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Fall Nymphomania

"In books and love, the mind one end pursues,
And only change the expiring flame renews."

John Gay 1685- 1732

  No question early to late Fall is my favorite time of year to prowl rivers and streams without rubbing shoulders with the unwashed mass’s... Because of unusually low rain fall most California rivers are running low, though my trip up north beginning with a day working the majestic Truckee River that runs through the town of Truckee ending near Reno Nevada was splendid! This river is well cared for and sustains a quality fishery with high counts of Rainbow, some Browns and constant insect hatches. I tied my new pattern, "Nuclear Nymph" a large gaudy hard to resist Uber Nymph on steroids. This pattern drove the bigger fish crazy and they hit it within seconds of hitting feeding lanes! I wore out two of these new flies in three days of hard action on two rivers. Deep slow pools and obvious feeding lanes were the targets. I used nine to ten foot leaders, size 6 tippets and my crazy over weight splashy golden nuclear nymph, on top either a Grasshopper or Bee or Ant pattern. This setup is deadly Pilgrims, you will fool large and surface feeding trout, you will?

  Crisp mornings and chest high wading from early morning until lunch working many fine reaches from just outside of the historical town of Truckee. This is great fly fishing for those who want a bit of luxury and a special little river town that ain’t small no more! Good news is the spirit of historical Truckee lives in places like: "The River Street Inn" located on the Truckee River! My hostess Wendy Smith and her husband created a excellent Inn on the river highly recommended! www.riverstreetinntruckee.com Phone 530-550-9290. Many good restaurants and antique stores will keep the Ball & Chain, Brats happy while you chase trout.

  Short Line Technique

  This time of year between late August up until early November wading the shimmering green waters of the Truckee is easy as the water flows are down and the current gently pushes instead of rapid fire slams as one concentrates mastering proper Short Line or rather No Line on the water Nymphing... On several quiet pre Labor Day weekend mornings I waded up to my chest in this wonderful cold clear water and looked for currents or shady tree over hangs or brushy river edges where deep undercuts might hide fat trout. The idea is to cast short distance and then quickly pick up or gather in as much fly line as possible holding fly rod high and following the drift watching for any bump or tightening, then a quick gentle wrist flick and your hooked up and working a trout! It is easy to learn and simple to understand, clear water means no camouflage for you or your fly! One has to maintain high stealth in Fall clear waters which is why most civilian bug throwers only throw streamers that are easy to work with practice in the Fall?

  Two Fly Set Up

  If you become familiar with tying two flies when searching or working new waters your odds for success will triple! Simply remember up top your dry fly ought to be substantial enough to draw attention when no hatches are happening. Grasshoppers, Bees, Dragonflies, Gaudy Attractors, anything terrestrial will do nicely. Tie the under water or nymph fly to the round section of the top water dry fly hook and allow at least four to five feet depending on water depth for the under water fly. The underwater fly must be weighted as well. My new Nuclear Nymph is weighted and big and ugly enough to draw pissed off what is this hits from bigger trout for sure! It was amazing how quickly it was hit, great fun! Throw your two fly rig until it gets second nature, your going to tangle, it will take patience, it is worth learning. I did not invent this, wish I did...

  Exact Nymph Presentation Theories

  Many seasoned Deep Nymphers I have known and fly fished with, Walt Powell included felt and practiced natural as possible presentation by first getting as close to the bottom of the river/stream and then allowing the current to move the nymph bumping along as real life nymphs practice. Another popular theory contents if one were to find a good tall perch like a tree limb or tall rock and not allow the nymph to move more then ten or fifteen feet in the same area near the under edge of boulders or rocks is deadly! High sticking explained above allows stealth habits to dictate your presentations as I feel one must always endeavor no matter what! If your used to working easily reached often hammered fly waters? You pilgrim need all the help you can get, comprende? First take your over weight TV watching big ass on a long walk and find a place few ever throw flies on your next fly trip (One or two trips a year maybe?) you have already changed your fly fortune as the native fish will allow your inept self to possibly actually catch one or two? Imagine that! Other wise my average fly reader dreamer go on and mow that dying brown lawn or take the 200 pound bride on a lap or two through the local burger palace and maybe you’ll get lucky there Mr. Esoteric fly fisher dreamer...

  Now of course if you’re a pretty regular practitioner of the art of the Long Rod? You already know stealth or sneaking, crawling, hiding your shadow, maybe climbing a tree to get perfect fly placement near a waterfall, going very early or late after the world goes home! Or maybe walking a distance to find peace and quiet and willing non spooked trout. This sort of fly fisher is careful to keep shadows and line off water and he moves slowly not over working a reach until its dead. He has mastered nasty Go Away eye contact just in case another human arrives for whatever reason other then bird watchers and cute Blonds of course.... This kind of fly fisher is in shape and lives by the Marine Corps creed, "Adapt, Improvise, Overcome" Semper Fi all journeyman bug tosser’s you.

