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Column nr. 7  2008  


Winner of the 2008 Joel Blanco Clean Water Cup Reverge Anselmo

Ecce homo Behold The Man.
Vulgate 19.5

  It gives me great personal pleasure to announce the 2008 Joel Blanco Clean Water Cup winner. Noted author, novelist, Independent film director producer, Marine combat veteran Mr. Reverge Anselmo.

Those who have followed this fly column approaching it’s tenth year are aware of how the concept of the Clean Water Cup evolved. Several years ago an article appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle that caught my eye. Berkeley California 5th Grader Joel Blanco and his school mates banded together and drew attention to a creek fouled with industrial waste that ran through their school yard. The end result was the Berkeley City Council spending over one hundred thousand to clean up the creek and turn the brown sludge into clean water!

  When I read this tale I quickly thought this youngster has taught adults a lesson in concerned citizenship... After spending some time convincing the powers that be that Joel and his friends were entitled to a little recognition. I contacted talented ceramic artist girl friend Shelly Simon who made the 1st Joel Blanco Clean Water cup. Myself Shelly and good pal Mike Garrigus went to the Berkeley Middle school and presented Joel with the 1st Clean Water Cup named after him. A wonderful morning never to be forgotten!

  A few years later I came across another miracle worker named Jim Wilcox Water Specialist Scientist working in Plumas County California. Jim and his crew restored many miles of creek, river, stream that had been neglected in Plumas County. I spent time with Jim and learned much about restructuring and allowing streams to reestablish their natural meanders. Jim cleaned local waters, replanted natural grass’s, rebuilding stream’s with his own unique methods most impressive indeed. Jim Wilcox and Plumas County were awarded the 2nd Blanco Clean Water Cup.

This inviromental award is not awarded every year because I rarely find fellows like Joel and Jim in my fly travels. Tears fall from these ancient eyes as I roam California and the world seeing first hand how little respect rivers, streams, creeks have endured! The damage done at the hands of cattle ranchers, industry, ignorance and apathy created the mess we have today. Yes, in some places educated green oriented people are changing their ways, much too late in my mind. The disrespect and damage done is mind boggling not just here in America...

  7 Hills Cattle & Land Company Inwood Valley Shingletown California

  Thanks to a very dear friend Angela Weston proprietress of Weston House Bed & Breakfast Shingletown’s true diplomat I was introduced to Reverge and his ranch.

  Metamorphosis Marine Style

  Upper California still semi wild and undeveloped has been my favorite hunting, fly fishing venue for many years. Have spent much time walking, sampling streams and rivers and writing feature stories for my monthly column and local newspapers. Reverge and his lovely wife (Chicken) and Angela and I were given the grand tour of the 7 hills Ranch/Vineyard. It was a little quiet in that pick up at first as Mr. Anselmo and I had never met before nor did I know of his Hollywood background. Things changed quickly when he uttered these words, "I was Marine Helicopter Pilot." Bam, that was it brotherhood established no more peace and quiet!

  After pedigree’s were clarified the ranch tour included waterfalls, streams so perfectly groomed with stream banks and grass’s restored, waters running crystal clean, I was knocked out by the sheer amount of labor (much of it done by Anselmo himself!). By the time the tour ended and I had spoken with those who live near the ranch it became clear this man earned the 2008 Blanco Clean Water Cup hands down. Congratulations Marine an honor to meet you and see for myself what hard labor intellect and caring can do to reverse serious neglect and natural decay. An amazing job done with love for the land and it’s many resident creatures, birds, insects, fish, humans all benefit.

  2008 Joel Blanco Clean Water Cup Designer Builder Aletha Soule

  The first two clean water cups were created by world renown ceramic artist Shelly Simon of Ruby’s Studio San Francisco California . They were artistic triumphs indeed! The 3rd cup was created by the gifted Sebastopol ceramic artist Aletha Soule (707-829-0146 website www.Soulestudio.com) Thank you very much Aletha your work is much appreciated. This lady’s ceramic work is highly sought after and elegant to behold... Those interested in unique classic ceramics need look no further then Soule Studio.

