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Column nr. 8  2008  



The Land Of Hearts Desire Where beauty has no ebb, decay no flood But joy is wisdom... Time an endless song.
WB Yeats 1865-1939

  Those international fly fishers of either gender can rejoice in knowing Xanadu still exists vibrant intoxicating amid ancient vibrations. The mighty Himalayan Mahseer (Barbus Tor Putitora) waits at the bottom of the life force river Ganges... Many kinds of fly adventures exist upon the rivers of the great Himalayn Outback while your sesoned guide Misty provides a safe, wilderness experince truly unforgettable! This magnificent fresh water fighter Mahseer will insist you bring you’re A game sportsmen. These fish are every bit as serious about not giving up their freedom as Atlantic Salmon or Alaskan Kings. You want a challenge tough guy, you think you have fly fished everything worthy and your pretty compatant hey! These fresh water fighters composed of ancient survivalist instincts rarely found in this century. Will take your butt all the down town to a new neighborhood my friends. Be it Peacock Bass, Amazon or Alaska, Marlin or whatever? This Indian expedition is one to savor into old age as the sights, sounds, smells of saffron laced curries endless warm winds play with your imagination. Tired of the same old same old?

  As your plane descends into the New Delhi Airport heart beating your transportion awaits. Warm sweet winds greet you along with Indian sultry language dialects colliding with incense and smells of exotic foods. A place of infinite surreality modern India, nothing in North America or elsewhere will prepare you for the mesmerising assault on your sensory organs. Woman beware, this place is most primal, alive, pulsating with sensuality... On the subject of woman fly fishers one Ontario Canada Fly Fishing television, media personality Kathryn Maroun was a guest of Misty’s Himalayan fly adventure in 1997. This lady has experinced the fly fishing global buffet and reports on her exotic life style on Canadian television. In the land of many lakes and streams Ms. Maroun is much respected and followed. As mentioned many times in this fly column, woman in my mind are far more adept at the nuance laden task of fly fishing fresh or salt. Kathryn has expertise in both areas. Contact Kathryn at www.whatacatch.net This gifted lady is also co-founder of CFR Casting For Recovery, a most worthy group indeed dedicated to helping cancer survivors via embracing fly fishing techniques. I love this special group.

  Three Unique Fly Expeditions

  One does not have to understand Hinduism, Sikhism or Buddhism to enjoy the 14 day self contained fly fishing float trip. Historical sights abound, the Taj Mahal glows at sunset, visits to ancient temples, virgin Mahseer rivers, Indian cuisene, exotic birds, insane sunsets.... Most importanut the oppertunity to fool and fight with a Yellow fresh water demon who will take you to school. It is the strength of these fresh water dnizens that makes the trip worthwhile. I have fought Mississippi catfish and many far eastern Barbel type bottom dwellers.

  They all had characteristics endemic to their species, felt like dragging a rock to the surface! Not these boys!

  The 14 day float trip is perfect for those seeking a large slice of the Indian culture and wilderness. All transportation to and from New Delhi Airport including all tranportation on rivers are provided. Meals, bottled water, guides, tackle, sleeping bags, permits, you bring your own waders. Couisine is Indian and Continental. Dates for 14 day trip are February through May then from September to November. Contact Misty Dhillon Himalayan Outback www.himalayanoutback.com Or Phone +91-98728-0639 tell Misty Mr. Wolf sent you....

  10 Day Grand Mahseer Fly Fishing Aventure

  This trip offers oppertunities to fool the mighty Mahseer and one may sample the fighting spirit of the giant catfish Goonch. The area worked is bordered by India and Nepal on the Mahakali River. This river really rocks, torrential big waters, its location isolated makes it most productive, it is snow fed like most Himalayan rivers. The most famous beat in this area is Panceshwar where the confluence of the Saryu river and the Mahakali embrace. Many of the finest catches have created lasting memories. Discovered in the 1960s by Indian armed forces officers and kept secret for many years... Guides know where the fish are friends, at the confluence of streams and rivers, beats are sacred and rarely fished by any others.Your mornings afternoons will be spent floating these rivers savoring sights and sounds while guides ever vigilant seek fresh water fighters you will never forget. All your needs are provided for, lunches, dinners with awsome sunsets, ahhh the life of international sportsmen and woman.

