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California Fly Water Reality 2007

  Those of us who live, breath, exist at the behest of the water gods are experiencing what we prey is only a cyclical lack of high mountain snow in the Sierra Mountain Range. After surveying many streams, rivers from the Sacramento River, finishing way up north near the Oregon border, as the photos show water volume is low without usual snow melt. Of course this may be cyclical and not another ugly reminder of the drastic global weather changes which appear to be well underway! First a general United States weather overview water wise. Sections of Florida are drought effected, some Mid West agricultural districts are experiencing water crisis. The Supreme Court will be hearing water related issues. States like Tennessee are experiencing water crisis. Alaskan heavy snow winters have become rare, glaciers are melting quickly! In remote areas like the many islands that dot the South Pacific rising water contingencies are underway. Many of my fellow gasoline starved Californian’s are now transitioning into water conservationist realizing the new gold is aqua! Stories circulate about stranded Polar Bears and native peoples water oriented life styles becoming a thing of the past.... It is official winter of 2006 one of driest ever proclaims San Francisco Public Utilities Annual Water Quality Report!

  It appears water or the lack of will be the defining factor in all of our lives especially fly fishers.... As a 5th generation California sportsmen with many years on this states rivers and streams, these are indeed scary times! Normally the Sierra Nevada Mountains act as a giant holding tank full of precious snow, this year is extremely radical because the snow pack almost does not exist. Ones imagination can easily construct disastrous impacts if this dangerous trend continues. Then again my patient Pilgrim’s, ahh yes our time has finally come. It will be we members of the Sister & Brotherhood Of The longrod who greatly benefit. Dry fly action is right now in the three rivers I just returned from. On the South Fork of the mighty American I found rising trout smacking flies early and late. My set up was a Bumble Bee on top with a Prince Nymph trailing on three feet of tippet. In fact I tied on a juicy looking grasshopper pattern and caught trout? This is the kind of action seen late in the summer, not now. Fly fishers usually have to wait for rivers and streams to quiet down and slow down enough to work patterns. This year the reverse, so take advantage as the window will be open for a very short period.

  The East Fork of the Carson River near Lake Tahoe is running at mid to low volume and perfect for early morning searching pattern work, I tried many of my own Nymph creations with some success. The scenery around this area near Alpine County is grand, majestic.. While in Alpine County I highly recommend Sorenson’s Resort Café for Lunch, an historic secluded retreat for trout bums... I expect low insect hatch count late season due to water shortages. After making a sharp left turn leaving South lake Tahoe in moments open range and the East Fork of the Carson can be followed all the way to Reno Nevada which I have done more then once.

Carson River

  These two high mountain streams mentioned require much stealth work early and late before the world arrives and your surrounded by happy campers. If your looking for solitude early mid week best bet. My usual fly set up is 4/5 weight Bamboo, 6/8 feet light leader, four feet of light tippet. A two fly set up is always fun, grasshoppers, bee’s, your own creations? On the bottom underwater fly usually your favorite nymph? I tie the underwater fly to the turn of the hook of the surface fly. Casting and keeping it untangled can be a challenge, worth the effort!

  Way up north near Fall River many natural spring fed fly waters appear at this point not to be suffering? Yet, I wonder how long complete confidence in underground natural aquifers will be justified? On the way back toward San Francisco I stopped and worked several areas of the Sacramento River which I won’t give exact directions to because they are usually without other sportsmen which I dearly love... This grand old river has a healthy population of trout rising almost continuously and certain areas quite wadeable. One can begin finding good spots from Jelly’s Landing all the way north. Early week best time to have river to yourself. 6weight fly rods with bigger bushier flies are the order. Hair’s nest types and your favorite gaudy searchers get results on this river. Hatches are frequent like an all night diner, bring along drinking water and sun screen as hot summer weather can be brutal.

  No question new global weather realities are already factoring into sportsmen, fly fishers lives... In my mind sports fans it is time to open our eyes and imaginations, if your experiencing serious water issues it may be time to create local focus groups and strategise what options may exist? Perhaps those communities considering stream, river restoration projects, may want to hasten those projects and preserve your local fly waters NOW!

Fallon’s Minks Ear

Fallon’s Minks Ear

Hook: Barbless size # 16, #20 Dry Fly.
Thread: Brown ancient thread cut from 14th Century Monk’s Robe.
Tail: Mohogany Mink hair tips.
Body: Mix dark red monks robe threads with silk worm threads for effect.
Hackle: Dark brown died Mink hairs.

** Mink hairs collected from Mink Stole found in thrift shop.


© Phil Frank 2002

Illustrated By Phil Frank,
San Francisco Chronicle Cartoonist, creator of "Farley "

  Fletcher Quill and his crew, long dead Abbot Sammy Kinnison, Quill’s main other world strategist the one and only Al 666 and last the Glimmer Twin turned flyman Keith Richards are about 200 nautical miles off fog shrouded California coast....

"Sharon sweetheart were about 200 miles from San Francisco getting yet closer to you my cat Timba, my castle, my life.... Oh yes, before I forget we will be receiving castle guest in three days. You may know this poor put upon super star Paris Hilton?"

"Have you lost what’s left of that senile brain of your’s fly fool? Did you think to ask me first about another Bioooch in my space fool?"