Nuclear Nymph, by Dan Fallon

Nuclear Nymph

Hook: Streamer #10 - #20 Barbless or you make it Barbless sportsfan!

Thread: Brown ancient monks robe fibers ( hard to find Cowboy!)

Weight: Wrap strip of your favorite non-toxic weight.

Tail: Pheasant tips split or splayed.

Body: Wild Roadkill Fox facial hairs carefully matched and mixed with noted fly tier Jay Fair’s Gold Tinsel. Gold Tinsel is wrapped ala Over-body with a taste of belly exposed.

Wingcase: Not needed as bulky size of two body wraps makes it obsolete because of large size! Were going for nuclear fission here Pilgrim’s BIG & Gaudy!

Thorax: Several wraps of copper wire add to realistic underwater light catching ability. Finish off fly with one wide wrap of iridescent green thread to secure. Use glue where possible. Shiny green thread enhances underwater light catching.

*This pattern tested in two rivers in last three weeks. It works fast. Tie it, try it. Caution radioactive! Better wear special gloves when operating.

**Famed Fly tier Jay Fair can be reached at www.eagleflyfishing.com


© Phil Frank 2002

Illustrated By Phil Frank,
San Francisco Chronicle Cartoonist, creator of "Farley "

  Ten hour’s straight old gold school Chicago Blues ala a complete remix of the legendary,"London Howlin Wolf Session’s" dedicated to Chester Arthur Burnett A.k.a. "Howlin Wolf". Quill’s shiny new recording studio cut into solid rock San Francisco Sea Cliff waters edge has been channeling the spirits of Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Sonny Bad Ass Boy Williamson,Willie Dixon filtered through Keith Richards lead guitar. Carlos Santana Quill’s long time homey trading licks with Keith, Quill blowing reasonably fine harp for a dirty white boy.... Final cuts of, "Wang Dang Doodle", "I Ain’t Superstitious", "DO THE DO!" are almost as good as it gets, the boys are spent as much schrooming has transpired along with multi sampling of the Owsley glowing, mind benderizing fluid.... Quill listens to his messages before passing out in his plush digs.

"Quill, this is one of your old squeezes Wildman, it’s the one and only 39EE- 28-35 Baby! That ring a bell home boy? Listen we here at the Mitchell Bros Adult fun Palace are still devastated at losing the boss. Jimmy we love you." Did you forget silly Polk & Geary big mural side of building? Open 11am till whenever. Bring it Mr. Big Shot General, we got a few stars for you."

"Fletcher, its me Dude, Stinky the Weasel at the Fillmore. Look here blues rocking General, ,Slash and Duff are going to be here rehearsing tonight. Bring Keith around 1am Baby! Oh yeah did you hear the fool boy Mayor and his idiot Stupidvisors have killed Halloween parties in the frigging Castro! Just heard that complete moron Daylate wants blue Angels to take their war planes elsewhere, we might have to visit that patsy Quill, comprende?"

"Quill, General Trouble, la Sharon here sweety. Miss you , miss you. Your cat miss’s you even my new best friend Paris can’t wait for your arrival. Oh one more little tiny thing my master. If your looking to score here better have the following under that powerful arm..... One new ladies Diamond Rolex, complete Louie Vuitton white travel luggage suite, 25 yards of that incredible black spider silk SF is known for. See you soon my Prince..."

"General Wildass 8th Degree Street belt Holder! Son you did tell your president your 26 and 0 in the bleak black back alleys of that Human Reservation you call an American City? Now speaking as your friend and Commander and Chief, you and General "2000 yard "Duke Parker will be fully activated USMC General Command Action Leaders in the Super Secret operation now known as, "3 days The Hard Way!". I have a messenger on the way with your new communication code ID monitors and your ten million advance in country cash. Any questions from now on use your code names, "Grey Wolf for you General Quill, General Parker’s new code name is, "Bad Company!". You have 12 days to plant both your ancient ass’s on the Carrier Group we have waiting, copy this Marines, 12 days!"

"Mr. Quill you don’t know me Sir, a friend gave me your personal phone number. I’m a 3rd grade teacher here in town. Did you know the city government has been trying to stop Halloween?"

