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Column nr. 5 2011  


Welcome to the brotherhood of the fly

  It is with sweet nostalgia and high hopes I welcome a new Brother to the endless search fly rod and feather ever ready to fool catch & release wild game fish wherever they dwell... 13 year old Spencer Smith from El Cajun California, 8th Grader, Baseball Player and his Dad’s fly fishing Pal caught and released this outstanding 24 inch Rainbow with out assistance!

  In the company of Master Guide Tom Loe who operates Sierra Drifters Guide Service www.sierrdrifters.com E-Mail Drifters@qnet.com. And his Father Spencer was cool and calm reports Tom, "He was steady and calm and let the fish run before slowly bringing him in. "Makes me very happy to hear about young fly fishers having days like Spencer Smith just had. Means this wonderful old sport has plenty of life left and generations coming to become addicted to the endless search with fly rod & fly...........

  California fly fishers are ready at the end of April when all streams and rivers are opening up to enjoy a banner Spring as winter snows have been deep and full of water. Tom Loe has been working the Lower Owens River for twenty five years and knows every hole, rock, hide out, weed beds, depending on skill level he can give you an education while lazily drifting a pretty river full of life and Trout in excess of ten pounds! Highly recommend Tom Loe.


Hook: #2 #10 Barbless.
Thread: Rough green thick thread.
Body: Thick green chenille.
Wing # 1: Full blown up white groomed Marabou.
Wing # 2: Orange died American wild Rabbit fur groomed, combed.
Wing # 3 : Four matched wild Pheasant hackle feathers tied fan style.
Head: Tan thick thread.

By Dan Fallon 2011







© Phil Frank 2002

Illustrated By Phil Frank,
San Francisco Chronicle Cartoonist, creator of "Farley"

"History is a nightmare from
which I am trying to awake! "
James Joyce 1882- 1941

  Justice Quill and his main boys have spent three days of their four day get away fly adventure trying to escape the whimpering sounds of a once almost great Empire crumbling from bloat, greed, cowardice..... It’s four am Quill is awakened because our beloved leader the now pitiful Messiah is high in a tree crying and dealing with a LSD induced nightmare in which he is King Kong being relentlessly pursued by Marine Recon General Mad Dog Midas sitting on an air craft carrier constantly calling screaming, Where are those tiny Ball’s Boy President? While Killdafi rapes and pillages Libya.......

"Get your sad ass out of that tree fool! Mad Dog has not called in two hours. That Orange Sunshine (LSD) I gave you ought to be wearing off by now Cowboy."

"You talk to him Quill, tell him we ain’t the Global Cop any more Man! Can’t keep sending fresh meat into the Sand Ni...er Meat Grinder (SNMG), just can’t hang with that boys!"

"You come down out of that tree Mr. Ballless, we have wild Trout to catch for breakfast, get your ass down fool here now fool!"

"I can’t cast your fucking fly rods Quill, we didn’t have these things where I grew up old man. You throw my flies and when a trout hits I’ll haul his ass in just like everything else in this Bullshit job. Someone else thinks, someone else, asks questions, then I step up and get the ball over the net right Quill?"

"Uh Huh, that’s the LSD talking your lowness. Get your ass out of my tree and lets get into these trout Pilgrim.."

A sudden hush crawls across the camp as Quill picks up his personal satellite cell phone screams. It’s the Pope & his new international Hashish Dealer partner the newly and still unemployed Dalai Lama. They want Quill to conference call Pow Wow while he is stripping line and watching a hugeified wild Rainbow Trout about to explode the waters surface and slam his perfectly tied giant Nuclear Mosquito....

"Dam Dali Baby, If you could see the fat ass trout bout to gobble my Nuclear Mosquito Mr. Used To be Religious Leader (UTBRL)! So you and Mr, Child Molester Enabaler Pope(CMEP) are in the Hashish Acquire Disseminate Bizzzzzzz (HADB).

"Ok, I’ll take three pounds of your very best shit boys! Send it to my San Francisco address as I just got word some insane rich guy has given me a brand new F12 Ferrari which is waiting in my Frisco Ocean Beach digs."

"It is our sincere pleasure to supply you Mr. Supreme Court with all the soul soothing salve you need. Did you hear the Hague World Court wants to prosecute me and all the last Popes for crimes against humanity, specifically the horror’s of forced homosexual abuse perpetrated upon thousands of innocent helpless over centuries. Think I may be getting my mail from O.J and Barry Bonds...."

"Kinda weird myth making going now with all of you going down at once. First the sand kingdoms are screaming freedom, now the World Court finally opens it’s eye’ to the Inhumanity of all religions... Just nailed this four pound Bow boys, gotta bounce. One more thing how is the new Stripper Pole working out your Lowness?"

"Been running a steady string of almost virgin other then Extreme Digital Over use young Nun’s and a few corduroy Alter Boy types of course. Listen we will have the Vatican City Pot Post Office get that Hashish to you ASAP Quill. We are having a sale on the Moroccan Killer Charlie Scream PTSD(MKCPTSD) brand this week my friend, Ciao Baby.."

