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PRESS RELEASE 2014-02-13


Filmed amongst some of New Zealand's most stunning wilderness waters, acclaimed NZ Fishing Guide Dean Bell returns in ‘Stealth with a Fly’, to address in detail the most common issues fly anglers face when trout fishing.

With an emphasis on the importance of line management and line control, the parts of each are broken down and analyzed individually in clear and easy to understand terminology.

‘Stealth with a Fly’ is for the fly fisherman seeking insight into converting angling opportunity into greater angling success.

To buy or to read more about this DVD om site: http://www.stealthfilms.co.nz



PRESS RELEASE 2013-11-03

Casting That Fly 1 & 2 Lars Chr. Bentsen is a certifed Master Casting Instructor with the International Federation of Fly Fishers and is recognised internationally for his ability to teach fly casting.

In these movies he goes through casting a single hand flyrod.

The first movie is primarily for beginners. The second movie is more in depth with specialty casts and an important section of common casting faults and how to correct them. A good fly cast is easy and elegant, and these movies teaches you to achieve that.

More info at wideopen.dk


PRESS RELEASE 2013-11-02

UNI-PRODUCTS Ste Melanie, Quebec, Canada

August 16, 2013

New UNI-French Oval Copper Sizes

UNI-Products, a world leader in the supply of spooled fly-tying materials, announces the addition of small and medium copper UNI-French Oval tinsel to their comprehensive selection of tinsel products. Among others, the new sizes will be appreciated by salmon-fly tiers wanting a more subdued look than that offered by gold or silver for their oval tinsel tags and ribs.

With the inclusion of the new sizes UNI is now able to offer UNI-French Oval in four colors and twelve sizes---silver (4), gold (4), copper (3) and pewter (1). In addition to regular single-color packaging, UNI offers a combo package with 20 spools of the most popular sizes of UNI-French Oval, UNI-French Embossed and UNI-French Wire.

Ask your local fly-shop for the new UNI-French Oval Copper sizes and visit our website for information about all our products.

Look to UNI-Products for the best in specialty fly-tying materials and accessories.




PRESS RELEASE 2013-11-02

UNI-PRODUCTS Ste Melanie, Quebec, Canada

February 20, 2013

New Mylar Colors from UNI

UNI-Products, a world leader in the supply of spooled fly-tying materials, announces the addition of two fresh colors to their very popular UNI-Mylar line. The new colors—Holographic Light Blue and Holographic Chartreuse—are available in three widths: #10 (1/16"), #12 (3/64"), and #14 (1/32"). These exciting new shades add to the versatility of the existing lineup: Holographic Black, Holographic Orange, Holographic Red, Holographic Silver, Gold/Silver, Red/Green, Copper/Blue, Peacock/Orange, and Pearl. Tiers now have fifteen colors at their disposal for creating attractive bodies and ribs, adding flash to wings and tails, producing tough and attractive wingcases, or serving as a base for spun bodies, to name just a few uses.

Visit our website for information on all our products.

Look to UNI-Products for the best in spooled fly-tying materials and accessories.




INTRODUCING THE WORLD’s most innovative fly rods

Oslo, Norway, October 5th, 2012

ArcticSilver is a new brand committed to creating innovative and iconic fly fishing products. With the revolutionary Free-Flex concept, ArcticSilver offers the most exciting rods on the market for today’s demanding fly fishers.

ArcticSilver introduces the Fre-Flex concept
Our Free-Flex rods are packed with never before seen features. Unlike conventional fly rods, our rods use the full power potential of the blank, by allowing it to bend freely inside a hollow handle. This design gives a better, more fun and efficient fishing experience. You can achieve long and precise casts with less use of force than you are used to. You don’t have to change your casting style for this new technology – our rods are designed to be used just like any other fly rod. The Quick-Lock reel seat is also a step forward in fly rod design. The fly reel is held tightly to the rod with zero wobble, yet it takes only a second to attach and detach the reel.

An inovative company in more than one sense
We blieve in the power of individuals. When enough people share a passion and are willing to back ideas that can fullfill their dreams, it is a powerful combination. During the coming months, we will launch this new breed of fly rods by using the crowdfunding sites Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Our campaign will run over 45 days, with a variety of attractive perks for our supporters. The line up includes limited edition Free-Flex rods. The backers will be the first in the world to get their hands on this new technology and benefit from the Free-Flex feeling. Other perks include custom designed t-shirts and caps, not to mention fly fishing trips and film projects in our beautiful and rugged Arctic home.