  Hey old buddy, it’s First Sargent Jollywich, you remember Jolly from working at that Treasure Island Marine Brig we did duty in back in the foggy 1960s? Well got your number from another Marine you served with in the 1st Marine Airwing Photo Recon outfit circa 1965/67? Any who, your dam fool boy mayor and his ship of fools are trying to stop the jet acrobat team, Blue Angels from doing their yearly show? What the hell has happened to your San Francisco son? Blue Angels too Military? Halloween too Scary? What the -uck is going on their Marine? Semper Fi. Oh yeah I’ll prey for any sorry sons o bitches who get into you or Dukes sights. Get ready to rumble young man....."

"Fletcher Quill. Dude what up Home dog? Have you heard the morons’ at city hall trying to kill Halloween? Listen pal this city is sliding down into the ugly common abyss every other American sheep run city stews in! You going to stand for this Mr. San Francisco, you going to watch our surreal city slip out of the mystic and into the septic.... Call Me. Your pal Four Fingered Frank."

  As the foggy San Francisco morning evaporates allowing the Golden Gate Bridge to glisten, fog horns serenade while Quill’s resident staff prepare the masters 10am first feeding. Black Tea, Clement St. Bakery assortment and local newspapers...

"Good morning, nice to see my San Francisco crib well cared for and love the windows cleaned before my arrival. When Keith comes down let him peruse the London papers and take his time. Earl Grey and Devon Cream over fresh fruit will make him smile. Also listen up, no more crashing mayors or surprise guests. I’ll be in the library."

"Sir, another package arrived from Washington!"

"Looks like General Parker and my combat orders, as of today we have 12 days to rap up and arrive in country. Have cook prepare fresh sea food pasta, bring up the 83 Stags leap and the Heitz Cellars."

"Excuse me Sir, it appears the mayor and his entourage have returned unannounced?"

  Quill is outside before the words stop vibrating within six seconds he is one inch from the boy mayor’s face and has lifted him off his feet while whispering these words slowly.....

"You little gutless rich boy, did you find the stones to come back here and confront me Cowboy?"

"No, please let me down Quill, this is embarrassing. I wanted to ask you if to perhaps attend a Board of Supervisors inner council meeting and air your long list of grievances!"

"Morning Glimmer Twin, you almost missed watching his honors expensive Italian Loafers dangling ten inches off the deck! Ok, enough townie dribble. Lets get dosed and fire up the Ferrari, couple of short visits to make before we get down to the ZOO Grizzly habitat and see what General Parker has up his salty sleeve..., wait have another idea!"

"We owe it to the memories of Jim & Arty Mitchell of world wide Mitchell Bros Adult Movie fame.

  These two first amendment soldiers did more to preserve this nations founding fathers vision then almost anyone other the Hustler Magazines Larry Flint and of course Hefner! Old, old school San Franciscan’s who lived and loved and fought in this grand town. Names like Wavy Gravy, Dirk Dirkson (God father of Punk), Paul Krasner, the legendary Hallinan boys, Dr. David Smith founder Haight Ashbury Free Clinic, Chet Helms. Jim & Arty were the best, all balls those boys! In my mind the true unsung heros of this city are people like Jim & Arty and Wavy Gravy who actually followed through and helped change America briefly for the better. How about a national moment to the invisible heros of consciousness raising Timothy Learn, Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters prowling back roads blowing up false idols as they roll."

"Man did I miss you Sweetheart, Quill turns the key to his Baby and she fires like holding a match to a bottle of Ether.... Sounding more like a jet fighter about to launch off a carrier flight deck. The F1 reminds Keith of what a bucket of loose bolts must sound like when rattled!

  Within moments the Ferrari smooths out as Quill slips Velvet Revolver’s new hard rock hit," She builds Quick Machines..."

"Love your ride Mate, makes homesick for me Bentley. So first stop Nasty Palace? You still know the Night Manager Fletcher me main man?"

"Oh yeah, did you know none other then Hunter S. Thompson was night manager for a long period? We are going upstairs where old Hunter used to watch the Asian men loose their fortune cookies. General Parker was an in house body guard for ladies with names like Sea, Pheadra, Lovey and so forth. I of course spent many educational afternoons studying female anatomy closely. Did make a few trips on the boys Salmon Boat. Great guys both of them, shame Jimmy put a bullet in his brother Arty, dam shame..."

(Porn Palace hang or San Francisco where is your seat belt and crash helmet?)

**The San Francisco chronicle Newspaper on July 26th reported, "A Coyote Pup was found dead in Golden Gate Park hit by a car, it has been determined the pup was related to the two wild coyotes shot and killed after attacking pet dogs..." Thank you Mayor Newsome and the San Francisco Board of Stupidvisors...

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Written by Dan Fallon 2007
Illustrations by Phil Frank © 2003
Photos by Dan Fallon © 2007

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