  Six days of fly Fishing Bliss Indian Style!

  Mahseer in access of 75 pounds have been landed in an isolated area rarely fished in the Himalayna foothills. Near the confluence of the Ganges and the stream Nayar a place called Byas Ghat. This six day float fly trip features much wildlife and a taste of the varied lifestlyes nutured by the great Ganges River. On one trip Misty’s client reported seeing both wild elephants and a glimpse of a tiger! In 1989 John Baily and Paul Boot shot the film "Casting For Gold" This area is known to scientists, many Ichthyologists have conducted filed research in the isolated foohills. Dates for this fly float trip are February through May and September through November. Spinning and fly fishing techniques are used, one does not have to be a fly fisher to enjoy this otherworldy adventure.

  In my mid to early teens during the end of the insane 1960s thanks to a Marine Corps travel itenerary many near and far east countries were enjoyed. Those who have not made the treck to any of the eastern old world countries are missing out on the joys of fly fishing in strange waters. India a perfect way to begin your international fly adventures, food the best, sights and sounds and music you wil never forget! North American’s in particular are spoiled into thinking we have all the best of everything including fly fishing venues. When your finished playing with your local aqua pets. Call your travel agent or contact Misty Dhillon and stretch out Cowboy, alittle change will do you good!

Gold Monkey Streamer

  Gold Monkey Streamer (Dedicated to a sweet lost love...)

Hook: Streamer long shank, size your choice
Thread: Green thick
Body: Thick wrapped green chenille
Tag: Red Silk wrapped tight in the middle
Wing: Combed, groomed wild Musk Ox chest hairs, with several thin red long hackles
Tail: Pheasant tips dyed

* This pattern a varient of another of my patterns using different materials.


© Phil Frank 2002

Illustrated By Phil Frank,
San Francisco Chronicle Cartoonist, creator of "Farley "


"Strangers In The Night!"

Light gold glistening mist crawls over the East River as Frank Sinatra’s old New York Penthouse is going full tilt, clock strikes 3am Keith Richards Glimmer Twin leans over and whispers to his pal convalescing nicely, Fletcher Quill ensconced in 1950s Koo Koo Coolness.... From 1960/70 530 East 72nd Street New York on the East River was the hottest address period! In the last month Quill and his crew have experienced Frank’s ghost and many of his main men coming and going as if nothing had changed!

  "Man I love these 18 foot glass windows The Chairmen had installed awesome view Dude!"

  "Keith I just got a great idea how to keep all these sweet Blond thangs in me life Buddy. The old Salt lake City Special baby!"

Hey Kids Were all Mormons Now!!

  "Excuse me ladies I have a timely announcement that will solve our little problems for good. I call it the "Salt Lake City Special, that’s right kids, guess what we are Mormon’s now. It’s 3 for 1 or 1 for three time. I can’t imagine living without each of your faces in my face everyday. Sooo if you girls are up for it we keep this endless party copacetic, harmonious, and we will work out sleeping schedules no problemo. Think about it girls, it’s a win win."By the by as You ALL know, no little blue pills for our Generalissmo hey girls..."

Absolute silence cloaks the penthouse as the three glowing blonds stare at each other then at Quill and then at each other over and over..... (Rare antique Boar Hair Brushes placed in each Blonds Suite)

  "Alrighty then you western types are most creative in your cohabitation practices. In Tibet it is so much simpler, we are so much more uncomplicated. Now that your pathetic economy, mortgage, oil, outlook has nose dived, perhaps the simple life may be attractive hey Fletcher?"

  "You got that right Dali Baby, we American’s are about to wake up to the World Order where we ain’t the richest dog anymore. India, China, Russia all going strong other then the rape of the environment which we began about 200 years ago, ahhhhh the by products of unbridled industrial revolution....."

Albert Collins (master of the telecastor) is playing cuts from his killer CD, "ColdSnap". "Man, Albert can wring out that frigging Strat of his Pally, lets get him up here with the ghost of Muddy Waters and do some old school jammen my main man?"