Ambitious and passionate
We have big ambitions at ArcticSilver. During the coming years we will work towards becoming a major player in the fly fishing industry. With the Free-Flex rods we’ve already designed the most innovative single handed fly rods on the market, and soon to come are double-handed Free-Flex rods along with a cutting-edge fly reel series. Our goal is to produce state of the art fly fishing equipment, developed and meticulously tested in the wild Arctic region of Northern Norway. In this short film (link), you can see more about our Arctic home, and how our Free-Flex rods work in action.

Building on experience
We hope we have sparked an interest in you for our ideas. If you want to known more about who we are and what we do, we’ve collected a number of resources on our homepage (link) and our Facebook site (link). We use Facebook to communicate with consumers all over the world, launch competitions and celebrate the sport in films and images – feel free to join the fun here (link). If you are curious about our Free-Flex rods, you can see much more by visiting these link:


If you have any questions, feedback or ideas, we’re here for you.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for your time.

Tight lines Robert Selfors // Founder and fly fisher

ArcticSilver Innovation AS
Bergerveien 52
N-1450 Nesoddtangen
M: +47 99 27 04 98
T: +47 66 91 07 05



News 2012-10-11

First Gear Iceland
Kringlan 7
103 Reykavik Iceland
+354 5197544


Haukadalsa is one of the top 12 salmon rivers in Iceland. Famous for its’ outstanding natural beauty, excellent catch statistics and plentiful pools in a relatively compact river. The waterlevels in the Haukadalsa remain steady even in periods of dry weather due to itsīlocation near lake Haukadalsa and the sea. It is difficult to find a river of this caliber so near Reykavik but Haukadalsa kan be reached in under 2 hours by car from the capital. The beautiful river Haukadalsa is 8 km long but hosts over 40 unusually large pools of crystal clear water. Fished by only 5 rods, it offers varied, interesting and rewarding flyfishing within easy reach. Less walking-more fishing!

A new chapter in Haukadalsa history starts on June 10th 2013. The fishing season will embrace new leaseholders, newly refurbished lodge, new guides and new menu. Haukadalsa will from this date be a strictly flyfishing- only river. What remains is the genuinely warm welcome and the Icelandic fishing experience of a lifetime.

The Haukadalsa has been host to avid flyfishermen and women from all over the world for over 30 years, many of of whom return again and again. We look forward to welcoming them in years to come but we are also excited to share this gem of a river with those of you who are looking for outstanding fishing and warm hospitality in an exceptional setting.

The lodge will be tastefully refurbished with new décor and furniture without losing its comfortable, familiar atmosphere.

The weekly menu has been composed with the help of a well known Icelandic chef using mainly locally produced fresh ingredients to produce mouthwatering meals. Our cook and her assistants will continue to make sure nobody leaves the table dissatisfied in any way.

One of the most significant changes at Haukadalsa will be the addition to the Haukadalsa team of two fulltime guides. Both Sigthor and Thorgils have been working for many years at top rivers in Iceland. We are very proud to have these two experienced guides as part of our team.

We respect the natural ecosystems in the river and want to ensure a healthy supply of salmon for many years to come. We know that most true fishermen feel the way we feel about catching fish. It is the exhilaration of fishing and catching that we are hooked on, not bringing home a freezer full of fish! We have decided that, in line with most top rivers in Iceland, Haukadalsa should be a fly only river with a maximum take of 2 salmon a day. Our guests will naturally be allowed to catch and release as many fish as desired!

Please visit our website www.haukadalsa.is for more information and recent photographs. We will be happy to talk to you personally to give you a chance to ask all the questions you may have. For high resolution photographs suitable for publication, please refer to gallery on website and contact us with any requests.

As always, Tight Lines!

Eva and Ken Deurloo

Best regards and Tight Lines

Eva Deurloo, First Gear Iceland
+46 702764747

Local representative:
Sigthor Steinn Olafsson, First Gear Iceland
+354 6921857



News 2012-08-18

COFISHING, the first social network for fishing...

This site is the first social network that will let you offer and find someone to go fishing with you and/or somewhere to stay to go fishing.

Find new fishing friends that can offer you local fishing knowledge, accommodation, friendship and you can offer the same to others.

Created by a passionate french fisherman. The site is in French, English and Spanish.

Take a look at this new site: www.cofishing.net

Say what you think on the facebook page of the site:



Press Release

– revolutionizing fishing –


Mini camera and monitor

How many times have you, like us, wondered what went on down below the water surface when fishing a stretch of water. If in fact there WERE any fish on that stretch of water? And you might, just like us, have thought about the costs of lost gear because we could not see the tree roots, the rocks and the weed under the water surface? And you might also have thought about what went on around your bait i.e. when coarse fishing, fishing in put-and-take waters etc!

