client. Many who love this sport and can afford to travel and spend the time are usually well heeled and equipped with a healthy ego. This getting to know you time will always pay off for savvy guides!

8. If and when your client hooks up, allow him or her to work the fish alone unless they ask for help. You’re a working guide, not a mother nature blessed know it all Cowboy!

9. The basics are important always, plenty of drinking water, extra sun screen, food if it is to be provided can be simple fresh and not too exotic.

10. If your new international client speaks another language, no worries The Brother & Sisterhood Of The Long Rod speak a universal language.

11. If suddenly your client stops speaking to you or seems sullen and withdrawn, first give him or her a little space, then gently enquire if it was you that caused the sudden shift?

12. Listen yo your clients, listening is the hardest lesson to learn as many guides feel overly confident in their home waters.... Listen and you will learn my friends.

In my mind guides like Roc and up in Alaska The Wilson Brothers and of course Gordo Gracie from the Olympic Peninsula are about as good at their craft as one can get. Bless you boys!

I spent many years guiding Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe in past years, these suggestions are hard earned and not off the top of this grey head Pilgrims!


© Phil Frank 2002

Illustrated By Phil Frank,
San Francisco Chronicle Cartoonist, creator of "Farley "


  Keith and the 3rd Glimmer Twin, one time lead vocal , blues harp wailing hombre now O.H.O or Head Of Order or Marine Reserve, (Now almost active) General who with his top aids including the legendary Marine Warrant Officer Navy Cross, Silver Star owner General Duke 2000 yard Parker have reorganized the old Marine Corps into modern super divisions. Of course at the moment General Quill and his other best friend Keith whom Quill treats like Sherlock Holmes treated Moriarity on a good day.... They have both been guilty of triple dousing the entire young monk in training gang at Sere Monastery along with his High Holiness The Dali Lama. Yes, it has been a most bizarre but illuminating three days of exploring both early Zen Buddhist Doctrine and very early Robert Johnson guitar blues cross roads, "So what you want exactly boy? Go head say it and I might make you a deal see, a deal you can’t ever walk away from.... A deal with ole original 666, before Al took his name in vain baby!" His honor the 2nd most recent incarnation of the Darkest Prince currently existing in the awfully active spirit, vocal Mr. Al Crowley or 666, the Beast lurks along for the ride back to Santana, Starship, Grateful Dead, Fillmore West San Francisco where old school blues resides until New Orleans gets its much deserved miracle........

"Man, Quill you nailed that last take of, " Little Red Rooster ". We knew you could work that gut blues, Chess records, South Side Chicago, Memphis, Georgia down home wailing harp kinda Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Willy Dixon thang son!"

"I been good way tooo long dude, like I said three million cash, another two or three in gold bullion, I just found out about and now after I catch this call we hit the air in your Jet Copter. I had two of my outfitted salt water zodiacs tied under the chopper, we may run into a few pods of 100 Pound King Salmon I saw on radar two nights ago dude. We are gonna throw down on those bad boys on the way home. Look I already tied these glowing green Nitro Toad Streamers. Made from extinct east Malaysian tree toad (Todaisos Humongous). I have three weeks to get all business settled and get my butt ready for ground duty downtown."

"I hope we run into some giant Kings mate... listen go ahead and take your cell calls , I gotta just stay quiet for a few minutes....... Touring nonstop for tooo long... But, I do want to say after snorting another long line of me dear old Pappy, just kiddin Quilly.. I could stand up there until they close the bloody box! You read our reviews mate?"

  Quill reads text message from Raven’s Haven, "Attention Mr. Secretary Of The Interior top secret discovery of major historical significance! After a spectacular 11- day eruption on the remote island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean. New species of giant toads or frogs are confounding scientists. Samples are being sent to you sir because of your known expertise in identifying small mammals, insects, aquatic silica carbon based amoeba. You will be allocated 4 of the 12 toad examples."

  Quill thinks to himself, "My god another huge fly tying angle awaits here Cowboy? How about drying those ancient frog skins and making my own frog flies or maybe wrapping those dried toad skins around some kind defanged new streamer. Yeah that’s it another streamer... Can’t keep moving those movie star pubic hair streamers. How the hell do I keep replenishing that stock fool???"

"Listen mate, yes those last reviews from San Fran and last year or more are wonderful especially how fresh, hot, new you all sound..... Now listen this dream I had last night while we wait for one last by by audience with the Dali lama and his main hopefully sober boys hey mate? Now this dream Michael The Arch Angel came to me and said, You must build a large circle of stone temple to be called the Temple Of Peace. It will be built to my specific plans and it will be the place where you General Quill will ask all the opposing Generals in the forces about to face your battle plan to join you in secret peace talks. Yes you have been chosen as the one, the one hawk of all ancient hawks, the ancient Mesopotamia Leader, you the Slayer Of Atlantis, you the one who live with and ate with Alexander The Great, you who tasted the gas of World War One, you who were at the O.K. Corral, the one who led Roman’s, your warrior spirit is ancient and well known. You General Quill will build this circle of rock Peace Temple now and begin contacting your opposing Generals today!"