  In my mind these three men have set the bar high enough other industrious citizens may begin to understand in many cases disastrous foot prints left by contemporary man can be erased! Rivers, streams, creeks are capable of being restored to their natural health, meander, proof is the lives of these miracle workers. Each of them woke up one morning and looked out the window deciding today I’m going to make a difference just Like Al Gore or any number of proactive groups. California Trout, Trout Unlimited are fine examples of groups that have walked the walk.

  California is the first stages of a serious drought that may or may not be cyclical? Our esteemed Govanotor wants to erect dam’s and throw out all considerations in regard to salmon, trout endangered species! Its is a bit early to begin restructuring and killing game fish so farmer’s who are heavily subsidized can do what they wish with our precious agua gold? As usual apathy and ignorance prevails as the majority of transplanted souls who live in this once golden state sit on their fat ass’s watching reality shows and bitching about gas prices... Human nature rarely lets me down in its continual downward spiral toward complete mindless knee jerk reactions. Really wish Sharon Stone had run for the Oval Office, she would have my vote...

Sharon Stone Mahogany Stone, by Dan Fallon

  Sharon Stone Mahogany Stone

Hook: Long Shank barbless (size your choice )
Wing: Alaskan grizzly hair groomed - Pheasant tips
Thread: Straw colored silk
Hackle: Mahogany dyed Grizzly hair
Body: Light gold dubbing wrapped tight

*This pattern dedicated to my favorite Hollywood actress Sharon Stone, like the American Grizzly Bear she don’t back up ever! Love you Sharon.


© Phil Frank 2002

Illustrated By Phil Frank,
San Francisco Chronicle Cartoonist, creator of "Farley "


  General Fletcher Quill and his merry band of loyal Quillies as they now address themselves are barreling down East 72nd Street New York headed for the East River Penthouse once owned by Chairmen of the Board Frank Sinatra. Quill’s new best girl pal homey Mutha Superia has arranged via her mob contacts for the still recuperating fly master to spend a month ensconced in Frank’s Rat Pack hideout with it’s magnificent east river Penthouse view. 3000 square feet of pure nostalgia, the four bedroom palace he shared with Mia Farrow. His boy’s Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr, Jilly Rizo ran wild in this historic American pleasure palace.It’s 1960s kitchen equipped with a hidden stove top that slides away and walls covered with black and white lining!

The most amazing and the prime aspect that made Quill’s blood boil is the roof top salon with 18 foot glass walls where Frank would sway back and forth singing, Fly me To The Moon with a bit of his best friend Mr. Jack Daniels gently swirling around the crystal glass Ava Gardener gave him all those years ago.... (Before Ava went sidways and Frankie put his head in the oven, true story) New York cab drivers were given an extra $100 bucks to forget this famous address when dropping off the Hoi Poli of east coast society and of course the Rat Pack baby Ring a Ding Ding!

The two cabs now side by side listening to Frankie belt out, "Got You Under My Skin" contain Quill’s main boys and girls. Sharon Stone very low key after Mutha Superia’s little tongue lashing, Keith Richards Glimmer Twin, spirits 666, Dali Lama, several tiny fairies who follow Quill everywhere. Our newly fallen Nun holding Timba Quill’s Abyssinian cat (his best pal!) General Duke Parker, and the one and only Abbott of the San Francisco Golden Gate Park underground Faerie Complex Abbott Sammy (long dead!) Kinnison. Gold Monkey Blond (GMB) sits smiling.The recuperating revelry will be high lighted by visits from Fletcher’s blues mates alive and dead! Featuring Albert Collins (master of the Teleacaster), Jimmy Reed, Duane Almond, Willie Dixon, John Lee Hooker...

  "I still don’t get how you arranged Frank’s Penthouse for two months Serena?"