"Quill before we split my favorite Barbarian Stoner Judge, since I’m now unemployed how about you get me a paying gig with you maybe working at the Supreme Court as your Spiritual Advisor, what do you think Cowboy crazy man?"

"Thinking the exact same thing my friend, Wow just let that fat trout slide back into this pretty blue lake...... Was bout to ask you become a member of my family Dali, Holyman, we goes back a long way to Sausalito Gate #5 , The Owl Houseboat and Allen watts who got us together in the magic 1070s remember Holy Stoner to the Boner?"

"Yes, never forget the weeks you spent at my Monastery feeding my young Monk’s copious amounts of killer LSD. Thanks for the sweet memories my friend, Sausalito on your Houseboat listening to the new Steely Dan, watching young woman with impossibly large breasts wiggle around that sea side town was the best!!!"

"Think we need to revisit those glory days my newly employed spiritual advisor. Gotta get back into this morning bite before the sun comes..."

Morning ice cold stillness is exploded with the aroma of Pachouli oil as the otherworldly voice of none other then San Francisco’s favorite Hippy Rock Star long dead but never forgotten.....


"Dudes, fly fishing Dudes. First must chime in several thangs to my old Fillmore West harmonica Howling Wolfinstein Baby. It is the cooolest having the newly arrived and awfully Dead mad Man Killer Acid, Killer Sound system creator and my absolute mother fucking favorite’s Bear Owsley is in the Black Dead House (BDH) with me and Pigpin and Graham Nash and Jimmy Morrison and ole Elvis! Shit even the newly demised James Mother Humpin Brown been Jammin and rolling and tumblin. Quill been meaning to ask you about your Skateboard Dude? Do you still ride the "Purple Mumba all over Fort Miley and that new insane in the membrane 300 yard Black top Mr. Fucking rip street, eat meat?"

"Oh yeah, thinking about ripping some Frisco Hills soon as I get home! Just after I take the new $300,000 F12 Ferrari for tasty ride, can’t wait, gettin home sick for those Fog Horn’s and twisty hills my friends. This Supreme Court gig is cutting into my play time big time boys??"

"Sooo Jerry baby, tell me, the Glimmer twin and me ain’t yet on the fucking Saint Peter Short list famous home boy???"

"Frisco Wolf getting gun shy about that last short stroll into the abyss called oblivion there Mr. Cowboy-Marine-Justasssssss??????? Can lay this on your ancient Haight Ashbury LSD slurping ass Son, don’t take out any long term mortgages, either you are the fucking Glimmer Twin... You both are in and out of the line up. Only thing keeping you alive Justice is your ongoing work with newly Fallen Angels after you thoroughly eat their Wet swollen Pussies (WSP) and turn them into compliant sluts begging for you to watch them Stripper Pole undulate and then do the Doggy, Reverse Cowboy, Up Against the Wall, 69, sideways, and the other three hundred sex positions you insist they learn quickly including various public fuckings like in cars and parking lots, side streets. You are the master nasty Quilly baby. Playing Doctor as a nine year, great pervert background my main still mortal Frisco Pally."

"Man, I do miss your talented ass , all those endless festivals in Golden Gate Park San Francisco , ahhhh, the 1960s were the best days of this now depleted lost empire run and managed by pussy whipped fools and ignorant old men. Look here getting kinda gloomy boys! Here I have more fat healthy Rainbow & Golden Trout then any man ought to have to play with! Soooo, Jerry see ya in Frisco next week Pally. We do the Blue Room at The Fillmore and all the old haunts like , The Stone, and Mabuhi Gardens with me old long time Dead rocker Buddy Dirk Dirkson and Terry Malloy my main men long fucking gone..... Where is my Harp, gotta get some Muddy Waters going down here, get Keith Richards on the horn. Time to get back to South Side Chicago and that deep dirty slow Harp Blues I loves sooooo much. Dali baby, this fucking Hashish is your bestesss Budddy!!!!"

"Quill, tie me some more of those red and brown streamer’s these trout go nuts over that pattern! Must have never seen anything so gaudy and irresistible hey Quill?"

"There you go thinking into it again Cowboy! General Parker how about you and I attempting a rendition of the Marine Corps Hymn and Podcast it to General Midas and all our 300 Marine Recon Brother’s sitting in that stinking fucking 120 degree Aircraft Carrier near Libya waiting, just fucking waiting? Remember Parker when in the 1960s were nothing Privates just fucking waiting for the Viet Cong to make a move or ambush or whatever the fuck? Remember how we fucking hated the waiting Parker? " Must be the killer Owsley LSD & The Dali Lama Hashish Talking Justasss Quill?"

(Endless moments steeped in Nostalgia mixed with drops of mortality falling..)


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Written by Dan Fallon 2011
Illustrations by Phil Frank © 2003
Photos by Dan Fallon © 2011

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