These times are over now. For the first time it is now possible to see if there are any fish on that stretch of water we are fishing. For the first time we are now able to see any obstacles in the water and avoid losing flies, spoons, spinners worth thousands of dollars. The VEDSO VISUALIZER is a completely new product on the World market consisting of a high-tech solution that will allow us to experience a whole new dimension of what fishing is about. An advanced wireless Mini CAM floating on the water surface transmits a signal to a DVR monitor attached to your rod and you are now able directly to see the fantastic underwater World previously hidden to us.

VEDSO VISUALIZER BASIC is an advanced high-tech piece of equipment, yet very easy to use. You tie the Mini CAM housing on to your fishing line, throws it into the water and that’s it – just remember to turn the rechargeable CAM and the DVR on! You will now get a live color video picture on your DVR monitor of what goes on below the water surface – and it all happens in wireless mode. No cord or other to complicate things. You can store your fishing videos, send them through email, up-load them to the internet and much more. On the Mini CAM you will also find 4 LEDs installed which means that you are also able to use VEDSO VISUALIZER at night – quite handy. VEDSO VISUALIZER is a new solution to our common problem of knowing if there are any fish in the waters we are fishing, be it a river, a lake or along our coasts!

Some might think that using VEDSO VISUALIZER means ”cheating”. And probably a lot of people also felt that way when man began to use the railroad instead of a horse or when people began to fly an airplane instead of using the train. We believe that technology is here to stay and that it gives us some unique possibilities if used for its intended purpose. We think we have done so with the VEDSO VISUALIZER. Now, we get access to a whole new World under the water surface that previously was hidden to us – by the river, at the lake, along our coasts, for flyfishers, spin fishers and bait fishers! We think that VEDSO VISUALIZER will provide for whole new opportunities, and change our perception of what fishing is about and how it is done… So welcome to our World of high-tech solutions for fishing!

For more information you are very welcome to collect further information from Lars.

Kirkegade 3
DK-8881 Thorsø

Phone: (+45) 97 20 88 28
Cell phone: (+45) 21 80 64 88
Website: www.vedso.com


New Colours

Nymph Bead Brass bead heads

Our ambition is to provide you the best products to let your imagination go free in your own nymph's creation. Our products are developped in the most commonly used dimensions and colors. Our brass bead heads make your nymphs look more "natural". They also increase the weight of the fly and make it swim better.

265 rue de la Grange
74950 Scionzier
Tel : 33 (DJ 450 91 6730 - Fax: 33 [0)970 61 3735
Site: www.bidoz.com


BFD Flyfishing arranges fishing weeks at
Almås beat in river Gaula, Norway, 2012


As of season 2012 BFD Flyfishing offers salmon fishing on Almås beat.

  Mr Michael Nyberg, who is one of the men behind BFD Flyfishing gives his views on the beat and salmon fishing in general in river Gaula. - We at BFD Flyfishing has fished this stretch many years earlier when it was a day permit beat and knows what it delivers. We are extremely pleased to now be able to offer an exclusive, good fishing to one of the best rates Gaula currently offers. In recent years there has been an extreme increase in prices of all fishing in Gaula and it has unfortunately come to such levels that the "ordinary man" soon not afford to go fishing in Gaula at all.

We at BFD Flyfishing has a saying, "by fishermen for fishermen". As we like to fish for our self this is a way for us to guarantee our own fishing on a beat that we know deliver but of course at the same time we must raise money to bring in gross margin for the lease. For this reason we have chosen to put us at a price that is very attractive mainly for the Norwegian and Swedish fishermen who over the years seen their old beats become untenable expensive. We also have some inquiries from Germany, England and Denmark.

  Our vision is to create a fishing beat that with our service, accommodation and nature experiences are an important piece that we as fishermen ourselves value during a fishing week in with our friends.

  The beat also includes an excellent accommodation in a fully-equipped Norwegian cabin with plenty of room, large sun deck, shower room, etc. We will also offer the sale of some materials such as flies, tippet material, hooks, etc. for our guests.

  We have got approved to handle the decinfection of equipment on site, all to give 100% service to our guests.

For more information go to www.bfd-flyfishing.nu



The Fish & The Fly 3. Terrestrials
Movie by Niels Vestergaard

This is dry fly fishing at its best.

Terrestrials are land based insects - grasshoppers, beetles, Daddy Long Legs etc. Imitations of these insects are natural additions to any flybox and Morten Oeland shows why. We join him as he uses his fantastic imitations on a number of fishingtrips in Denmark, Greenland, Germany, New Zealand and Swedish Lapland.

