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Flugfiske i Norden
Oldest Fly Fishing Magazine in Sweden

Latest publications:

Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing Column no 2 2017: FLY WATER REALITY WAY OUT WEST  (2017-04-18)

Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing Column no 1 2017: Fly School (2017-03-10)

Press release: New UNI-Soft Wire Royal Blue
UNI-Products, a world leader in the supply of spooled fly-tying materials, announces the addition of Royal Blue to the available colors of UNI-Soft Wire. Available in three sizes. (2017-02-03)

Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing Column no 6 2016: Dream Fly Christmas (2016-12-08)

Choosing trout flies simplified: 2 super-easy methods.
From today onwards, you'll never have to take multiple fly boxes with you when you go fishing anymore. By Shabbir (2016-11-10)

G.E.M. Skues and the hatching BWO puzzle
I had many happy days of fine dry fly fishing with BWO imitations on Bosnian rivers. Through the process of elimination I decreased my fly selection to just two patterns in several sizes and this is what is described in the article, along with some historical stuff about GEM Skues. By Goran Grubic and Aleksandar Panic

Press release: Digital Edition of
Modern Atlantic Salmon Flies

book by Paul C Marriner  (2016-11-03)

Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing Column no 5 2016: Perfect Fall morning (2016-10-11)

Press release: New UNI-GloFloss Light Blue and Light Green
New fly tying product from UNI Products. (2016-10-03)

Product News: The FF Coastal Stripping Basket is the lightest basket on the market.  (2016-10-02)

Tying Damsels and Dragon nymphs
Learn how to tie imitations of Damsel and Dragon fly nymphs. By Hans van Klinken (2016-09-16)

Press release: Thermo-WADE™
A new exciting innovative wading staff delivers all the best features of a high quality modern collapsible wading staff, coupled with an integrated temperature-sensitive system.

Press release: New UNI-Thread 8/0 Fluorescent Green
New fly tying product from UNI Products. (2016-08-03)

Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing Column no 4 2016: Mid Summer Fly Tactics! (2016-07-26)

The CdC Midge and The Parachute Midge
There are two dry fly midges that I’ll never go fishing without – The CdC Midge and The Parachute Midge. Easy to tie, but act like fish magnets in the water. By Kjell S. Rakkenes

Squirell & Claret Sea Trout Hairwing variant and Squirrel & Claret Erling Olsen presents two flies for sea trout fishing: (2016-06-05)

Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing Column no 3 2016: Four Very Common Mistakes! (2016-04-27)

Whisky, wings and wedding dresses
In this article, I want to tell you about how I started to work with organza, and found some nice tricks to handle it. I think organza is a wonderful material, and because I use it in a unique way, I'm sure that I can give you some valuable tips. By Hans van Klinken. (2016-04-20)

Fly fishing teachers & lessons learned throughout the years
Read story about Lefty Kreh. By Walter (Joe Guide) Dinkins 2016
Published here 2016-02-02

New Axxel 6 Holographic Silver from UNI-Products
New fly tying product. (2015-11-07)

New flytying materials from from UNI Products
UNI-Stretch Rusty Orange
Mylar Holographic Gold
New Yarn Colors
UNI-French Oval Tinsel in Red. (2015-10-28)

Dan Fallons World of Flyfishing Column no 4 of 2015: Ropes and high hopes Dan Fallon tells us a story about a trip along Feather river. (2015-10-10)

News: 2015-08-29
Thinking of going to Ireland for fly fishing? Read this: Local Magic in the West of Ireland.

Rune's Dragonfly
This is one of my favorite patterns for early season fishing in the lakes where i live. By Rune Andre Stokkebekk 2009. (2015-08-26)

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