  "The Nunnery winery has been a favorite North Beach San Francisco libation station, thick neck Mob boys are always buying and screaming about our Merlot. So I said to the guy who put up the cash that bought our boy mayor Gavin Nuisance his job to find the coooooest healing sanctuary for your crib until your well enough to make the long ride back to your Irish Castle."

  "Think that about makes up for smacking my F1 cuty pie. Love Frank, the whole 60's swinging thang still resonates for me. Great gift, very excited. Only need to string up my Bamboo Fly rods and sample the east river for sure..."

  "We have your freshly restored red F1 parked in the driveway General just in case you get the prancing pony fever!"

   "All righty then, looks like I’ll be healing faster then Tiger Woods’ knee , love that gutsy man!"

3am mist crawls across the grey east river twenty yards from Sinatra’s street level patio as the two cabs start unloading and Timba bolts for the front door. Same front door Mia Farrow would catch a glimpse of her favorite cat sneaking out as her and Frank went upstairs for a night cap and a little vocalizing in the salon... As if on cue Quill’s transported castle staff have poured six fingers of 200 year old single malt and turned up the house sound system echoing, Strangers in The Night".

  "Feeling Koo Koo here kids. Lets cook up a batch of Franks favorite pasta dish and let this 1960's cooool due it’s thang y’all!"

  "Quilly Timba looks like he has lived here all his life Dude.Old 666 even has a smile on his tranparent mug. Get the Chairmen’s Reprise stuff rotating and lets kick it with, "Best Is Yet To Come", "Lady Is A Tramp", "That’s Life". Shall we ajourn to the roof top salon it’s starting to rain in here! (Frank’s slang for getting boring, dull Baby!).

  "Have news flash for all of you before we get this thang rollin and tumblin. Putin has been confirmed by my Angelic guides as Mr. Anti Christ. I will be working on his demise while sampling the best fly fishng Russia has to offer. Can’t wait to string up my Walt Powell Bamboo and go toe to toe with those huge Siberian aqua things."

  "I knew he was dirty from day one. Remember when you and I were Boot Marine’s working the Embassy in Moscow. He blows in with his vodka soaked KGB boys acting like some kind of bad ass. I recall you General Quill as boy Sargent refused to let him in until his paper work was verified. Man, that was ballsy and left a fine impression. I’m in on this gig for sure Pal."

  "Knew that from the get go Parker. We will shuffle this deck in private later. Where is the Gold Monkey Blond."

  "She is in Frank’s huge antique bath tub soaking that perfect ass of her’s Mate. Sharon went for a stroll along the river, Mutha Serena is on the cell with her Nunnery peeps.."

Cell phone breaks mood, it’s Quill’s old Pal Bubba sounding full of angst!

  "Fletcher you gotta help me man, Hellery is going through Jack Daniels like I went through Intern’s. Can’t hang with this dejected rejected menapausal shit. How about I send her up to you at Frank’s for a week or two, please, I beg you please help me."

  "Well the excrement has now hit the fan my friends. Better have that front door widened cause our pant suit wearing huge ass almost President is coming to lick those Obama beat cheeks right here Ring a Ding Ding..."

  "You must be kidding Quill, that Barn Door Bitch (BDB!) here with us Dude?"

  "Hold your pee there 666 we will dose the girl into a new reality of course. She’ll be brand new better then before. Bubba gave the high sign to take Hellery down Purple Haze Blvd Boys and that be what we going to do..."

Staff announces the arrival of a long black caddilac that appears to come in and out of focus because it’s occupants long dead Chicago blues bad boy spirits, some from the deeeeep south are floating up the drive way humming Jimmy Reed’s, Bright lights, Big City.

  "Look what the black cat dragged in, Mr. Willie (I’m the Blues) Dixon. Without Willy Chess Records would be just another wannabe! Next to Willy, Duane Almond (Almond Brothers) Only man down lower and bluer then Eric Clapton (Buy Derek & The Dominos Baby!) None other then Jimmy Reed who wrote so many blues numbers stolin by white boys, it’s a crying shame."