  "Maybe have Duane Almond stop by, love his slide guitar smoooooth. Do you have Savoy Brown’s Raw Sienna.? What’s all that noise from downstairs Dude? Could be Hellery blowin in, here we go..."

  "Hellery, sweety you look frazzled!"

  "Feel like Al Gore day after they stole his future out from under his large rear end."

  "Speaking of lots of junk in the trunk sweety, how about we show you your suite before the healing begins..."

  "Amen brother, driving down 72nd Street in this misty am fog makes me remember passages in the Mayan Book Of The Dawn Of Life. Frank’s penthouse is so primal you can feel testosterone from the dawn of time pulsating here as if like in the Mayan book the sacred place called Quiche’nestled in the highlands of Quatamala. When we were there caught Bubba with three fingers in a place they did not belong before the girls father caught wind and they strung Bubba up by the short and curlies, a close one indeed!"

  "Love how you wove the Mayan creation myth into Bubba’s fetish management on the road. How is the marriage Hellery?"

  "Marriage, I have closer relationships with the black men who clean my windshield on the way to Bubba’s’ party office in Harlem, that boy is restless for sure. Boy was he pissed when I had to take another 11 million and throw it out the back door into oblivion. That friggin campaign took all the lecture fee cash and a lot of the graft we took under table, bad deal..."

  "What the hell, Jilly these Bozo’s are letting that Barn Door Bitch (BDB ) Hellery park that huge ass in my penthouse, that’s it we Pow WoW these new century fools."

  "Fletcher, listen man, its cool with me you coming here to heal after your little far east shoot out kid. But, please, bringing that Big Ass Lying Stand By Your Man Geek Bitch (BALSBYMGB!) here is disrespectful Pally!"

  "Listen Frank with all respect, you and the Pack did more damage to woman here then Caliguala at his prime. We won’t even get into poor Marylin Monroe, Juliette Prowse, the list goes on and on. We are going to medicate the Former First Bitch (FFB) and clean out that gutter of a reality screen she calls a brain. Bubba asked for special help he gets it. Now Frankie while you’re here, which room was it you told Sammy Davis your friendship was over until he quit taking drugs? Or how about the room you sat in after giving Mia Farrow the boot ? Or where you and Dean Martin drank copious amounts of Jack Daniels?"

  "Sammy had problems like my own boozing. All of us burned the candle at both ends all the time. My whole adult life began with a bottle of Jack in hand by noon every day brother, every day...."

  "Your thinking reminds me of old Hemingway’s lament on Zelda his friend Fitzgerald’s haute wife, "Hawks never share!".

  "Fletcher your only California Poet that ever mattered Robnson Jeffers spoke of seeing skulls hanging from tree’s when he and his wife Una first drove into still wild Carmel by the sea circa early 1900s."

  "Those who enter my Penthouse feel the same ancient don’t mess with me and mine vibe.You Sir will preserve the special flavor of this place I know you understand my angst Marine."

Cell phone announces his almost anointed one Osack Omama wants Quill’s ear NOW!

  "Fletcher, man I got big time trouble with this insane bitch I married. Get this I see her sending out mass e-mails this morning asking for support in our quest to get Africa’s almost newly elected Mugabbi as our Secretary Of State! Dude is that whacked or what! Bitch is out of control, wants Aunt Jemima syrup on the White House table and Amos & Andy playing 24/7 in the house video. Man, when your through getting Hellery’s twisted panty’s smooth and silky. How about taking this racist bitch off my hands so I can actually get into the friggin White House!"

  "No problem Omama baby, send that landmine whiner to 72nd ave NY and we will fix her right up for you Mr. President, say you don’t fly fish by any chance?"

  "Excuse me Quilly, I have a surprise for your healing hard heart. When we leave Frank’s penthouse I have arranged for our gang to occupy Graceland son! You got it we going to eat banana’s & fried peanut butter sandwiches for one month thanks to Priscilla (Cilla) & Lisa Marie."

  "Gold Monkey hits one out the park. Oh baby, that is great news. Another American icon will help get my sea legs back. Soooo Gold Monkey Blond thinking about the Salt lake City 3 for 1 dealy sweet cakes? (as Quill’s left hand slipps under her over stuffed sweater )..."

