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21 Wise Men
Part Two

Mouse Magic!

  Seven days spent chasing King Salmon when available with gaudy large flies at remote Lake Marie Alaska located 100 miles north of Anchorage is great sport! When the huge Kings are not hitting guides then grab a 5 weight fly rod with various trout, Dolly Varden, Arctic Char attracting patterns. Possible Grand Slams (catch & release all species in one day!) at Lake Marie happen every day as all species are in the rivers other then Silver Salmon by late June.

Alaska Greyling

  Head Guide Mouse expert Mat Amundson spent several mornings reacquainting me with the skills needed to work the tiny Deer hair Mouse from shore edges, falling with a loud plop and then moving with a nice wide wake as it scurries for shore. Watching big Rainbows, Dollys, rise up in crystal clear water and slam the Mouse is as much fun as catching, playing and landing King Salmon!

We spent 8 hours on two occasions working the Mouse and releasing many fine fat wild Bows. Absolutely the most fun with a light fly rod, I used my new 6 weight Bamboo I made just for this Alaska trip. Head Guide Mat is the Mouse Master indeed! He has studied the movements carefully and after about an hour I was hypnotized watching the little mouse.....

The Mouse photo is Mats Mouse, many photos in part two taken by head Guide Mat Amundson, great job Mat.

  Near Drowning Incident

  Each morning during the week spent at Lake Marie Mat and I took a Boat and headed out to a new area that included some walking in heavy brush (Grizzly Bear habitat) we yelled and made noise in the brush to warn the animals. Many rivers and streams were forded to reach the best waters. On day three we forded a fast, deep running river and I slipped and went over my head briefly until I caught the shore brush and Mat was right there and pulled me out just in time. It was ice cold and I was in trouble for sure. I was wearing new waders a wonderful dear friend Serena Chietti gave me an old Volkswagen Seat Belt that I pulled extra tight that morning. No question that belt preventing my waders from filling with water. I would have been history. Thanks Serena! Safety so important in remote fly waters. Guide Mat was right there a total pro, thanks Mat for saving Mr. Wolf!

  Every morning another Alaskan animal, bird would appear like the Moose encounter on day two. As we stood throwing flies a big Bull pounced up and down 50 yards away letting us both know it was his house! Trumpeter Swans flew over and Eagles sat in trees watching us work the waters. Beaver Dams everywhere and endless wild fish to chase as the Sun never went down....

  Many moments sharing meals and laughter formed bonds that may last. My Dinner partners included three men from Minnesota, one in particular raised Corn and missed a career in stand up comedy! An overly educated 13 year old was a constant companion. I helped him plan his life by suggesting life as a Plastic Surgeon living in Hollywood giving Breast Implants to Hollywood Starlets, his Mom will love my career advise. Among the 21 Wise men two individuals were outstanding outdoors men with interesting histories. A Dentist named Ian and his friend Amir were impressive in their overall fishing skills. Ian new to fly fishing displayed excellent fly casting and river reading abilities denoting a life spent as an Outdoors men. Amir whose personal tale includes fleeing a war torn eastern Europe and becoming a successful American citizen, a wonderful story!

Alaska Rainbow

Each morning at Lake Marie we assembled around the fly tying table before Breakfast, feathers and wild fish stories flew fast and loose.... Mother Marie always up first working in the warm kitchen was a sublime lovely way to begin each day chatting with Mom Marie close as it gets to being a little boy again with Mom. Miss you Marie.

  Every time I leave Alaska the same sad feelings come over me realizing how special and unique this place is where the Sun stays up part of the year. The kind of people like the Wilson Clan who in harmony with the elements and all that is existing in true wilderness succeed and flourish in tough circumstance. The overwhelming beauty hits everyone, vastness, endless horizons, green everywhere, rivers, streams, creeks full of wild fish! America was once like Alaska, a place of opportunity and abundance.When I’m walking and fording rivers chasing wild King Salmon the reality of this uniqueness never escapes me. Fly fishermen are in Heaven in Alaska, it has to be near the very top for multi species light fly rod action no question. Wild Rainbows hit hard and fight! Cannot say enough about the Lake Marie fishery, simply outstanding. Contact info www.lakemarie.com.

If your interested in remote Alaska, fly rods, King Salmon, wonderful hospitality and wild multi species opportunities ? Then I highly recommend Lake Marie and the Pioneer Wilson Clan. Sweet dreams Mother Marie.......