"Quill, how much of that brain cool aid did you consume Pally? I do like that whole Peace Temple thing man. I can hear a blues riff and Donovan vibe waiting to be discovered.... Could make you another 5 million in publishing song writing booty Maty?"

"Dude, I’m on the horn now Gotta give our little Miss perfect movie star a pump up get on it call, listen and learn from the author of "Care & Feeding Of Your First Blond".... Sharon sweety oh baby how I miss that perfect face and... Oh yeah sweety saw those first rushes from the new movie, Back Alley Reporter ". That thing will sink faster then Donny Osmonds I mustbeandidiot career baby doll!"

  Oh great so now you’re a show biz pundit like that flaky Ann Smolter, that wanna be Blond Bioch reealy bites my perfect behind. Soooo all this Hollywood kissy feelly, what exactly do you want your lowliness? Why don’t they all just go to Hong Kong and buy native babies like those two bimbos.... How cool is it being a big ass Hollywood Star like that boy the Pittsster. Sooo how does the heart throb of his generation spend his time. Shopping globally for fresh foreign hopefully from bizarre genetic back ground brats that his blood sucking Main Squeeze can first class jet her now bulging ass all over hell after?"

"My My, Aren’t we just tad whinny on our fellow almost washed up tinsel town homies girlfriend? Now how the hell are you and Goldy and Meryl and Demi and all the others waiting for the last phone call going to cope? Get your pathetic selves to thy nearest plastic surgeon luncheon like yesterday Pumpkin! We are waiting for one last look of sanity from these young monk dudes and Dali Lama before we jet out of here and back to San Fan for five days and then get my cat ready for his master!"

"Soo romantic."

"I do need afew things: My original copy of Sir Richard Burtons translation of 15th Century classic, "The Perfumed Garden ". This little epic will help me unravel a new puzzle that just surfaced. I have just bought for a fortune 500 authenticated hairs from the head of Ramses Second, this 3,200 year old hair has been kept in an extinct dried giant toad skin which I will make quick fly tying use of. Oh yeah call my insurance man, Keith and I will be running hard for next five days, on the bay in boats, cars, it will get brutal....Oh yeah have my head construction boss wait for series of faxes on building a new circle of stone Peace Temple Tower... I’ll explain when I see that perfect face.. Man do I miss you....."

"Tell the Glimmer Twin only chatter in States is about his snorting his Daddy or not, so did he or not?"

"Gotta run sweety, really miss that face, see you soon. Get some rest your gonna need it when Daddy rolls castle bound...."

"It is time to move on to less important matters your Holiness, I will miss greatly our morning Yak Tea and your kind words of support."

"You will be talked about for as long as these young boys chant," Paris get yoo panties on" and other timely anecdotal observations amplified by your presence sir.... We will keep you informed on both the International Kite Olympics and the Pyramid Power Grids. Yes my Raven’s Haven friend you have left deep foot prints in my house and in my heart, I look forward to visiting you in your beloved castle safe and sound after your trip downtown, we will all prey for your safety."

"You and your boys live always in my heart your Holiness, how are you feeling this morning?"

"Mentally exhausted, yet highly reinlightened... As if all the windows were scrubbed clean. Keith tell me you left no more surprises in your wake my friend."

"Of course not your Holiness, one trip to never never land is usually enough."

  (Fog City’s boy mayor better call for backup! King Salmon action over the Atlantic.

Malachite Butterfly Dry

Hook: Barbless, #18/22
Thread: Ivory or off-white.
Tail: Pheasant Crest yellow.

Butterfly Color Pigment Transfer Operation By Fletcher Quill

Hackle: Begin by making a thin wax noodle using dental floss, then I used tiny Drake Duck head feathers carefully trimmed and then applied to waxed noodle wind hackle as usual. My new process explained in detail follows; To my knowledge this new process for adding additional real life color to dry flies has never been attempted before? First all specimens in my opinion must be collected in ethical pre decaying state in the wild. After allowing time for either natural or micro wave careful drying! A sharp knife, razor blade or hobbyist exacto knife can be used to scrape carefully minute amounts of tiny color pigments from any butterfly wing. These tiny color particles can be matched and applied in the following methodology.

1. Ethically acquired butterfly your choice. (This is a very slippery slope Pilgrims!)

2. Drying process either standard lab drying or sun drying or controlled low wattage micro wave will work, be careful, experiment as I did.

3. After applying minute amounts of your favorite glue on or around the tied hackle ( sprinkle like decorating a cake ).

4. Construct a flat small piece of thin paper into a kind of ledge which you will be blowing the butterfly color pigments onto the glued areas of the hackle. This is not an easy one two three routine my more adventurous fly tying readers. Move carefully and experiment. I found the results dazzling in the waters tested.

**** Any number of pest common moths exist such as the the Light Brown Apple Moth that can be easily ground up for either waxed noodle application or at another time I’ll discuss my new dried common western toad skin wrap for lifelike insect patterns few tiers can imagine! The Apple Moth (Epi-phyas Postvittana) originally came from native Australia. Farmers near you spend millions trying to kill many insects you Pilgrim could be tying new patterns with?

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Written by Dan Fallon 2007
Illustrations by Phil Frank © 2003
Photos by Dan Fallon © 2007

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