We follow him as he chooses his fly, tactic and fishing technique in every situation. The film is packed with fact and information about fishing the terrestrial.

Morten is a skilled and experienced flytier. The second movie on the DVD is about the tying of the imitations he uses. He shows step by step how he ties his original, simple and highly innovative flies.

This is an instructive movie, which is also full of great moments and exciting fishing situations. Morten catches lots of beautiful fish in amazing surrouding. A film of the same high standards as the previous movies in this series

Two movies in one package. First 50 minutes of fly fishing and then 53 minutes of fly tying. Movie available on both English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and German.

More info on: http://www.wideopen.dk



Mc Steen Flyreels present new trout reel

Mc Steen proudly presents a new reel with a classic look. It has well designed and tested brake system that allow you to use the lightest leaders.

This reel is made by a skilled Swedish toolmaker who use only the best material. The casing is turned from one piece of high grade aluminium and all parts are tooled to very exact measurements. Working parts run on three ball bearings.

All parts are corrosion resistant. This reel will last a lafetime. Side plates, rims gold colored. The reel can also be ordered in all black.

Choose right or left hand. Comes in soft leather pouch.

Technical specifications McSteen Troutreel:
Diameter: 75 mm
Weight: 233 grams
Width: 45 mm
Width of the spool: 30 mm
Depth of the spool: 21 mm


More info on website:



TightLines is a Fishermans Toolkit.
iPhone App.

Use it to report your fish tours. Including photos taken of the fish.

Follow the mini guide in the catch report:
- Select year from the wheel
- Click on "New"
- On details comming up, click on the "blue date button" to select date and time for the report
- Type in the place,equipment,species and note
- Click on the "blue data button to report the length and weight
- Click on the next "blue data button" for additional information
- Click on the "blue picture button" to select photo from iPhone
- Finish with click on "Save" button to save the report in database on iPhone

Available in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English language..

A fish condition calculator is also included in the application.

More info on webpage



Freeway F-510

This is the new RUGGED GSM phone from Simonsen. Water- and dustproof IP66. Shock and impactproof 2M. Dual SIM. PMR 446 Walkie Talkie and more.

  • Totally protected against dust and protected against low pressure jets of water

  • 8 Channels walkie talkie – 446MHz – range up to 3 KM. Free communication.

  • Military Certified MIL-810F, Withstands 2M drops on concrete.

  • Dual SIM Dual Holding, Single Channel. Can use two different SIM Cards with two different GSM numbers.

Other Key Points Solid Rubber Grip – Scratch Resistant Touch Screen – Active Brightness Sensor - Flashlight – Active Noise Cancellation - GPS – 2 Mega-Pixel Camera - Media Player - A2DP – FM Radio - 1800mAh Battery - Micro USB – Bluetooth 2.0 - JAVA 2.0 – Talk time: 10 hours – Standby time: 280 hours.

Manufacturer: http://simonsen.as/




           The J:sonSystem

The J:sonSystem is a new and easier way to tie realistic fishing flies. Flies tied with the J:sonSystem attract otherwise elusive fish by imitating the appearance, silhouettes and footprints of real insects.

A J:son fly is extremely durable, withstanding most trout attacks. Tied correctly, a J:son fly meant for fishing on or in the surface film, is basically unsinkable. If the line draws the fly under the surface because of current, it will pop up again with undiminished capabilities–just as soon as the water has released its “grip” on the line.

These are the main categories of J:son realistic fishing flies:

  • Mayflies
  • Stoneflies
  • Caddis flies
  • Midges
  • Other aquatic insects
  • Terrestrials

Each main category covers every stage of an insect’s life span.

Read more on our website:



The Source - Tasmania

Strap yourself in for a breathtaking ride through
Australia's fly fishing wonderland - Tasmania

The movie is produced by Gin-Clear Media

Gin-Clear Media is New Zealand's leading producer and distributor of high quality fly fishing media products. We specialise in global destination-based DVD's and books, that offer adventure, humour and strong stories rather than pure instruction. We strive to produce media that is both original and of the highest quality.




DVD: Once in a Blue Moon
The flyfishing adventure of a lifetime...

The incredible story of a once in a lifetime event. Set amongst the spectacular scenery of southern New Zealand, a most strange and bizarre tale unfolds. The stuff of folklore, ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ unravels the mystery of an event that occurs briefly once a decade. This strange and unreal journey takes us into some of the most remote and beautiful parts of New Zealand as we follow one anglers quest to document and unravel a childhood mystery and catch the fish of a lifetime. Background In an unpredictable chain of events a mass flowering of the ancient New Zealand Beech forest leads to an excess of seed production. Mice and rodents take advantage of this abundance and numbers reach plague proportions. Incredible footage follows these rodents as they embark on a strange migration, attempting to swim across the expanse of New Zealand's rivers and lakes. There they fall prey to the largest predators in the lake - monster Brown trout. Gorging themselves on swimming mice, these fish become extremely aggressive and grow to epic proportions. For a fly fishing Angler, this is the stuff dreams are made of.