  Written by Dan Fallon 2011
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© Phil Frank 2002

Illustrated By Phil Frank,
San Francisco Chronicle Cartoonist, creator of "Farley"

"The road of excess leads to the
Palace of wisdom..."
Proverbs of Hell

  Supreme Court Justice Quill and his crew The newly employed Spiritual Advisor, Main Man, Hashish Dealer. The Dali lama seated in the plush albino crocodile leather back seat of Quill’s shiny new bright red 800 HP F12 Ferrari. Seated next to the Frisco Wolf his life long Marine Pally General Duke Parker. They are busy rubbing special Fairy Sight Salve into their eyes so they can actually see the activities once they go underground into the surreal underworld of old 666 and his Golden Gate Park underground Fairy operated complex..... The red rocket ship shakes constantly and suddenly goes quiet as the three get out and walk toward the Panhandle near Haight Street as the sight salve suddenly kicks in and kazammmm, its old 666 Al Crowley!

"Oh boy me old Home Dawg in the fog. You boys have eye sight yet? Come on first we do copious Bong Hits of this Killer shit I just stole from a New York Pimp. Then we discuss what’s up here in San Fran and then I get you fixed up for the next big asss adventure Mr. Frisco Wolfinsteine... Come on hit this hard and hold it for ten seconds and then we rolllllll!!!!"

"This is the kind my friend!!! Dali Baby throw a pound of that Pope Hashish on my dear old long Dead Homey. Its all hard core Chicago Blues tonight you and your gang are invited. Listen boys just heard none other then Iggy & The Stooges will be there. He plays the Warfield September 12 & 13 got to see his show, its like Kid Rock meets early Stevie Wonder. So what do I need to know about this city before we start bouncing my friend? Do not forget a full detailed available Pussy Report Cowboy??"

"Lets begin with available Pussy."

"It do not look too good on the old In & Out playground Buddy! All tied up with new fools! Sugar Tits out of town and forget the littler Italian Nun, gone off the deep end I’m afraid.... Of course many wanna-be squeezes still exist for you on short notice. Now then catch the " Last Waltz Movie by Scorcessi at the Old Vic in The Haight July 19th & 20th killer music with The Band, Dylan, Muddy Waters, insane sounds at the Vic Pallly!!!! Sanctuary City still huge pain in the ass with whacked out politics as usual... So what’s fucking new in Sin City Baby!!!"

"Listen Quill my Man, Me and me nasty very Dead friends want to separate San Fran from the Mother Fucking USA Baby! We want to cut this lovely, Zened out land of overlyentitledballbreakingmaneatingshebeasts loose Son! And we want you Mr. Supreme law maker heart breaker to lead the charge. You ready for another bad ass to the bone (listen to the only bad ass Ted Nugent loving radio in the Galaxy Baby! 1077. The Bone !!!) Sooo can you hang with making San Fran sovereign Country on its own or not?"

"I’m way down with that 666. Always new this day would come! Frisco Wolf needs his own San Francisco Diplomatic Passport Baby!!! Make Haight Street the Capital and set up immigration on the Golden Gate Bridge Bitches... We begin a new Hippy era of course, LSD, Free everything and the Bar’s never close, Gambling and Whore Houses, call Dennis at the www.moonlightranch.com He will want a big chunk of this... All my X girl friends get free shopping unlimited until death, Hashish bars run by our lowly Pope & Dali Lama will be gold mines! We will have a district for self destructed American Male Icon’s. Mel and Arnold, Tiger and Charley can all come and rest here."

"Now your talking Son! Ok, see you at the Fillmore 3am my Brother. Will bring a few surprises. Little advise Cowboy, that fucking red missile your flying around in has a HUGE PRICE CONNECTED. It was a gift with a clause you might say! Did you actually find out who gave you the $300,000 F12? Remember you have Fan’s and you have the others. Time to slow down and read the signs Pilgrim......"

"Stop! Please! You of all people Mr. Lived to excess like Rambau, Jim Morrison and all the classic dirty white boys with expensive taste and too many toys. That fucking car is one of best possible total emancipation tools available. Man, even I can’t easily cough up $300.000 small ones for toys like the F12! I know a price comes with it, always a price for every pleasure hey boys. Dali Baby give me another hugefied hit of that insane Hashish oh spirit handler Elsupreamo."

"Being your personal Spiritual Handler/ Hashish Dealer could be the most enlightening adventure of my storied mortal existence. I was found as an infant and questioned, watched for special signs. Then the curse of being chosen Dali Lama. Next the genocide from Peking.... Now eternal peace within the blurry surreal world of Fletcher Quill. My life has come into reality limbo, spiritual crisis and now the Lords of Mortality have given my fate over to an aging opiate addicted famous fly fishermen Supreme Court Judge. Poetic justice has been rendered nicely. I now have an addiction to speed and quite possibly sweet, wet, tight, pulsating pussy."