  "You war hero white boys do like your chittlin down and dirty Blues don’t ya. We heard about your harp playing from Charlie Musselwhite General. Let us open the gates and kick this partay into Willy’s Hoochie Coochie Man, one two three..."

  "Excuse me Miss it’s all about me from Fog City, how about sharing that tub with the rest of us sweet cakes."

  "Listen to those grey haired old dead dogs wail, that Quill do have some odd friends. Sharon what happened to the cosmetic firm that dumped your ass and that Chineese film festival that pulled the welcome mat. Girl you have got the Jack of late!"

  "What kind of Nunnery was that you hail from dear? They use that street slang do they? Make wine for the mass’s and talk trash way toooo fasta I say!"

  "Fellas do you old dead dogs remember Little Walter’s , Blues With A Feeling or, Last Night? If you can’t dig up those bones what about Lightin Hopkins , Nothin But The Blues or his seminal Evil Hearted Woman or My Babies Gone?"

  "Where exactly was that Nunnery you hail from pretty white girl? Those boys been DOA long before us! WE do know his , Sittin Down Thinkin and maybe a taste of Lightin’s Boogie."

  "Quill may I speak to you in private?"

  "Sharon glad you came along sweety."

  "What exactly is going on between us Fletcher, you want to trade me in for the uber smoking hot Nun as you refer to that skinny ass bleached blond waif!"

  "You have the lead in this race my movie Goddess, course nature will have the last say in these matters. I’m just back from the dead and fuzzy headed as hell. You two behave your selves until I get my sea legs back. Lets enjoy this nostalgia palace and make nice..."

"Excuse me Quilly Willy, tell me right now who I have to bang to get back in your world? I’ll do anything to get those long Irish legs tangled up in my bed while we smoke the sweet leaf ala my Nor Cal B&B..."

  "What the Hell is with all you fine ass Blonds, that window was open Gold Monkey, you slammed it shut now what you going to do about it?"

Washington cell call saves Quill’s behind from Blond wanting, begging, needing, pleading...

  "Mr. War Hero, looks like another Navy Cross, three Purple Hearts and possible Silver Star. Hell son I would put your ancient ass up for the BLUE MAX (Congressional Medal of Honor) cept that Irish head is fat enough as it is...."

  "Mr. President I don’t need the Blue Max, didn’t earn it. How much more time you have before Obama and his racist dumb ass wife moves in to your crib? Man, It could have been old Stand By Your Man in her tent like pants suit Pally. Another trip with America’s favorite disfucktional couple would have been worse then me! Least everyone could see all my garbage. Those two southern liar’s keep their trash well covered my main General. Oh you do know your days in the Corps are over. Back to throwing flies and chasing Blonds son. Maybe Obama likes to fly fish"

  "Old McCain and his ultra rich Ball & Chain may surprise, smell of soaked Depends could be all over the Oval Office your Highness. How about letting General Parker hang with me till I get well enough to fly back to Raven’s Haven?"

  "You got it, anything else?"

  "Gonna Miss our chats Sir, would like to have all the latest intell on Al Putin and his Russian mobster Pal’s. Mr. KGB and I will be going toe to toe I expect. Russia bound in about a month or so. Be sampling that wild ass Sibera fly action. Would you make my Diplomatic Passport bullit proof?"

   "Done, have you dosed the Dali Lama again Mr. Prankster?"

  "Not lately when Hellery blows in we will get busy, take her to school...."

  "General remember after you dosed me in San Fran we hung out at the Mitchell Brothers pleasure palace? I asked you what your philosophy was and you said, simple, If it ain’t Dogma its Catma!"

  "Your lap dancing skills imressive Mr. President, your Daddy buying all those hookers when you were leading the cheer leading squad served you well. Mitchell Brother babes still talk about The Cowboy Sir!"

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Written by Dan Fallon 2008
Illustrations by Phil Frank © 2003
Photos by Dan Fallon © 2008

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