This bizarre phenomenon has remained a mystery...until now... Incredible Cinematography Shot in beautiful high definition ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ reveals this bizarre story. Stunning cinematography, never before seen underwater footage, fantastic fly fishing and amazing trout behavior will take you deep into the tale of the fabulous and mysterious “Mouse Year”. If you are a serious fly angler and appreciate expert casting, this film is an absolute must.

Produced by: "On the Fly Productions"

Available from Amazon.com or from www.onthefly.co.nz




Flyfishing Knots & Leader Systems
by Dave Chermanski

  The book serves as a detailed and comprehensive reference guide to one of the most important and critical skill in fly fishing. Dave Chermanski shares his 50-plus years of fly fishing experience and his innovative approach to knots, interlocking loops and leader systems. The book features complete and detailed step-by-step tying instructions for the six most essential knots and one alternate knot that meet every fly fishing situation. His unique system of interchanging loops minimizes the need to tie knots in the field unless they are absolutely necessary. The book also contains definitive information on fly lines, backing materials as well as nylon and fluorocarbon monofilament lines. Dave also shares his secrets behind many of his legendary and high-profile catches. Two of his catches, which were made on ultralight class tippets, are highlighted in detail. Much of the information contained in the book will enrich and expand your fly fishing experience and success. It is richly illustrated with 35 tables and charts, 30 graphic drawings and more than 200 photos in an easy-to-read 8.5" by 11" format.

  More information on Flyfishing Knots & Leader Systems can be found on Dave’s website http://www.chermanski.com. The book is published by Frank Amato Publications (www.amatobooks.com) and is available at local tackle shops, book stores and Dave’s website. Richly illustrated with 35 tables and charts, 30 graphic drawings and more than 200 photos in an easy-to-read 8.5” by 11” format. If purchased on Dave’s website, he will sign and date all books.




The Bimini Twist Knotmaker

From many years, I tied the Bimini Twist knot with the loop of line held firmly on a bent knee or over a foot. Finally, out of frustration to maintain consistency in knot reliability and quickness of tying, I developed the Bimini Twist Knotmaker. So, if you are having difficulty tying a strong and reliable Bimini Twist knot quickly, the solution is the Bimini Twist Knotmaker. It will help to improve your fishing success. With this patent-pending device, you will be able to tie the perfect Bimini Twist knot in less than a minute every time, as demonstrated in the flash movie below!
  Dave Chermanski

The Bimini Twist Knotmaker is handmade individually from red oak and hand-rubbed twice with tung oil for a durable and lasting finish. The device is warranted against breakage or mechanical malfunction that results from a manufacturing defect. However, normal wear-and-tear or defects from misuse or negligence are not covered by this warranty.

Here are some of the features and advantages to the Bimini Twist Knotmaker:

  • Forms a perfect Bimini Twist knot in seconds that is actually as strong or stronger than the line from which it was formed.
  • Produces an unlimited length of double line for various fishing applications with spin, plug and trolling tackle.
  • Creates a fixed length of double line (9 to 10 inches) that provides a shock-absorbing buffer to tippets in both freshwater and saltwater fly fishing pursuits.
  • Mounts to any flat surface as thick as 1-7/8 inches.
  • Secures to a tubular object with a diameter of 1-1/2 inches such as a boat railing, steering wheel or tree limb.
  • It floats for safe usage on the water when it is detached from the C-clamp.
  • Included in the package with the Bimini Twist Knotmaker is a manual with illustrated step-by-step detailed instructions.
  • The device can also be used in tying the blood knot or Albright Special knot.

A flash movie on how the device works as well as information regarding the advantages and uses of the Bimini Twist knot can be viewed on Dave’s
website at http://www.chermanski.com.

The Bimini Twist Knotmaker is only available at selected tackle shops and on Dave’s web site http://www.chermanski.com.




News for 2009 from Nautilus reels:

Nautilus CCF 12DD

The Nautilus 12 DD (Double Duty) falls between the 12 and 12T and weighs a mere 10.2 oz. As with all Nautilus CCF reels, the 12DD features the award winning Nautilus CCF drag system that is entirely sealed and maintenance free. The Nautilus 12DD is recommended as a larger capacity 11-13 weight reel for larger tarpon, giant trevally, mid-size tuna and sailfish. In fresh water the Nautilus 12DD's capacity and light weight will be appreciated by Spey and 2 handed fly fishers that are turning to shorter, lighter spey rods. Available in black or silver anodizing. WF12 + 350 Yds #30 backing. 10.1 oz.