"Wow Pumpkin, hold that meooooowwww..... You two will be thicker then me and Keith! Just imagine late morning intellectual chats about the String Theory, The Lyman Hypophysis and the advantage of buying black string thongs in bulk...."

"Martha Steward was cool I’ll admit that moron, this may be all for you fly fool." (nice obscure rock lyric reference hey?).

"Gotta go your Blondness, take deep lung full of your own loveliness and tell me how are the workman doing building my Peace Temple? General Parker and I will be doing pre Marine Recon work in San Fran before heading to the middle east. We both report on the ground locked and cocked with the boys in thirty days precious, so start kissing my Marine General ass and counting your blessings."

"There you go Mate, Mick and I found out long time ago these model actress types need a short rope once in awhile. I know three Dollies who have asked about you. No worries Mate."

"Least of my worries. Man those shrooms are excellent Keith, look man before we hit California coastline lets do a quick medley of early Bobby Blue Bland live at the Apollo when Jimmy McCraklin was running with Howlin Wolf... Go ahead you start on lets see. How about we adapt Steve Wonders , Very superstitious " into a very down blues riff Dude. I can easily blow harp like this,....."(General Quill’s Blues harp playing coming along quite nicely say’s his longtime pal Charlie Musselwhite baby!!)

"So Quill old man you got any real plan for our Tear Up Frisco run my main man?"

"Oh yeah, precise plans! First we go directly to my Sea Cliff Mansion and before firing up my 600 horse bad ass F1. We get deep into my new 1 million dollar recording studio and we friggin jam buddy, Carlos Santana may show and Greg Kihn with John Lee Hooker’s son Jr. , kenny Wayne Shepard , Velvit revolver gutar killers Duf and his wingman! We be laying down some mean lean shit. Is that a good start! We rock till we can’t talk or play and then wrap your bleeding fingers and we go PARTAY , I got ten vials of pure Oswley Purple Brain Bender 101.

"Any more questions GlimmerTwin?"

"No worries Mate, just throw in a dozen of those great San Fran restaurants."

"Sorry Keith, It’s the Govonator. You, Man of steel. You let the bird out of her cage?"

"This will cost you fly fool, yeah we bought the sheriff and got her back into Brie and endless Martini’s. Like I got nothing but spare time for this bullshit. I turn around her flabby butt is back in the slammer! So now I put her on my own friggin jet and she will be dining in your Irish castle this evening."

"You’re a minch, a popusa, we love you. You did good."

"Oh Teddy will have me over for 50 Brandies and movie stories for sure. Maria will be kissing my rock hard buttocks. Got to run, Bruce Dieharder # 10 is coming over to talk sequel investing with the Herr money manager, ta, ta..."

"No sense asking about spare Dollies while back home hey Quilly"

"I brought along an extra stick for you to beat them off with. Oh yeah, I had two Armani suits made and stored for you at the Mansion old friend. You ready to run with the wolf in his home dirt...."

  Ambience is broken inside the Chopper cockpit as the red phone rings it’s the Supreme Cowboy..........

"What in hell are you boys doing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean while I’m listen to Condo whine about getting no respect in the Middle east cause she’s a broad. Hell Madeleine kicked ass remember? Oh yeah, reason I called General Quill, you and General Parker will be officially activated USMC General Command briefed and given your new crew. We have two more Carrier Groups in route. Your three pronged take the city in three days plan is on gentlemen. Your country needs two wild ass street fighten Irish City boys to get this thing done."

"Parker told me he has been training with 50 serious new 2000 yard wonders and he is ready." ready to go."

"We are both anxious to get this on. First San Fran, then my castle and the we go downtown. Has Parker left any messages?"

"He wants all secret meeting to take place at the San Fran Zoo Grizzly Gulch Exhibit that just opened, I gotta go more muddy water to swim in. Behave yourselves in Frisco General Quill, anything I can do?"

"How bout contacting California Highway Patrol and getting complete absolute immunity for life on all roads and freeways, that will save some sweat"

"Ok, done, also you and Parker need any special personal weapon tuned or replaced I have a man in route to San Fran, if you need any cash or whatever just ask? You and I know this downtown deal is Marine Green and deadly, so lets move carefully for you and your country General Quill."

  Quill’s Hollywood cell phone goes off and a feint plaintive voice echoes......

"Hello, is this Fletcher Quill, the man who has saved my poor pathetic wretched life from nasty, nasty, lesbians?"

"Is this the one and only International Super Star Paris Hilton? Sweety enjoy life at my castle, you and la Sharon her Blondness will have sooooo much to rattle on about!"

"Oh my god, have to have my tiny dog sent right away! You don’t have any cats do you sir?"

"Only One Timba, he actually owns the castle and lets me stay. He love all animals as I do. So, was it insane in lockup dear?"

"I never even went to the bathroom, everyone wanted a photo op, it was awful just awful! O you think La Sharon would mind if I bring a few extra changes of clothes along?"

"Of course not, keep it under one ton and we are good"

  Raven’s Haven awash in Blondness! How long till the implosion?

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Written by Dan Fallon 2007
Illustrations by Phil Frank © 2003
Photos by Dan Fallon © 2007

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