"So what on earth are you Bitching bout there Holyhighman? Next I’m getting you into working the classic Tibet Tambourine in this nights Blues Jam Baby! Also you will hooked up to one of my extra Bitches for sure .And my new main Soul Brother I had my best San Fran tailor work up several totally 1960s psychedelic robe things Dude. You will be fitted with the coolest sun glass’s known to man and I have gold plated tennis shoes coming in the morning. You are set Dali Baby. Now how can you bitch when I take better care of your celestial ass then Ice Berg Slim took care of his Hoe’s (Ice Burg Slim, Famous New York City Pimp)...."

"I’m grateful anyone gave me a gig , let alone hanging with the likes of you Quillinstein. Here hit this Bong load before we hit the Fillmore Sonny Boy. You ready to play? You ready to roll hard for hours until your voice and body goes numb Mr. Wolfinstein? Man, that shit hits harder then the Pacific Ocean after a two and half gainer off the Golden Gate Bridge my mortal side kick from Hell..."

"Love the Wolf speak crawling out of your enlightened mouth my main spirit soothing man. Gold Harps ready, my old voice ready. Its is time....."

Slowly but terribly conspicuously the 800 HP F12 slides into the VIP Parking area in back of the famed Fillmore Rock Palace, right next to Sly Stones killer 600Hp Porsche Twin Turbo. The air is already electric with various strains of the finest Gunga everywhere and high fives as six more cars and a Limo pull up. Woman in skirts so short why wear them at all? The long back stair well now fully occupied by smokers and jokers passing reefer and talking Chicago Blues. It is time.

"Is that who I think it is? Frisco Wolf and his crew. You bring your Harp Judge?"

"Man, long time no play Charley Musselwhite his Dam self. Mr. Blues Harp Dude. Look at this Gold Plated Hohner in key of G. I had ten of these made at 2 thousand each my Brother! I brought two and I’m giving one to you as your one of my Hero’s Son..."

"You still riding skateboards and playing with fly rods Ball Player?"

"Last night Bombed the whole Haight Street run one end to the Panhandle. Wet fog made it sweet. Then over to the Golden Gate Bridge shredded and ate pavement into Sausalito for Breakfast. One long glide riding on the back of a new born Cobra is how it feels riding that new Board with space shuttle bearings. It hits forty MPH Baby, that is awfully quick for a skateboard Buddy!!!"

Moments before taking the last steps into the back room of the fabled Rock Palace a disturbance causes Quill and his gang to stop look and listen as non other then the latest famous Italian older man to disintegrate... The once uber super smoking hot Johnny Galliano and his car load of way too hot French Super Models carefully stroll like upon a fashion runway, dark glass’s and the coolest suede three piece alpha male clothing San Franciscan could imagine.... Johnny is still reeling from the grueling seven hour Trial in Paris for unfortunate remarks made to a Left Bank Shop Keeper, calling him Hitler!. Johnny looks tired and hungry like an unsuccessful rapist as the ghost of Muddy Waters takes a long slow look at the mans clothing..

"Man, Oh Man! That is the funkiest thing I ever seen a white boy wear? Quill is this man one of your back up singers Man? He looks like one of your boys Frisco Wolf?"

"Ahh No Muddy, he ain’t with me Dude. That’s Johnny Galliano Man, he makes killer clothes, Mr. Mother fucking Fashionista my friend. Johnny come over here man and meet these legends just like you little dude. So you hang with the other Italian Bad To The Bone BOY his supreme Italian counterpart (except for the money Baby!) Our beloved Berlousconi the current King of bad taste. His recent photos eating Birthday Cake off the ASS the a very cute 17 year old Lolita is the stuff of Italian alpha male legend indeed..."

"Fletcher fucking American Icon Quill El Supreamo Court Judge. I’m so impressed with your fucking bad ass F12 my American Icon friend. I have fifty new Amazon bright red Python skins. I will make you new seat covers and door panels if you let me drive the fucking F12 Quill, please!"

"Deal Mr. I love fucking Hitler. I have made a few uncensored comments along the way that haunt me as well.... Are we here to Bullshit or play some Chicago Michigan Ave. old school Blues? Muddy did you see Musselwhite is here. You heard from little Luther or Robert Johnson lately my Icon blues legend long dead friend ?"

"We all nightly jammin in the Eternal Blues Pantheon Baby! Lets get this started with a taste of my seminal, " I’m A Man- Full Grown Man " One two three, Quill you come in first and I’ll take the lead vocal when we hit this old Fillmore Stage. Come on boys let play like it’s the Last Waltz..."

(How fast they fall from grace and how quickly they rehab and back they go!)


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Written by Dan Fallon 2011
Illustrations by Phil Frank 2003
Photos by Dan Fallon 2011

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