Nautilus Feather Weight 1

The Nautilus FW1 is the ideal match for your trusted 1 through 3 weight creek rod. Whether cane, fiberglass or high modulus graphite, this sealed carbon fiber drag (Nautilus SCF Disc Brake System) large arbor reel will protect the lightest tippets in the most demanding situations. The Feather Weight No.1 is 3" in diameter weighs a mere 3.5 oz. WF2+90 yds #20 backing. Available in black anodizing or custom colors only.


Nautilus NV 5/6

The new Nautilus NV 5/6 it is the lightest true large arbor big game reel on the market today. With all the same features of its award winning larger siblings, this light weight brute sports a smaller version of the NV CCF disc brake that Nautilus reels are famous for. Quick release spools make this reel a must for any serious light tackle trout hunter or salt water aficionado. WF5+200 yds #20 backing. 5.5 oz.

For more information or pictures please contact:

Kristen Mustad
Nautilus Reels
1549 NW 165th St.
Miami, FL 33169

PH (305) 625 3437
PH (888) 397 7335
FX (305) 625 3427





Finnegan's Fly Tool

Finnegan's Fly Tool is a multi-tool that provides anglers of all skill levels with an easy way to quickly thread hooks, identify tippet tapers, tie knots and more.

It includes seven tools in one fish-shaped handle: 1. an eyelet cleaning needle, 2. line cutter, 3. magnetic fly holder, 4. nail knotter, 5. a 6x magnifying lens, 6. a hook sharpener and 7. bottle opener.

It fits in the palm of your hand and snaps quickly onto your vest, and will be available in six rich contrasting colors that make it easy to see the flies and monoline you're working with.

More info at: www.pocketdresser.com

Independent Tools
LLC Designing and Manufacturing Tools for Independent Living
5936 Colby Street Fort Collins, CO 80525
Phone: 970-412-4466 Fax: 720-294-1303
Email: chris@pocketdresser.com




New Fly Fishing Magazine

Chasing Silver Fly Fishing Magazine

Chasing Silver is a high quality fly fishing magazine designed specially for international anglers and first published in 2008. It will become a major international publication issued four times a year. Our magazine is dedicated to quality conscious and demanding fly fishers and features in-depth articles from the world's best angling writers.

More info at: http://www.chasingsilvermagazine.com




Springbrook introduces the Seat Cushion for fly rods

  • Protects reel seat against dings and scratches

  • Transforms reel seat into mini fighting butt

  • Weighs less than 1/10 ounce

  • Precision molded in durable rubber for long wear and tear

  • Patended and made in the USA

Contact info:
Springbrook/Temple Fork Outfitters
8115 Sovereign Row -  Dallas, TX 75248
Phone: (800) 638-9052
Fax: 214.638.8143






- An Innovative and Novel Storage Device for Handling Waste Monofilament -

  What lasts longer, Empires, buildings or monofilament? Monofilament, probably. It lasts up to six hundred years. So what happens when we have a wind knot or tangle and have to change tippet or a leader? We stuff the discarded line into our vest pocket, and later find it stuck in our zipper or wrapped around our knot tyer or hook sharpener-if we’re lucky. If not? We reach into our pocket and accidentally pull the line out and drop it into the water or onto the bank where it eventually ends up wrapped around a bush, a heron or a trout.

  A small, light-weight new tool that can be attached to a fishing vest or stored in a pocket or tackle box and used to conveniently store all waste mono generated while fishing.

  Waste mono dropped onto the bank is routinely picked up by conscientious anglers, but this isn’t always effective. Despite all our efforts we are not able to do much about the tangles of waste line accumulating under the water line to the detriment of wildlife habitat and water management efforts.

Read the complete press release and see more product photos

For more information about the monoMASTER please contact Ian White, www.grasshopperproducts.com



Fans Around the World Create Game Add-Ons

  Pishtech’s Real World Fly Fishing, the photo-realistic fly fishing simulation for Windows, has been growing rapidly since the publisher’s recent release of the tools to develop new content for the game. Fans of the game all over the world are creating add-ons featuring their favorite waters and fish.

  The game comes with an impressive collection of 24 lakes, rivers and streams totaling over 475 fishing sites, and Pishtech has published several free downloadable add-ons. Pishtech recently released content-creation kits and the response from fans of the game around the world has been tremendous. Contributors have already produced a huge collection of quality content for the game. The total number of available fishing sites has just broken the 1,000 mark with the release of a new virtual outing in Italy.

