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Whisky, wings and wedding dresses
In this article, I want to tell you about how I started to work with organza, and found some nice tricks to handle it. I think organza is a wonderful material, and because I use it in a unique way, I'm sure that I can give you some valuable tips. By Hans van Klinken. (2016-04-20)

Glitter for pike
Pike bites not only in fat wobblers. They are also interested in larger model flies. Why not try a fly made of sparkly glitter instead for a change and take your pike fishing to new heights. By Anders Isberg, (2013-06-18)

Coloring Raw Tubes
A look into some alternative methods of coloring tubes. By Bob Kenly (2012-12-11)

Powder paint your tubes and bead heads
Tube tyers are opening up their eyes to the possibilities of adding an extra kick to their favourite patterns. As fishermen, we all know that colour definitely makes a difference. Powder Paints gives you the freedom to colour your favourite metal tubes or bead heads. By Stuart Anderson (2012-12-11)

The Modular Tube Fly - Part 1
One of the biggest upsides to tying on tubes, whether they be metal or plastic, is that they are highly modular with multiple options that can be swapped in and out. By Benson Adams (2012-07-16)

Loop body
Experimenting with new ways to construct the extended body. By Agostino Roncallo 2012-07-01

Tube Fly Preparation - The Basics
Some of the basics of preparing your tube fly for tying on. It is a fairly simple task. By Benson Adams 2012-06-23

Tube Fly Vise - The Basics
One of the first steps to tying a tube fly would be to purchase or create a tube fly vise. You can accomplish this in many ways. The simplest method, and the most inexpensive is to purchase a few different sizes of blind eye hooks. By Benson Adams 2012-06-15

Paraloop with wings
Fly tying article by Agostino Roncallo (2012-04-22)

Junction Tubes, A New Approach
Tube flies have exploded in popularity in the past decade, and with that explosion new approaches and techniques to fish them have grown exponentially. Junction tubes (also known as hook sleeves) are an important part of the whole tube fly package. By Stuart Anderson (2011-09-20)

Tube body & parachute
Building the tube bodies with use of common silicone colorless sealant.
By Agostino Roncallo (2011-02-06) Both in English and Italian.

Synthetic raffia
New and cheap substitute for raffia, a syntetic material presented by Agostino Roncallo (2010-09-07)

Gripper Pad part two
Sometimes it happens that I find new materials that can be used for building artificial flies. I have found one of a real interest. By Agostino Roncallo. (2010-06-01)

Gripper Pad part one
Sometimes it happens that I find new materials that can be used for building artificial flies. I have found one of a real interest. By Agostino Roncallo. (2010-05-01)

Coloured tubes. Perspectives.
Using colored plastic tubed for salmon tube flies. Also about using Serebrjanka dubbing. Fly tying article by Jurij Shumakov (2006-06-06)

Why wax?
A properly waxed thread is both rouge and adheres more readily to your materials. This enables you to tie stronger flies with fewer thread winds resulting in a neater and more attractive fly. By Anders Isberg (2005-12-10)

AquaGlo Fly Dressing
Fly tying article and presentation of a new fly tying product by Jason Akl (2005-03-19)

Building your own epoxy drier for better saltwater flies By Jason Akl (2003-11-29)



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