  "If you can have three why can’t we all have at least three men in our lives Quilllly Willly?"

  "Ahhh, this is the ghost of Dino (The Big Gun-former boxer) Martin amigo’s. You Fletcher some kind of piece of work son. Love the Salt lake City Deal. No way these girls are going to be happy waiting for you old man. Nice try though, that little fallen Nun is smokin hot, if I were pumping blood she would do nicely."

  "Where is Mutha Serena and Sharon?"

Frank’s ghost appears with old friend savor 666, it is time to Ground and Rebless this Testosterone Palace out of respect for the Rat Pack existentialist code. As sacred as the writings of the seventh generation from Adam, Enoch author of The Chronicles Of Enoch ". A sect closely followed by Flecther & The Glimmer Twin, a slow chant over Frankensense incense in the Enochoian first language, (language first spoken by Adam direct from the lord.) IXOVS. A circle of crystal stones taken from the center of a remote Himalayan river near a temple where Quill learned to meditate is formed. In the center a larger black Onyx stone the Sacrifical Alter rubbed with Madagasgar Virgins saliva. A vision appears the ancient Irish Boggart (Fairy) Cluricaun dressed in purple robe appears smiling and smoking a huge joint....(Of course he is Irish!)

  Get Back To Where You Once Bonged

  "Let all of us breath together as one might after taking every possible drug known to man and drinking everything in sight before standing in the front row of the loudest Grateful Dead show ever performed. Now as I understand from my Dali Lama/ Sinatra consultation what we have here is possible blasphemy via Off The Hook Bitches( OTHB!) who ought to have their fat ass’s tied to a vacuum cleaner or ironing board. Another pestering instance of Biocccches out of hand free thinking and acting in unison to out think the man Baby (that entitity who has the cash ya’ll!)

  Why has this breach of male palace protocol occurred mortals??? Our super General one time Marine deserter, now big shot fly master, ya de ya da got to have all these crazed domestic hose bags hanging and banging his still functioning UNIT! The man’s UNIT does function frequently I divine. Now then before I start sounding like OBAM Rama’s racist dumb shit X preacher or his racist dumb ass balll in chain. Let us take another deep bong hit and attempt to sort out this offensive self aggrandizing behavior highly uncopacetic. Everyone eat one more of the special brownies I brought an Do drink the COOOOlaid, drink, feast and I will lay out the path to calm spirtual tranquility..."

  "Your Obliqueness which of the most high realms is yours Sir?"

  "Ahh my Dali lama blessed one,I reside in the hallowed halls of deep down and dirty Chicago Blues where Muddy waters turn to wine and Robert Johnson stilll can Barrel House all night long. Where Elvis and Jim Morrison hang out with Roy Oberson baby, where endless loops of Jail House Rock meeet Jimmy Morrison screaming, " Five to One Baby- One In Five- No One Here Gets Out Alive. Only answer here for this enlightened surreal crew is more of the electric kool aid the Glimmer Twin keeps in that guitar case! Like Jerry Gracia used to say to the original Greatful Dead Lead Singer PigPen, " It ain’t how you see it Pig, its how it sees you.." One last thought before I get back to Nirvavana, Gold Monkey Blond do whatever your gold heart tells you to do, Mutha Serena listen to the Angels of Mercy whispering softly into that perfect ear, Forgive the old fooool, he is lost in love... Sharon Stone owner of the sweetest heart of all, you found a shooting star, like you he rides hot winds swims fast rivers, dreams surrrreal. Each of you feed off the Beast, feast on, feast on.... One more divine thought, Northern California more wild fires on the way!!"

  "Excuse me it is I, almost deified spirit of Jerry Garcia. Would it be possible to send this smart see through spirit over to my place in San Rafeal California. My survivors are all trying to dissect my immortal testicles into neat tiny pieces big enough to buy new BMW’s. Feeling like old Bobby Weir after a gig, Ok girls who’s first, now plenty for everyone, no pushing, no shoving.... Man, Hellery reminds me of Janis Joplin, loud, loud, loud......"

Welcome aboard Captain Trips- Next Stop Graceland Baby

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Written by Dan Fallon 2008
Illustrations by Phil Frank © 2003
Photos by Dan Fallon © 2008

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