  Fan-created add-ons feature waters across the United States plus more in Canada, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Mongolia, Siberia, Greenland, the Bahamas, Brazil, Zambia, and Finland. The variety of fish is also growing rapidly from the original trout, bass and panfish. Fans have added many new species to the game including numerous varieties of salmon plus sea bass, kelp bass, piranha, peacock bass, tigerfish, bonefish, carp, chub, barbel, arctic char, grayling, sea trout, and more.

  Thanks to the efforts of this global community of anglers it’s now possible to immerse yourself in a vast and ever-growing world of realistic virtual fly fishing experiences.

# # #

  If you’d like more information about this topic please call Paul Halter at (608) 780-2159 or e-mail Paul at paul@pishtech.com





Bidoz body

Tungsten bidoz body, a preformed tungsten part which make easy and efficient the tying of very heavy scud.

In January 2008, two news sizes will be available for hook 18 and 20. More info at website: http://www.bidoz.com


The Drisset Plier

The magnetic Drisset plier is the tool you need to tye N°20 hook sized epoxy nymph.

A few test and you will be able to stick on and remove the Drisset from the iron plate while your motordryer is running

More info at website: http://www.bidoz.com




Flytier Releases First Jewelry-Quality Salmon Flies

Pleasant Gap, PA – Dec. 3, 2007

Shawn Davis, tier of artistic salmon flies, has begun creating flies to the standard of fine jewelry. The hallmark of his new flies are his hooks, handmade from solid 18K gold. His flies are tied with silk flosses, the finest plumage, and solid gold tinsels. The head of each fly is finished with an inlay of his initials, also handmade from solid gold.

Davis has just released his first three jewelry-quality patterns to the public. His first fly, Revolution, is a statement of his artistic vision, to achieve beauty through simplicity. The fly features a sleek sparseness of materials in black and gold, each spiraling around the hook such that the stationary fly looks as if it is moving when viewed from different angles. The fly’s tailing, tinseling, and winging all occur in sets of three rather than the conventional two, placing this decidedly three-dimensional fly in stark contrast to the stiff, upright classics of the Victorian Era.

His other two patterns, Fire and Water, are tied to represent those antitheses. Fire, tied in bright reds, oranges, and yellows, features feathers and tinsels shaped like flames emanating from the head of the fly. The subtle dyeing and shaping of the pheasant crest feathers that form the wings make it truly look like a fly afire.

Water is more reminiscent of the classic flies of the Victorian Era and is more apt to appeal to traditionalists. Tied in complimentary shades of blue and green, it attempts to convey the paradoxical beauty and power of water. The highlight of this fly are the peacock breast feathers that veil the sides of the fly, accented by brilliant green impeyan pheasant eyes.

Display domeDavis’s Fire and Water together represent the first half of a study on the four elements of the ancient world; still to come are flies representing Earth and Air. And while his first flies are completely original creations, Davis also has plans to tie jewelry-quality versions of classic patterns.

With prices starting around $1200, Davis’s flies are likely to be admired by more fishermen than fish, and come mounted in handcrafted display domes for that purpose. He also sells photographs of his flies, with a variety of framing options, for between $100 and $300.

Davis’s work may be viewed and purchased at www.davisflydesigns.com.

– End –

"Mr. Davis's images are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or distributed without his permission. Mr. Davis has granted permission to Rackelhanen Flyfishing Magazine to post these images."



Trilogy fly-fishing reels

Master designer Ari 't Hart introduces his latest design, the innovative 'Three in One' Trilogy. Hand crafted from titanium, Trilogy fly-fishing reels are a unique, patented design. The reel's features include the accommodation of three spools # 3/4 - #5/6 and #7,8,9, which are easily interchangeable to the main drive component. The drag system is adjustable and changeable from left to right-hand use and the back plate can be used for manual drag. Guaranteed for life, the Trilogy can be used for fresh water as well as salt-water fly-fishing. Presented in a handcrafted mahogany case lined in black leather, the Trilogy is an ideal corporate gift and object of desire for any devoted fly fisherman or collector. A limited run of these exceptional reels will be produced, after which the model will be retired.

The AstridThe Astrid suggested retail price is $1799 USD (2007) which includes a case, reel seat and size 5/6 spool. The reel seat as well as the reel is serialized, as always a very limited amount will be produced. The reel is made of aluminum and will have to be 'married' to a rod since the reel seat will permanently be attached to the rod. The first 50 will come in 'candy red', the color of the next 50 will be a secret till release.

