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Latest publications

Avalon Permit Fly
My first saltwater grand slam - a permit, tarpon, and bonefish in a single day - while fishing in Cuba, thanks in large part to a new permit fly. By Hans van Klinken (2015-03-17)

Tips for selecting deer hair
Choosing the right hair will make your deer hair flies - Comparaduns, EHC´s, Muddlers, bass bugs - much easier to tie.
By Chris Helm (2015-02-21)

How to tie better deer-hair flies
Article filled with useful tips on how to improve your skills tying deer hair flies By Chris Helm. (2015-02-21)

Mörke John - wrapping hackle and finishing a fly -
To get an nice and straight hackle on your dry flies can sometimes be an pain. Well off course there is a question of the quality of the hackle, but not just that. By Niklas Dahlin  (2015-02-21)

Product News from UNI-products 2014-2015

CASTING AWAY YOUR CARES on the Flats… by Commander Walter (Joe Guide) Dinkins. (2014-09-04)

Peacock Stonefly
This black adult generic Stonefly works well because its built with iridescent Peacock Herl By Dan Fallon  (2014-06-26)

Mouse Magic
Article on effective salmon and rainbow fly pattern. By Dan Fallon (2014-05-04)

North America Fly Fishing Reality 2014
By Dan Fallon (2014-03-23)

Damsel Fly Nymph
The Damsel Fly Nymph can be an important pattern for spring fishing. A couple of times during our traditional trout fishing trip the fish have been very selective and have keyed in on these nymphs. Any larger nymph would do OK, but an exact imitation can't hurt (and in any case; it's good for your self-confidence). By Mikael Båth, 1998 (2014-01-03)

The Royster Doyster
is somewhat a little tribute to my dear friend Roy Christie. By Niklas Dahlin (2014-02-14)

DVD-Presentation: Stealth with a Fly
New DVD from Steve Couper at Stealth Films in new Zealand

Fly Fishing with Solo Canoes
Quiet Water boats appeal to me in that these boats tend to be uncomplicated and free of electronics or other gadgets I think distract from the overall experience. By Mike Hogue 2013 (2014-01-12)

Grey Fox Variant
Here we will learn a little of one of my personal favorites, the Grey Fox variant. The pattern was created by Catskill celebrity Art Flick. The fly was of what I heard one of the flies Flick had closest to his heart. By Niklas Dahlin (2013-12-26)

Fishing for Fall Browns
Fall fishing in Montana isn't for everybody. For most folks, the combination of clouds, rain, and cold weather make for a crummy day outdoors, more suitable for staying under the covers and reading a book than fishing. By James Anderson (2013-12-08)

Press release 2013-11-03
Casting That Fly 1 & 2
Lars Chr. Bentsen is a certifed Master Casting Instructor with the International Federation of Fly Fishers and is recognised internationally for his ability to teach fly casting.

Press release 2013-11-02
New UNI-French Oval Copper Sizes

New Mylar Colors from UNI

Telemarkskongen - "The King of Telemark"
Norwegian fly, which are many flyfisher’s favourite as a classic wet fly for Grayling, Trout and Char. Presented by Erling Olsen (2013-09-30)

Sømme-puppa (Soemme-pupae)
Sømme-puppa is an imitation of a swimming caddis pupa. We had great success with this fly during a caddis hatch where different flies were refused. By Pål Krogvold (2013-09-08)

The surprise
When I lived in Twin Bridges, I often drove by a small spring creek that looked interesting enough to fish some day. Story by Tom Morgan (2013-09-08)

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