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For the fisherman who appreciates quality workmanship

Rod cases made out of vegetable tanned leather.


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Detail picture: lid and straplocks

Give your favourite rod the protection it deserves with a handcrafted leather carry case.

Example of figure carved motive

My rod tubes are made of tough 54 mm plastic tubing (option aluminium tube) covered with handcrafted 3-5mm thick leather in your choice of colour, style and motive. You can choose between 2 different kind of seams (se pictures below). Accessories for the rod cases are: handles, shoulderstrap, stamped patterns and carved pictures.

I'm doing the manufacturing of the rod cases as a hobby, on my spare time from my ordinary work, because of this the time between your order and my delivery can be long.


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If you are interested please contact me:

Mats Sjöstrand


Rod case with basket stamped decoration and figure carved motive. Edge against edge joint seam. Treated with antiquefinish.

2. Rod case with up-folded edge joint seam. Dark-browne dyed leather

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E.g on different edge joint seams

Edge against edge joint seam.
Up-folded edge joint seam
Edge against edge joint seam. Up-folded edge joint seam

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