Main Unit Weight: 5 1/8 oz. 148 grams

Weight (spools):
3/4   1 1/2 oz. 46 grams
5/6   1 7/8 oz. 54 grams
7/8   2 oz. 60 grams
Measurements (spools)
Diameter Width:
3/4   2 3/4 in. 1 1/8 in.
5/6   2 3/8 in. 1 1/8 in.
7/8   3 3/16 in. 1 1/8 in.
Line Requirements:
3/4   Spool: +50 Yards
5/6   Spool: +150 Yards
7/8   Spool: +150 Yards

More info on website: www.exclusivereels.com



Nautilus reels is proud to announce a new member in the Nautilus NV (~En-Vee) family of reels, the NV 6/7. Featuring the same CCF drag system as its larger 8/9 and 10/11 siblings, The NV 6/7 is the lightest fighting class reel for a 6 or seven weight outfit available in the market today. Weighing in at a mere 6.5 oz. in a true large arbor configuration (Dia. 3 75”) the NV 6/7 delivers the signature near zero start-up inertia of the CCF family of reels, even at its maximum setting of 15lbs of dead lift. Yes we think it is overkill, but it does not get any better than this. Like all Nautilus reels, the NV 6/7 is Tested on Animals!™ MSRP $545. Available in Black or Brushed silver anodizing.

For high-res images or more information please contact:

Kristen Mustad
Nautilus Reels
1549 NW 165th St.
Miami, FL 33169

PH (305) 625 3437
PH (888) 397 7335
FX (305) 625 3427




J. Marcus ~ Fine Handmade Reel Seats

J. Marcus, a Master Goldsmith with over 35 years hands-on experience working at the bench in the jewelry trades introduces one-of-a-kind, handmade, reel seats, ferrule plugs and other rod building parts.


The term “fly rod jewelry” has been much bandied about for the last few years. Although a few suppliers of metal and wooden parts for fly rods have fabricated items that are of good quality and appearance, few or, perhaps, none of them have possessed the knowledge, skills and experience of a real goldsmith. Now J. Marcus, a master goldsmith with more than 35 years of bench experience in the jewelry trades, has entered the field. His reel seats and other fly rod parts reflect years of experience crafting higher-end, one-of-a-kind personal jewelry in precious metals and gems. In addition to his experience in the fine jewelry field, J. Marcus has been a fly fisher since age 6. He has built his own fly rods and has associated for many years with split cane rod builders, whose preferences helped shape the nature and appearance of the J. Marcus line of products.

Reel seat below: Down locking Reel seat turned of Red Palm Wood, inlaid with Fossil Mammoth Ivory & stabilized Turquoise

J. Marcus’ reel seats are crafted of nickel alloy (“nickel silver”) ornamented with precious metals such as 18K gold. The inserts are turned from fine woods and inlayed with fossil ivory, rare minerals, precious metal and gemstones. Most of the seats contain an area of fossil ivory where the purchaser may have the reel seat personalized in scrimshaw.

The J. Marcus website also offers hand-turned ferrule plugs of fossil ivories and other quality materials, as well as a selection of his hand-crafted custom jewelry.

If you would like more information about this topic, visit the J. Marcus ~ Fine Handmade Reel Seats website at: http://www.flyrodjewelry or please call: Marc (J. Marcus) at: 360/647-5195 or email Marc at: jmarcus@flyrodjewelry.com.



Dry Tech MRT™ Fly Box

Moisture Reduction Technology Extends the Life of Artificial Flies

  • Conveniently dries your wet flies inside the box
  • Eliminates hook corrosion in freshwater & saltwater flies
  • Pays for itself by extending the durability, lifespan, and investment in your flies
  • Waterproof, airtight, rugged, durable lifetime construction

  Moisture that becomes trapped inside fly boxes can be damaging to flies. Replacing wet flies or fishing in wet or humid conditions can cause hooks to rust and fly tying materials to deteriorate.

  The new Dry-Tech MRT fly box uses Moisture Reduction Technology (MRT) to eliminate the harmful effects of humidity inside a fly box. Moisture from wet flies that generally accumulates inside is now soaked up continuously by unique absorbent crystals.

  Wet flies placed back in the box will dry out completely as the moisture from them is drawn out of the box and away from other flies as well. These crystals also maintain a constant dry humidity level of only 10-15% and protect flies from dampness at all times. This reduces the deterioration of hooks, thread, & fly-tying materials and extends their durability, lifespan, and the investment in your flies.

  A Humidity Indicator Test Strip is included with each box to demonstrate the effects and benefits of the MRT Design.

For more info on the Dry Tech Fly Box go the the webiste:




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