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News 2015-08-29

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Latest publications

Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing Column no 3 2016: Four Very Common Mistakes! (2016-04-27)

Whisky, wings and wedding dresses
In this article, I want to tell you about how I started to work with organza, and found some nice tricks to handle it. I think organza is a wonderful material, and because I use it in a unique way, I'm sure that I can give you some valuable tips.
By Hans van Klinken. (2016-04-20)

Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing Column no 2 2016: Feather Obsession  (2016-02-21)

Fly fishing teachers & lessons learned throughout the years
Read story about Lefty Kreh
. By Walter (Joe Guide) Dinkins 2016
Published here 2016-02-02

Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing Column no 1 of 2016: Fly Fishing With Donald Trump  (2016-01-07)

Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing Column no 5 of 2015: Boulder Battles (2015-11-23)

New Axxel 6 Holographic Silver from UNI-Products
New fly tying product. (2015-11-07)

New flytying materials from from UNI Products
UNI-Stretch Rusty Orange
Mylar Holographic Gold
New Yarn Colors
UNI-French Oval Tinsel in Red.

Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing Column no 4 of 2015: Ropes and high hopes Dan Fallon tells us a story about a trip along Feather river. (2015-10-10)

News: 2015-08-29
Thinking of going to Ireland for fly fishing? Read this: Local Magic in the West of Ireland.

Rune's Dragonfly
This is one of my favorite patterns for early season fishing in the lakes where i live.
By Rune Andre Stokkebekk 2009. (2015-08-26)

Local Magic in the West of Ireland
Casting one’s fly into Irish loughs and rivers exalts all that is truly special about fishing and makes up our wonderful passion. The beauty, often breath-taking, wild and empty, leaves your inner silence finally undisturbed, accompanied by the gentle sound of wind and water always at your side.
By Nick Scott. (2015-08-26)

Alien Bug
During the warm August and September months hoppers are big part of the trout's diet in the Rocky Mountain area of the United States. Fishing with hoppers can be really exciting. By Jay Lee (2015-08-12)

Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing
Column no 3 of 2015: Napoleon On the Fly. Dan Fallon tells us a story about when Napoleon Bonaparte somehow found a few precious hours for much needed fly rod time before his last decisive battle began...

Fishing with the Morgan Twitch
You will be amazed at the number of fish you move to the fly. In fact, if you are like me, many of the ones I miss are more fun than the ones I catch.
By Tom Morgan  (2015-08-09)

Take a brush and paint a dayfly! What makes fly fishing so fascinating is the fact, that it can be associated with so many other hobbies.
By Preben Torp Jacobsen. (2015-08-09)

Rusty Rat (Variant)
Scott Howell had a talent for taking old patterns and reworking them with new materials so that they become a better fly, and he have shown his usual mastery with this fly.

The legend lives
Fly fishing story by  Ernie Schwiebert. "James Poor was an expert fisherman. Poor operated the principal fly-fishing shop in the Denver metropolitan region some twenty-odd years ago, and was also a famous Colorado fly maker."

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